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Suffocating in the turmoil that surrounds me.
Always stuck in the crossfire.
But when did the war start?
It’s gotten the best of my being and my heart.
Everything has already falling apart.
My almost lifeless corpse is being dragged through the dark.
But why is life such a storm?
It gets sunny for a minute only to start to come crashing down again.
I don’t know why there’s no way out of this chaotic web.
But if life ever had any meaning this mess would start to make sense.
The light is fading, my being is breaking.
Everything’s torn, and it’s my world that’s shaking.
There’s no way out, and it’s not about doubt.
I wish there was a path I could take but it’s my demise that’s my way out.
So as I look back on the beauty I used to see in the world, I’ll wonder why it’s only the despicable to unfurl.
Maybe I’d see that the problems were always around me, but it wasn’t in me to realize that it was always my life that would get washed away in the tides.
And I guess that means this life was never meant for me.
Jade Lima May 12
Life is like hell.
There’s no good, and all I can do is dwell.
Too physically tormented by you people’s petty games.
There will never be order because you people are so ignorantly and morbidly insane.
So why so petty? This is a stupid ******* charade.
All taking turns being me to have life you peoples way.
So what was the problem in letting me live?
I’m not here to ******* serve you ***** and there’s very little I ever had to give.
Stop trapping me in your sequence because you all keep me as your slave.
There is no good or order, either the power tripping parasites get what they want or you get slain. But trust me I wish it would be you people’s demise every ******* day.
Jade Lima May 12
There’s no sense coming from any direction.
What’s lacking is the good and any sense of recollection.
Life is misconstrued because the liars cover everything up.
There will never be good or any meaning if everyone is so corrupt.
Before it ever started I already had enough.
I’m sick and tired of living through everyone’s bluffs.
What is life if it’s only based on lies?
If you scratch their surface there’s nothing that’s theirs inside.
So why the **** are all of these parasites bringing my demise?
They made me like them because they hate what they hide.
Any sort of value never existed.
Because these bigoted sadists have life twisted.
It’s not survival of the ******* fittest.
It’s their ignorant cult like army who can’t accept anything unless they’re “winning”.
So congratulations on ruining life.
It’s safe to say nothing will ever matter if this is seriously what you all make life.
Jade Lima May 12
Life is filled with remorse and disdain.
Would it matter if I went by a different name?
The parasites that infested my already dull life make it impossible to stay sane.
I guess I’m doomed because no matter what I do everything gets worse by the day.
So as I come to find I’ll never get off this page, I’ll wonder why there was never another way.
This life is a petty charade.
And I can’t believe life can be like this, I should have never had the wits to call you people “the masquerade”.
Jade Lima May 11
Life is a catastrophic hoax and it makes no sense.
Life should mean something and not make you wish for death.
If only the parasites infecting my life would give it a rest, maybe there would be a way out instead of filling up my days with their orchestrated petty mess.
So as I hope that one day I’ll be able to actually breathe, maybe one day the people who need will be able to see.
Life isn’t supposed to be a catastrophe.
But there is nothing good left so let me bleed.
Jade Lima May 10
I guess it was always a downhill battle.
There was never a reward just dealing with ignorant *******.
If there was ever any beauty I’d say it never existed.
Just like truth because this life is so twisted.
So as I hope no one goes through this again, I’ll think of those words and know that whoever did this deserves an unspeakable end.
Life is too distorted for anything pure to exist.
So **** this half lived life filled with petty ignorance and lack of bliss.
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