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I waved Brighton away as adventure called,
My heart filled with childish enthusiasm.
The whole world spread before my eyes as the
Wind did gently rustle my sails. Away!

Three months I sailed without excitement,
Making my heart lose faith in the open sea.
In anger God let my vessel venture
Into a storm to swallow worlds and eat me whole.

I prayed and begged with clasped cold hands. "Oh, God!
I am quite dead. Save this wretched servant!"
He ****** thunder from the grey skies and laughed
As I floated. A corpse drifting aimless.

As my filled lungs spewed out the sea, the sky cleared.
I saw a shore. England! My heart flew high
Just a story
sand slipping
underneath my feet

shaky ground to build on

yet I keep
stacking up the the past
in sandcastle memories

piling them up
until they start leaning over
and topple

I watch each grain slip
and crumble into a mess of emotion
that I can't construct back into a fortress

to hide my fear in

so I wait for the tide
to wash away this pain
and deposit it back onto the sea floor

Where I can bury it again
Sit with me in this quiet
Lock your eyes to mine as My Soul starts a riot
Time didn’t stand a chance in this story
The universe conspiring & smirking at the glory
There you were...
Walking through this life without obscure
I saw a glimpse of emerald in your eyes
The storm was brewing despite our own demise
Your kaleidoscopes beamed light through my heart
Regardless of the ending... this is where we start

Our souls dance in glimmers of green, pink & blue
If I know of anything, to be true... it would be You.
Written: June 2020
when the day surrenders
to the seduction of the night

celestial flowers bloom in my soul

their pollen, stardust
rising from my throat

I call out to you, o my love

your beauty, my sun I orbit

like the moons of Jupiter
I am held captive
by the gravity of your radiance

let me free fall into your arms
wrap around me like the rings of Saturn

so even Venus, in all her phases
will be envious of our love
Galileo studied speed and velocity, gravity and free fall, the principle of relativity, inertia, projectile motion and also worked in applied science and technology. His contributions to observational astronomy include the telescopic confirmation of the phases of Venus, the observation of the four largest satellites of Jupiter, the observation of Saturn's rings, and the analysis of sunspots

Thomas Cage and BLT challenge
may I kiss you here
upon this blank page?

where I will spill my desires,
bleed hot molten passion,
let you feel the fever within me.

lips barely touched,
separated by warm breathy sighs.
pull closer until heat sears.

I am drawn to you...

your words,
whispered delicately,
into my heart,
where my spirit can hear,

your thoughts,
your dreams,
your emotion,

enveloping me.

take me over,
body, heart, and soul.

this fire within,
burning with intensity.

quickly ignited, will scorch
every piece of me until

all is spent,
nothing is left,
but smoldering embers
of my love...

brought on by just a spark
of a kiss,
upon this blank page.
Just rummaging through some old writing and found this. Thought a little kiss fit the mood. ;)
another silent night has come and gone

I use to string them together
and wear them like black pearls
to decorate my loneliness

a badge of beauty in my suffering
counting each one as I twirled
them around my finger

being your perfect woman waiting
happy when you remembered
just to briefly look my way

but now I have finally broken the strand
and laugh as I watch each beaded night
loudly spill to the floor and scatter

no longer do I care to quietly wait for you
because I have finally realized
after all these accumulated silent nights

we made better strangers
than we ever did lovers
just a two minute scribbled out goodbye from long ago
that I need to remember why I wrote
Dear teller
with ten fingers
two eyes
and a mouth
find the next nova
to go super
and from there
trace the galactic map
back to me
so I can
the freedom
a personality
that isn’t just
Lysol and Clorox
and just maybe
I will also
see you
more than just
ten fingers
two eyes
and one mouth…
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