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Elbee May 24
There are so many
beautiful things
to look at
in this world

But my eyes
are fixed
on you
Elbee May 3
I’d paint the ocean in her eyes

Her cheeks are fields of flowers

Her hair a lush forest

Her body is a stage

Her laughter an orchestra  

You could call her
a work of art

You could call me
hopelessly in love.
Elbee May 2
She is like the sun
You love her warmth

But she will burn you
Should you get too close

I tell her hello sunshine
Will you be mine?

She laughs,
My heart flutters,
Her answer:
Maybe next time.
Elbee Apr 23
float with you
in space
and become
almost nothing


like our thoughts

only me and you
Elbee Apr 23
They come rushing out of me
And I can do nothing but let them
Run their course wild and free

It’s a funny thing to write
Your words onto a virtual page
It’s a funny thing too
I’ll never know the strangers of this day

But May these words find you
And remind you
That you are
But a blessing
Planted within this world

With that knowing you’ll go far
hello stranger :)
Elbee Apr 23
i see you’re back again

let me send you this reminder

you will mend again
Elbee Apr 23
i love you

i meant

i need you
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