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Jade Lima Nov 2021
So while you wait in my head in any move I make next, I'll wonder why I still have my ******* ******* head.
It's only a matter of time until I only see red.
And everyone knows that you all deserve the most horrifically and excruciating deaths.
So while you daft imbecillic nymphotic wastes of skin, keep this conspiracy going while life is just dim witted grim.
I'll wonder why you all gave away what you all had within.
If you were all that valueless then what the **** is there left to win?
The mess is a pit of fire and you drag and push people to their mercilessly torturous doom, because it's the good hearted or pure you all want to consume.
So while you all act like parasites feeding on life, I'll just try to find a way to save my daughter while I get the job done right of taking my life and never again seeing any one body in or on any plane of existence in any ******* ******* point in time.
LEAVE ME THE FUCKIMG ******* HELL ALONE. Yeah, still not *******. Still don't give a **** *** this poem does unless it's to my daughter or any baby for that matter. **** Medusa ****. **** every person I've ever come across. I'm done. You people are wiping me the ******* ******* hell out and off of every plane of existence imaginable. I wish each and every one of every single person who did any amount of any of this ******* the absolute worst and most excruciating torture. Karma. **** yourselves. Why don't you people try getting what you ******* give. GO TO HELL.
Jade Lima Nov 2021
Trapped in this vessel of pure and vile hate.
It's something that I'll never be able to escape.
You people take, with no intentions to give.
I want nothing that any of you have ever had, because you stole what was mine from the beginning.
So what lies within?
You all took any feelings I could have to give.
You desecrate lives and bodies, because none of you have any good will or purity within.
So why the hell are you people living in vain?
You all turned a broken soul into everything they hate.
And now you all ******* complain because you don't like how you all drive people insane.
Life isn't a ******* ******* game.
And I'd rather get slain than go another day, hearing any of the daft ******* you ******* brain dead imbeciles say.
1. You people don't understand anything
2. Everything that all of you have is stolen
3. Stop ******* lying because literally all of you are
4. I hate you people for dragging every part of my life through a ******* disgusting graveyard, because that's exactly how you all made my life
5. Stop taking my hate. Stop taking my rage. Stop taking how livid I am and making me ******.
6. You people are vain to the point where you can't stand anyone who isn't like you. And people who aren't vain hate you all.
7. Grow the **** up and leave people alone who ASK TO BE LEFT THE ******* ******* HELL ALONE
8. Stop giving me forced gender reassignment because I'm SUPPOSED TO BE FEMALE OR A ******* HERMAPHRODITE THATS SUPPOSED TO BE FEMALE THINGS JUST DONT ALWAYS WORK OUT BECAUSE YOU BELLIGERENT ENTITLED WASTES OF IMBECILLIC FLESH MADE LIFE "YOUR OYSTER" THAT MAKES NO SENSE. a. It's your life you're supposed to ******* live it b. You don't **** up other people's lives to make yours better c. You have no right or reason to take literally ANYTHING FROM ANYONE
9. You can't just enslave people so you can get whatever the ******* want. It might work but lying cheating and stealing is ******* illogical as hell and it usually backfires anyway
10. Why the **** did you people just randomly wake up one day and just decide to ruin the entire universe and a fair amount of people in it? You're all insecure and entitled.
Jade Lima Nov 2021
How many souls do you plan to torture before you reach your outdated demise?
I hope you don't drag in too many babies before we all run out of time.
But what has life ever meant to you?
You take what's not yours, and leave everything misconstrued in deafening daft and ****** hues.
So why feel sorry for yourself when all you do is feed on the weak?
I hope my time comes soon because you make life so horrendous and bleak.
You prey on the pure, and mislead those who may have innocence.
You turn things around, so it's what you want in the cards.
You're a pompously entitled and daft waste of flesh.
I can't stand the sight of you, you're just a disgusting deepening sore.
Call it what you may, but your existence sickens me.
Everything that you stole, only made you last another day.
But with your twisted mind and heart, I wish you'll soon depart.
Because with people like you, it's your lives that should fall apart, and never remain to ever restart.
Stay the **** out of my sight. You are the epitome of literally everything I hate, or the things I hate that I can't comprehend. I don't know what the hell your problem is, but you should probably stop bringing **** upon people. Maybe that's why you're so ******* sickening. Maybe that's why I can't stand sensing any part of your presence. You're a waste of daft pompous entitled imbecillic trainwreck of a psychopath. You deserve nothing but the worst. I hope you enjoyed ******* me off the whole time I was writing this. Love youπŸ₯°πŸ–•
Jade Lima Nov 2021
Life is a waste.
It will always be a free for all.
I'll just hope the hate comes back into my eyes so I can wait for each and every one of you to fall.
So what was the point of this daft imbecillic conspiracy?
You people are filled with greed, running off of every selfish need and no one cares who sees.
So why the **** is it always against me?
Life is eternal suffering, but you'll never again hear me plea.
So as I hope you all suffer and burn, I'll wonder why it's always my turn.
You people proved to be the most despicable wastes of flesh.
**** life itself, you might as well have me decapitated instead.
There's no point to Life. Every single person who has ever done this ******* who hasn't already fixed their karma deserves to burn in hell. Stop being entitled to my life that I never got to live for my **** ******* self. You people deserve burning in hell at best. Because what you all actually deserve is your God forsaken karma. But don't worry no one will ever know because all you people do is sacrifice the innocent or pure just because you're all that ******* entitled. Yeah **** forced gender reassignment and id off every single last one's of you. I wish I could torture you all for this waste of an existence. But it doesn't always work that way. Even though you're all actually that guilty. Thanks a heap for sacrificing babies, myself, and any random person you belligerent sacks of **** saw fit. I wish death upon all of you that I just stated. Burn in the sun forever and wipe me the **** out of existence. May death be with you.
  Nov 2021 Jade Lima
I’m really scared
Im loosing it
My fragile mind
Slowly bruising it
I think too much
Overusing it
it’s my fault
But I keep doing it
Jade Lima Nov 2021
life is trash when I'm just you peoples corpse of a slave.
it doesn't matter what I do, you people only care about things that's only your way.
you daft ******* imbecillic wastes should not be everlasting.
you took every ounce of my being, why the **** am I getting dragged through the dirt but somehow standing.
so let me nail your eyeballs into your throat, for taking away any chance of finding my own home.
and torch your skin until it blisters because this is so petty it's somehow sinister.
and I hope you bleed from everywhere at once, because you not only killed me but you plan on killing everyone I may have ever had any amount of love.
******* people. life is a waste of ******* time. the only good was lost throughout time. all the horrendous excuses of daft flesh completely ripped life out of so many people's hands. and guess the **** what? most of you imbecillic wastes were never even supposed to exist. and if you were none of life would be like this. but look at that, corruption won and I'm left dragging my corpse through hell and dealing with your meaningless, valueless, senseless, useless, imbecillic and entitled ******* OVER AND ******* OVER AGAIN. and all of you ******* idiots are so ******* ******* that all you care about is taking whatever the hell you all want from whoever the hell you feel like. I'll put it this way once again, IF YOU DONT LEARN YOUR LESSON YOU DONT ******* CHANGE YOURE STILL A DAFT IMBECILLIC WASTE OF ******* ****** FLESH WHO ARE SO ******* SELFISH THAT IT. WILL. NEVER. *******. END. yeah you're all idiots. go to ******* hell. Also none of this ******* will solve any problems. you can solve what you did, you can fix the way you think, but you can't fix what you are.
Jade Lima Nov 2021
Life is eternal ******* suffering.
No one gives a single ******* ******* about anything or anyone other their their own pompous selves.
Everyone's vain.
Everyone's a narcissist.
Everyone's crude.
My mind went too dark to handle.
And every entitled person caused me to be demented in their presence.
There's no value life could ever hold.
Everything went cold.
I'd rather turn to ******* stone than live in these despicably vile bones.
So tell me why my life is in you peoples control?
No life.
No hope.
No home.
Want to rip your flesh to shreds and break all of you're wastes of fleshes bones.
So why the hell can't life be what's it's supposed to be?
It's run by everyone who doesn't care to see.
So until I reach my final breath or melt away into the dust, I'll just wonder why you people are so ******* despicable.
Because none of you will ever have enough.
Everyone's vain. Everyone's entitled. Everyone's ruthless. You people turned a good person into something they could almost never fathom. What was the sense? Why the hell did I get beat for you people to be able to do this? I ******* DESPISE YOU ALL. I wish nothing but the worst for every single person who was a part in any of the ******* against me. Life is corrupt. I'm compromised. Everyone's ****. It's always been this way. And you people deserve to ******* rot. Tell me again how I deserved every minute of this ruthlessly despicable *******? You're all renegadic imbeciles with no place to live other than in each other. You're all vile. Life is pointless. Congratulations on ruining LIFE ITSELF. There's no hope and I don't give a ****. I hope the whole ******* universe combusts.
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