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Mar 3 · 515
Exosphere Mar 3
in every complex, nonsensical pattern
there is a logic
that is beautiful and sublime
May 2021 · 246
what is
Exosphere May 2021
I never think
what could’ve been
I never think like that
what is
that’s always been enough for me
May 2021 · 316
Exosphere May 2021
I suspect there’s a huge part of me
you would never have understood
I wouldn’t even have shared it with you
to be honest
it’s just unfortunate
you went stomping through it
like a rhinoceros
in a field of wildflowers
May 2021 · 401
Exosphere May 2021
I wanted to be stolen
like diamonds in a heist
I wanted you to outwit
May 2021 · 206
Goodbye Stranger
Exosphere May 2021
Supertramp said it better than I ever could,
Hope you find your paradise.
May 2021 · 230
take it easy
Exosphere May 2021
don’t hit your head
on a button that’s red
because if you’ve seen the commercials
that’s supposed to be the “easy” button
May 2021 · 186
yummy snacks
Exosphere May 2021
whenever I am encountering a tired sigh
I just take a long gentle nap
and wake up refreshed in the lovely day
full of colorful cozy question marks
and yummy snacks
May 2021 · 164
Exosphere May 2021
on my home planet
for every shadow
if I had a penny—
I’d have many
May 2021 · 168
Exosphere May 2021
legions of watchers from multiple dimensions are in love with me
I am a star
with planets, moons, asteroids, meteors, and
orbiting my light
Exosphere May 2021
I’ve been given the green light
to drift off into the night
let new dreams take flight
thank you mysterious muse
May 2021 · 119
new reality
Exosphere May 2021
though it was a good price
it did not have the right dimensions
so I didn’t buy it
May 2021 · 128
soap and water
Exosphere May 2021
I lamented the stain on my heart
without trying to remove it
when I finally did
it came right off
May 2021 · 117
Exosphere May 2021
one person’s breakfast menu
is another person’s ****
Exosphere May 2021
I’m barely even halfway to 7,000
so I’ve got a ways to go
before I’m through
with you
May 2021 · 235
birds and bees
Exosphere May 2021
I don’t want to swipe right
I don’t want to meet someone new
I only want you
May 2021 · 106
Exosphere May 2021
you may think I love Game of Thrones
but I’ve never seen it
my dragons and castles are very different
May 2021 · 107
Exosphere May 2021
people don’t freeze
for a couple more degrees
I don’t know what that temperature is
I haven’t dealt with it
though I’ve dealt with all this ****
mine, hers, yours, and his
May 2021 · 101
my girlfriend
Exosphere May 2021
I will call her my girlfriend
since it is really me she is in love with
your obsession
with me
May 2021 · 85
Exosphere May 2021
there’s something wrong with my phone
a weird broken light
I need to send it away to be fixed
some people would go crazy over this
but I don’t mind
I have the kind of resolve that comes from
of unreasonable discipline
May 2021 · 95
audience of one
Exosphere May 2021
an audience of one is enough
to call it poetry
if its one you love
May 2021 · 120
don’t worry
Exosphere May 2021
no te preocupes
ne t’inquiete pas
ne volnuysya
nie martw sie


noli commoveris
bié dānxīn
min anisycheite
keine angst
May 2021 · 78
everything will be fine
Exosphere May 2021
it’s important to remember that everything will be fine
for me, at least, because that is the kind of life I have
so if you can manage to stay in it
everything will be fine for you too
May 2021 · 86
Exosphere May 2021
sometimes I worry that you are a big mistake
and I am terrified of making this mistake
other times, you yourself seem terrifying
and then I’m sure I’m making the right choice
May 2021 · 186
Exosphere May 2021
I am happy.

Thank you for your participation
in the Happy Evolution Human Experiment.
May 2021 · 103
what a mess
Exosphere May 2021
do you want me to shoot you in the foot?
oh, you already did?
(grimaces) I was going to use blanks
May 2021 · 79
Exosphere May 2021
as far as I can see
the only reality
is you
avoiding me

May 2021 · 70
it wasn’t me
Exosphere May 2021
I know, dear
it wasn’t me
but who was it?
May 2021 · 72
good bye girl
Exosphere May 2021
good bye girl
thank you for your place in this world
I appreciated your company
and your protective iron-y
your hope, compassion,
self deprecating wit
I admired your honesty
and that whole **** bit
I still love him
so I’m sure I’ll still visit
but as far as it goes
I think this is it
I’m really good at saying good bye
I do it over and over
May 2021 · 103
Dumb heart
Exosphere May 2021
The bits I see
Are not a reality
Just made up stories
Dumb heart candy
May 2021 · 82
your self
Exosphere May 2021
can you feel enough of your
to feel me
Apr 2021 · 125
only question
Exosphere Apr 2021
all I want to know is
are you mine?

are you only mine?
Apr 2021 · 785
Exosphere Apr 2021
I dreamed of art
shifting paintings
surreal color
magical canvases
laughing soul sculptures
life is beautiful
Apr 2021 · 63
Exosphere Apr 2021
a random super idiot said to me once
—you can’t choose who you love
which is complete and utter *******
though I understand the desire to abdicate responsibility
anyway, what I’m trying to say is
I love chose you
Apr 2021 · 104
Exosphere Apr 2021
I still love you today
but it will be ok
while I do not believe in fate
I do believe in quantum probability
non linear time, and consciousness
it doesn’t matter what happens
or how I feel
I must only
Apr 2021 · 90
meant for you
Exosphere Apr 2021
what happened to your gentle love
what happened to her innocence
you see the faces
meant for you
Apr 2021 · 97
Exosphere Apr 2021
at times I feel very convinced
by my convictions
other times I just feel
Apr 2021 · 77
safe roads
Exosphere Apr 2021
forget the high road
I take the road where you can swipe a knee
if you need to keep yourself safe
Apr 2021 · 92
dead silence
Exosphere Apr 2021
a dead silence
grinds the nerves
into long strings of tendon
holding together nightmares

my mind conjures the sound
of Sweeney Todd
making sausage
forgot to bring the white noise machine on vacation
Apr 2021 · 89
Exosphere Apr 2021
when your guard is always up
you can’t enjoy the revelry brought by
fun loving bandits
Apr 2021 · 481
Exosphere Apr 2021
I spring new traps
to escape old traps
but only with you am I free
Apr 2021 · 98
three years ago
Exosphere Apr 2021
just make the best of it
he said
I’ve been trying ever since
Apr 2021 · 125
Exosphere Apr 2021
don’t take me
he says
seriously, don’t
so here I am
waiting for him
to take me
Apr 2021 · 138
economies of scale
Exosphere Apr 2021
there is a lot more
great, cheap *** in the world today
but for the really good stuff
you still have to pay
Apr 2021 · 93
Exosphere Apr 2021
feline curl
in the crook of your arm
in the blind feral faith
that she is the one
Apr 2021 · 53
Exosphere Apr 2021
it is now so recognizable
the need to run
Apr 2021 · 55
Exosphere Apr 2021
it’s too dangerous
for my mind
and my skin
Apr 2021 · 66
Exosphere Apr 2021
in wavering
the timber sounds strong
Apr 2021 · 71
be now
Exosphere Apr 2021
now is now
now is
my smiles
my arms
my lips
they are
Apr 2021 · 69
say, feel, you
Exosphere Apr 2021
I don’t know what to say
I don’t know what to feel
I’m at a loss for words
I’m at a loss for you
Apr 2021 · 97
rainy Sunday
Exosphere Apr 2021
all the hellos and goodbyes
boil down to a rainy Sunday
with piano music
and hot chocolate
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