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Elbee May 13
is breaking me,
the worst is

you don’t  
even know.
Elbee May 9
are the

seeds for

our growth.
Elbee May 9
I remember the darkness,
Feeling empty and cold.

As I watched the moon shine bright
With all her secrets untold.

I was trembling,
inside voices screaming
constant thoughts of you.

But the stars were my only company,

And the sky-
a midnight blue.
Elbee Apr 25
It’s like,

I want there to be an excuse-
a reason for the problem-
that’s not me.
It’s not me. I’m not it. No I’m it. It is me.

It’s me.


Hello. Again.
#inside my mind
Elbee Apr 25
it’s crazy how light

the drop
of a tear is,

for all the heaviness

it carries.
Elbee Apr 16
yesterday i received a
sacred visit

In that moment my spirit
detached from my body

As mantis called for
me to turn

To find stillness
in this chaos

Elbee Apr 12
The sun kissed her face
And left a glow there

She was golden,
but the bruises on her body
became her biggest burden
and shame-

and yet she shone on.

My heart broke
That she never dared,
wonder beyond

his shadow.
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