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1.5k · Jan 2021
it’s very lovely, I hear
Exosphere Jan 2021
she is ok, I think
she went back to her safe place
you’re there too, she said
everyone is
it’s very lovely, I hear
1.2k · Mar 2021
Exosphere Mar 2021
I will want to kiss you
a lot
I hope you still have time for that
1.1k · Feb 2021
Exosphere Feb 2021
if you can’t be with the one you love
take care of the one you’re with
851 · Apr 2021
Exosphere Apr 2021
I dreamed you wrote me a poem
because that is the extent
of my dreams now
784 · Apr 2021
Exosphere Apr 2021
I dreamed of art
shifting paintings
surreal color
magical canvases
laughing soul sculptures
life is beautiful
564 · Feb 2021
I’ve decided
Exosphere Feb 2021
I’ve decided we can’t be friends
I’m going to be someone else now
and she’s very busy
with 6,999 bad poems to write
542 · Jan 2021
Healthy boundaries
Exosphere Jan 2021
I’m bored.
You’re interesting.
At a respectful distance.
507 · Mar 3
Exosphere Mar 3
in every complex, nonsensical pattern
there is a logic
that is beautiful and sublime
504 · Feb 2021
will you come
Exosphere Feb 2021
will you come to my funeral
at least
will you say good bye
will you say
see you next time
492 · Jan 2021
our kisses
Exosphere Jan 2021
our kisses are being edited
playing over and over
forward and back
slow and fast
clip clip clip
pause delete copy

we may need to do a few more takes
481 · Apr 2021
Exosphere Apr 2021
I spring new traps
to escape old traps
but only with you am I free
472 · Feb 2021
don’t touch me
Exosphere Feb 2021
I’m thinking
don’t touch me
lately I’m always thinking
don’t touch me
I shudder
I’m responsible
for everything
don’t touch me
don’t ever touch me
I wish I could say it
459 · Feb 2021
cookies and tea
Exosphere Feb 2021
cookies and tea
and a hand on the knee
are a few of the things
I find most lovely
451 · Feb 2021
Exosphere Feb 2021
history is a comedy
of things that felt right
the world was flat
we were at the center
there was no such thing as atoms or molecules or bacteria
god existed
it’s all very funny now
450 · Apr 2021
Exosphere Apr 2021
I just don’t want to be hit in the head
with a baseball bat
when I’m not looking
so if you’re going to hit me in the head
with a baseball bat
make sure I’m looking
403 · Mar 2021
fine line
Exosphere Mar 2021
you need a certain amount of magical thinking
to penetrate the reality of the world
but just enough
to inform the development of your technology
and empirical studies
and no more

this is a challenge
which is why there is such a fine line
between nutcase
and genius
402 · Apr 2021
I love you
Exosphere Apr 2021
I don’t know if you are large
or small
I just know reality bends around you
which means you are very dense
woops sorry, that one got way from me, the conclusion ****** me in (pun intended) but I started out trying to say: ... (clears throat) ... I love you
399 · May 2021
Exosphere May 2021
I wanted to be stolen
like diamonds in a heist
I wanted you to outwit
399 · Jan 2021
my thing
Exosphere Jan 2021
you did my thing for a while
then I did your thing for a while
(sorry I wasn’t so good at your thing)
but I figure it’s my turn now again anyway
383 · Jan 2021
Good run
Exosphere Jan 2021
There’s only one thing better than ***, drugs, or meditation
And that’s a good run in the middle of the night
with your tunes just slammin’
That moon is a bonus
314 · May 2021
Exosphere May 2021
I suspect there’s a huge part of me
you would never have understood
I wouldn’t even have shared it with you
to be honest
it’s just unfortunate
you went stomping through it
like a rhinoceros
in a field of wildflowers
308 · Mar 2021
drunk fireflies
Exosphere Mar 2021
you excited my thoughts
which then swooned about
like drunk fireflies on a warm summer night
287 · Mar 2021
no more eggs
Exosphere Mar 2021
the fox visited two hen houses
one of the chickens lost her head
ran off
and never came back
280 · Apr 2021
modern fetish
Exosphere Apr 2021
I just stare at the screen
the screen itself
—not any of the contents on it—
just the screen
an object of fantasy and lust
which is quite a modern fetish
277 · Jan 2021
stick it out
Exosphere Jan 2021
you’re right, though
I don’t plan on going anywhere now
he’s gone from my dreams
and you’re a faceless monster
I’ll stick it out with the carpenter
as long as I can
275 · Mar 2021
Exosphere Mar 2021
I want
to care
but the question is unfair
from one has never
touched my hair
or left his lair
or returned, in person
my loving stare
274 · Apr 2021
Exosphere Apr 2021
hazy thoughts
sleepy limbs
groaning bones
groaning alone
your face
in my mind
saying sleep
267 · Feb 2021
what’s your game?
Exosphere Feb 2021
you could fix it
so easily
that’s what makes you suspicious
you don’t

what’s your game mate?
what are you playing for?
265 · Jan 2021
my self
Exosphere Jan 2021
I feel really good about this thing
my self
I’m going to run it all over town
with sparkly flashing gear
and cool kicks
249 · Feb 2021
Exosphere Feb 2021
I’m not sure who wrote that last poem
but she seemed nice
245 · Feb 2021
don’t worry
Exosphere Feb 2021
when I’m done being mean
I will go away
don’t worry
I have a lot of mean left
(but I do have a short attention span)
244 · May 2021
what is
Exosphere May 2021
I never think
what could’ve been
I never think like that
what is
that’s always been enough for me
239 · Apr 2021
warmly blooming
Exosphere Apr 2021
a kitty is thinking sweet poetry thoughts
purring in the sun
on a bed of warmly blooming heather
234 · May 2021
birds and bees
Exosphere May 2021
I don’t want to swipe right
I don’t want to meet someone new
I only want you
233 · Mar 2021
Exosphere Mar 2021
I thought you were going to slay some dragons
when were you going to do that?
I saved some for you
like you asked
226 · May 2021
take it easy
Exosphere May 2021
don’t hit your head
on a button that’s red
because if you’ve seen the commercials
that’s supposed to be the “easy” button
224 · Apr 2021
next month
Exosphere Apr 2021
I will be available for eternity
next month
220 · Mar 2021
side to side
Exosphere Mar 2021
I want you back
and front
and side to side
217 · Jan 2021
Exosphere Jan 2021
my memory is like DNA
there’s some really important stuff in there
the rest of it is just junk
206 · Feb 2021
A Monster Calls
Exosphere Feb 2021
Liam Neeson was a great tree
he made me cry prodigiously
201 · May 2021
Goodbye Stranger
Exosphere May 2021
Supertramp said it better than I ever could,
Hope you find your paradise.
187 · Jan 2021
goofy ears
Exosphere Jan 2021
I used to love your ears
you have big goofy ears
I suppose they match my weird smile
and strange face
but none of that matters now
187 · Feb 2021
you’ll persist
Exosphere Feb 2021
once you’ve been cut down
I’m not sure it’s true
you’ll come back bigger
and stronger
I’m not sure
wiser, maybe
(more cynical?)
but stronger?
I don’t know

you’ll persist
this is all I know
so far
you’ll persist
185 · May 2021
Exosphere May 2021
I am happy.

Thank you for your participation
in the Happy Evolution Human Experiment.
184 · Apr 2021
Exosphere Apr 2021
I’d like if you could face the breakfast
and the music
it would be a great show
184 · May 2021
yummy snacks
Exosphere May 2021
whenever I am encountering a tired sigh
I just take a long gentle nap
and wake up refreshed in the lovely day
full of colorful cozy question marks
and yummy snacks
181 · Mar 2021
phasing in
Exosphere Mar 2021
I am becoming more alone
the boundary of myself
regaining definition
its been
a long time
168 · Jan 2021
I loved
Exosphere Jan 2021
I loved Frankenstein
but he sailed into the sunset on a flimsy dingy
I hope he makes it
to whichever fairytale he’s headed next
167 · Feb 2021
what kind?
Exosphere Feb 2021
immune system?
killer bees?
... aliens?
167 · May 2021
Exosphere May 2021
legions of watchers from multiple dimensions are in love with me
I am a star
with planets, moons, asteroids, meteors, and
orbiting my light
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