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Ivette Jan 5
twist was a dark day
a dark and gloomy
I wandered the streets
looking for peace
all I see around me
are people together
bright sun shining on their faces
but me could never
I kept walking
till I hit this hill
I sat there wondering
what will become of me still
but that's when it happens
a bright light shines over the hill
and my dark days
were now behind me
for this girl appeared
smiled brighter than the stars
I finally found my sunshine
correction: ours
My brothers first poem
Ivette Nov 2020
Sad to say I got myself attached again
It's like I want to feel so bad even though it ends in pain
I knew what I was walking into and yet it caught me off guard
If I were old enough it'd be the liquor I'll pour

You walk away, do your crusade, then you worry in the end
But you don't care, you just do it to seem like you're in the right
Knowing **** well, you could've lost a friend
but even if I were gone you wouldn't notice me out of sight

I thought it'd be a fairytale with magic
but if I were more attractive this wouldn't have been tragic
Now I have to fake it till I make it
who knows how long I'll be able to take it
True story
Ivette Apr 2019
When you hold my hand, is it just me?

When you hug me tight, is it just me?

When you tell me you love me, is it just me?

When you say "I'll always be there", is it just me?

Is it too much to ask to be the only one? I know you care in general for everybody but is it bad that I just want it to be just me?

I don't know why, like I fell for you because of your caring nature. But now it's like I'm asking you to stop that but then you being a **** to everyone else would make me dislike you more because you're changing when really I'm asking you to.

Is it just me? Am I the only one that feels this way? Feeling this complicated?..

I need help on my mindset because I don't know what the right way of thinking is now.
UUGGHH am I being selfish?
Ivette Apr 2019
For three years I thought, "What's a silver spoon Mom?"
Now I know it's something people like me never have

For three years I thought, "Mom, why don't we have beds?"
Now I know it's the place everyone spends 90% of their life at

For three years I thought, "Why does everyone own a big box?"
Now I know it's a place we call home

Two years later I thought, "Mom, why are you crying?"
She pointed at the silver object in my hand I used to eat

"We're getting there sweetie", she said brightening up with a smile.
True true.... Life experienced.
Ivette Mar 2019
Listen you don't need a Therapist

Sure they help you but do they really help?

They're never there when you are looking at the mirror and calling yourself disgusting, and that you're hideous.

They're never there when you are on the verge of tears when something impacts you dramatically.

They are never there when you want to cut yourself so bad.

They ask how you are doing, they ask what you want and need.

But do they really care? You just get money out of me do you want to help or do you want the money to survive.

After this you always go back to your happy home planning the next family vacation

But I always go back to the loneliness, the dark room that doesn't shut out the screaming behind the walls.

I go back to feeling like I'm nothing and that I'm unwanted
Sure maybe some of us have a therapist that actually helps us and makes us feel better and secure.
But there is this part of us that always goes back to feeling this nothingness
Ivette Feb 2019
So when we first met, I didn't know I was gonna fall for you really hard... but I did and now look at us.

You make me really happy and I just had no idea there was such thing as the feeling I have when I'm around you.

The whole time I never thought me and you were ever going to happen... now we're cuddling, kissing, and just staring in each other's eyes while smiling.

I love it when you play with my hair, I love it when you hold my hand

Now, whenever I see you I turn red and you make fun of it calling it cute, and I do the same with you, especially the first kiss on the cheek

This was so unexpected. Who knew something so great would ever happen to me.. I love you, Mateo
yeah I wrote his name for once
Ivette Jan 2019
Well I don't really know what to think at this moment. You say you guys have problems and then all of a sudden you guys are deep in love.... You told me you had a ******* about me so randomly just so you can get it off your chest and that you don't know what it meant but that it was just random.... then you ask me to go to formal with you when your girlfriend denied you and got into an argument with you. Am I just always gonna be the second choice? Am I just gonna be the one you go to when you feel upset because of her?
If she makes you feel that bad why not be over but soon after you guys are just ..fine. Don't you think that's a little toxic. My friends say you like me but I don't want you too which is strange since you are my crush.. I don't know how to feel anymore. You make it seem like I shouldn't like you because of the way you are with me but with should be concerning if you do that to me if we do become a couple and you get depressed. Then we are going to dance together as if we should ignore the way we are together so you can be with her and me and you can be friends...But I want to know how you feel about the whole situation..Do you like me? Do you love her? You're with her yet you do this and say that with me! I just don't get you anymore..
Yes this is something I am going through but I shall refuse to say his name
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