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Will I keep walking down this path alone? I can’t tell if what’s coming back to life is my heart of stone. My bones can’t withstand the cold. And I don’t know if I’ll ever find my way home.
Standing here alone. It’s breaking my bones. Will I ever find another to hold? Or will I end up cold and searching for my way home? I guess time will tell what’s in store. I just hope I find an open door.
Things seem like they’re starting to look up.
But I don’t think I’ll feel another’s touch.
I don’t think I have it in me to love.
Or make it feel like the stardust from above.
So I guess I’ll just be standing in the rain.
Trying to get up before this mess drives me insane.
At least it seems people are done with the games.
So in the meantime I’ll pick myself up off the ground.
As I try to find a happier sound.
Maybe one day someone will keep me around.
But until that time comes I’ll keep trying to be found.
Jade Lima Jul 11
Every feeling I ever feel gets washed away in the tide.
Maybe that’s why I mostly hide.
Maybe that’s why I never want to heal.
Because all I want to do is feel.
But I feel like just a shell.
And all I can do is dwell.
Just an empty heart with nothing to hold onto.
Empty eyes that see nothing but their lies.
Everyone in every disguise.
And I feel nothing.
This vessel feels like an abyss.
No chance to ever feel bliss.
Maybe that’s why my life is in remiss.
Always the enemy.
Will there ever be a friend to see?
Cast out on my own.
My once heavy heart that turned into stone, became empty and now I’m on my own.
I miss feeling woe and sorrow.
I feel like I’ll always be alone.
With no place of my own, will I ever find a place to call home.
I wish I had some place else to go.
But until I get myself back, I’ll have no good behind my eyes.
And I’ll keep wishing that people will stop believing their lies.
As I try not to drown in the mess of my life.
Jade Lima Jul 11
Where am i going?
Everything keeps changing.
I get lost in the days.
I can't tell if i'm going insane.
What will happen in these passing days?
I just want to break free, but it's something that's hard to conceive.
So why are things still so misconstrued?
I feel like i was born to lose.
I just want to find something true.
But what's there left to do?
I guess i need to figure out what to do, while i find my shoes.
As i keep my eyes along the skyline to search for a brighter hue.
Jade Lima Jul 8
Why do I try? No one ever cares. My whole existence was planned and their only answer is that “life isn’t fair” why don’t you try going through this with no way to think. I don’t care anymore this is ******* insane
Jade Lima Jul 8
It never seems to end, and I’m made out to be insane.
This is ridiculous I can’t take all of these conniving games.
What is all of “this work”?
It’s leaving me disturbed.
I need to find a way out.
But there’s too much doubt.
Why do they keep going?
There’s no point to the future they’re unfolding.
Everything in my eyes is more or less chaotic.
So many people are seemingly psychotic.
The masquerade is past the point of an alliance.
There’s too much bad karma and all they do is deny it.
What’s with this facade?
It’s more than just a hoax.
It’s more of a charade, it seems everyone whose clairvoyant never stops the game.
So why is all of this past the point of fixing?
Is it only my life they’ve been nixing?
I don’t get why this is happening I just hope those who have suffered because of these renegades, find peace in a brighter shade.
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