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Ivette 2d
So when we first met, I didn't know I was gonna fall for you really hard... but I did and now look at us.

You make me really happy and I just had no idea there was such thing as the feeling I have when I'm around you.

The whole time I never thought me and you were ever going to happen... now we're cuddling, kissing, and just staring in each other's eyes while smiling.

I love it when you play with my hair, I love it when you hold my hand

Now, whenever I see you I turn red and you make fun of it calling it cute, and I do the same with you, especially the first kiss on the cheek

This was so unexpected. Who knew something so great would ever happen to me.. I love you, Mateo
yeah I wrote his name for once
Ivette Jan 23
Well I don't really know what to think at this moment. You say you guys have problems and then all of a sudden you guys are deep in love.... You told me you had a ******* about me so randomly just so you can get it off your chest and that you don't know what it meant but that it was just random.... then you ask me to go to formal with you when your girlfriend denied you and got into an argument with you. Am I just always gonna be the second choice? Am I just gonna be the one you go to when you feel upset because of her?
If she makes you feel that bad why not be over but soon after you guys are just ..fine. Don't you think that's a little toxic. My friends say you like me but I don't want you too which is strange since you are my crush.. I don't know how to feel anymore. You make it seem like I shouldn't like you because of the way you are with me but with should be concerning if you do that to me if we do become a couple and you get depressed. Then we are going to dance together as if we should ignore the way we are together so you can be with her and me and you can be friends...But I want to know how you feel about the whole situation..Do you like me? Do you love her? You're with her yet you do this and say that with me! I just don't get you anymore..
Yes this is something I am going through but I shall refuse to say his name
Ivette Jan 17
The moment I realize "Stop he has a girlfriend"
The moment I realize "Why does he talk to me this way when he has a girlfriend, why does he have to be this nice"
It's funny how you know how I feel about you but yet you still remain to be my friend, but why? It doesn't bother you??
So you decide to text me everyday all the way up to 3am with no trouble, but you have a girlfriend?
You said before when you meet me you thought I was attractive and you call me cute most of the time, But you have a girlfriend?

Do you do this on purpose to play with me?
Does your girlfriend know that you talk to mea?
Is your girlfriend okay with you talking to a lot of girls?

YES...but why? You must be very trust worthy, and you treat every girl sooo special...but you have a girlfriend?
I don't know if I'm over thinking because all your friends say that you're a good person and you will not use someone or play with them.

You treat me so special, you make me think that I have a chance, you know I like you yet you keep texting me, making me happy, I can never talk to anyone the same way I do to you, You say "We have so much in common it's really remarkable, you are like the other version of me"..... when you were with this one girl you said you liked how she was the other version of you...

Why do you do this, YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND

Don't you think that I can be suffering because of how much I want to kiss you when we hug.... or when you make me feel like the only girl in the world... you do all this for me and that BUT YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND
This is what I've been feeling with this one guy...I dunno if what I said made any sense but I just couldn't resist writing it down
Ivette Jan 8
Alright the title is actually right, this is not a poem.
I want advice on what to do with a guy I like, he calls me adorable, he said he finds me attractive, he takes me out whenever, to the most random places.
He is there for me, he makes me feel special, he always makes me laugh, we text all day everyday.


He has a girlfriend. Why would someone show that much care and affection to someone who isn't his girlfriend. I don't know if this is how he actually is or if he is just an actual flirt.
Most of his friends are girls so I doubt I am the only one
Please respond if you read this
Ivette Jan 6
He is sweet, he is kind hearted
He can be a lot to handle most of the time but I still love him with all my heart <3
Named specifically from someone from the bible. Don't know who exactly but he was a treasure ever since the start.
His curly hair, his bright smile, and his presence give me life every day all day.
He is the first I wake up to in the morning and I always love kissing and squeezing his chubby cheeks even though he doesn't enjoy it very much
All I want is for someone to notice how much of a precious soul he is
He comes off shy, too strong, really rude and mean
Although he has seen to many things in his life and he is only a seven years old.
He is probably scarred for life or maybe even traumatized,  hopefully kids will see that one day he will be an important person in this world.
I know he can make it...especially with that charm of his :)
He saw me writing this and even if he wasn't, I would never lie about him as I do love him with all my heart
Ivette Nov 2018
You told me that I was spoiled? Why out of all people, you chose me me? For someone that didn't have anything and to finally have happiness and to not be afraid to show it I am now spoiled?

I used to be homeless, no money, no clothes, I used to steal everything to get what we needed. My family of six at the time, now seven with my dear brother came into the world.

You don't know my story! Calling me spoiled just because I get five dollars to take to school everyday??? When before I had to steal what I wanted because I didn't even have a nickel?

Calling me naive even though it was be lying back then to get what I wanted. Me not believing anyone at all because I would be afraid to be kidnapped sleeping on the park bench?

Saying I have it easy? REALLY? I HAVE IT EASY!!!!???!!?!?!

Before I didn't have nothing. My mom was pregnant when her and my dad were abusing the drugs! Then I went into Foster Care and always getting in arguments because I wasn't at all used to having rules, and with them abusing the power and using me for the money they receive for my life!

You say your my best friend but you never ask me how I am doing? You don't think saying these things will take an impact on my feelings.?

Calling me spoiled and that I don't care! When I promised myself that I will help the poor, the kids in Foster Care, the ones who live on the street and praying everyday that they'll find something good to eat!

You saying that I am one of those people just hurt me so bad that in that moment I swear I wanted to punch your face so bad. I am not a bad person. I am not spoiled.

I am who I believe I am. A good person that went through torture and still going through the day with a smile even when I cried the most tears. I guess I may hide it well for you to think that but you shouldn't judge like how I don't judge you my friend.

I am not trying to call you out which is why I don't say you're name.
I promise.

To everyone though you have to notice the story behind every face!
Don't just assume right away or make any assumptions.
Beyond that happy attitude, that smile, and those bright eyes.
Might possibly be pain, they may be going through something or they just got out of a horrible situation and is just trying to live in the present to forget about it!

Take me for example, I grew up with nothing but parents who were addicted to Crystal **** with three brothers at the time. Became homeless and being bullied at school then going to Foster Care. After that my baby brother was born.

A year from now everything is fine. We are all back into the happy family that we once were. My parents got better and the baby is fine. Right now I am trying to forget, everyday I am the happiest I can possibly be.

Notice the story of everyone, if you can't then just ask.

I am not spoiled, I am not a brat, or a conceded person. I am me
Please, this is a true story, this is all true, but the reason I wrote this is yes because someone did call me those things, so I decided to write a partial back story of my life. Just to show that everyone has something in their life that they don't talk much about but still sensitive too. Please everyone don't just right away thin you know someone.
Ivette Nov 2018
Sometimes I wonder if this is actually going to happen but when I drift of to space it is just...YOU!

No it is never going to happen! Me focusing on something for once. Writing, reading, listening, eating, learning, sleeping, talking NOTHING.

I won't be able to do it therefore it is never going to happen because in the middle of me doing something it is always you that is in my mind!

Why out of all the years I had to meet you was in the most important year of my high school life.

I can't focus on anything because once I close my eyes, it's you. It is always you. When I talk to you though it is different..I can focus on what I am doing with you right next to me.

Is it because I am finally awake? That I am not dreaming anymore because the dreams are coming into a reality when you are in the same setting with me?

Even while writing this is is you in my mind. I can never do anything right when you are not around it's like you are a drug and I just need it every time until I just pass out!

But when you are here and when I am out of space in reality, I focus. But I am sad..knowing you have a girlfriend. With you knowing how I feel towards you and you don't do anything about it. Not even a single "Oh well I'm sorry but I'm taken" all I got was "Oh okay"

You are just going to ignore my confession? Well I guess I am never going to be able to focus.
I don't know if you will be able to understand what I am talking about. But when I speak my mind I just type and type and whatever comes out just comes out and I don't plan on rereading it and clean and fix what my heart spilled

— The End —