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Maia May 2019
Dear love,

Let me in
To the darkness where the sun
Has never once
Kissed the ground,
Trust that I’ll thread carefully,
But understand  that what we have
will grow recklessly.

Let me hold you
When it gets hard,
Carrying the world
Atlas hold steady, I’m right here
By your side.

Let my skin spread across
Your ancient night
Like a blanket of stars
Let me bring back the light.

Let me feel everything
My smoke caressing the air
Our touch fire, igniting each other
Know I’ve burnt hundreds
of matchsticks, trying
To find the one that lights me up.

So let me,
Fall in love
Madly and deeply.
And when it’s over-
I want to be so broken
My pieces will scatter the earth
Like wishes I blow
In search for you,
Maia May 2019
The sky has decided to drop me
Into the fate of gravity,
Crashing into you arms
Where you chose,
To let go.
Now I’m free falling
Way past the stars
Into the dark
Where I’m learning to fly
In love with
My lonely
Maia May 2019
You think it doesn’t matter
Maybe I should just shut up and mind my own business
Leave your eyes to stare daggers
And your slippery tongue to burn castles

I’m not apologizing
For fighting back  
As you cut apart and dissect
Life into *** and breast,
Measuring beauty on a scale you’ve created out of blood
And buying worth out of bone you pulled from our spines.

How much do we have to give
For our voices to be heard,
Cause you best believe
We’ll give it all we got

No more standing in the corner
Watching sisters fall on their knees
Crying in front bathroom mirrors
Whispering promises you can’t keep.
No. Tonight we are standing
With her.

And your better know that this time
When we scream,
The world will echo back.
Maia May 2019
I get lost fighting
Against the current
Of these thoughts
And all I can do
Is whisper
Maia May 2019
I plucked a wish from the ground,
Wondering why
It destined to die
Choked in a field of thorns
I guess destiny wanted to play.
So I whispered as I blew
Freeing hope from this reality
“Darling, go
And find my love”
Maia May 2019
I don’t want
To wait until I love
I want to love
So much
I care.
Maia May 2019
“Why would I
Even like her?”
You asked
Your voice ringing in my ears
Though your words were no more
Than letters on a screen.

In case you’re wondering
Your question is still floating
Aimlessly around my mind.
But I owe you
No apology
For being.
I owe you
No warmth,
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