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Rona Librada Aug 2020
Cold night breeze
Serene evening sky
Dancing city lights
Walking side by side
Fingers intertwined
Memory lane on our path
People passed us by
Couple they may think
But it was the way of bidding our real goodbye...
Maia May 2019
I don’t want
To wait until I love
I want to love
So much
I care.
Jessthemesss May 2018
It is true what they say about poets,
We live more passionately,
Give more freely,
Open ourselves to doors of hidden fantasies.

I want the world to ******* happiness,
Smile at every embrace,
Remember that every being that is,
Is connect beyond.

Our darkness will feed others too,
We must consistently choose to host
the beauty with in us,
Because the blackness it is
all to tempting.

Shrubs of secrets,
With berries shaped like my white lies.

I wanted more for us,
I’m left empty, empty, hallow
With no desire

Yet every poem ends with you,
So maybe hold that no desire.
I want to be free of this,
But just how to let you go,
No turning back, eyes wired shut,
That I may never know
Ramblings of my mind

— The End —