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Sep 25 · 220
Change of Season
MSunspoken Sep 25
Numbing chill
Amongst the gale
Ice cold breath
Trembling still
Heart be lost
Buried in snow
Tundras melt
Icebergs weep
Fingerlike rays
Warm on skin
Breath of life
Thaws a heart
Found by a beacon
Sep 25 · 208
Change of Season
MSunspoken Sep 25
Bristling leaves
Blue skies
Blowing trees
All a relief
Apon my skin
After a Summer long
Fall has come
Filling the air
Fretting my hair
Reminding me
Rebuilding my heart
Refilling the gaps
Now full of happiness
Sep 12 · 422
MSunspoken Sep 12
I really can’t help
But hate you

I see you always
So fake

Vying for perfection
It’s sick

I even saw you
Look into a mirror

You will be the very worst
Version of me
Sep 12 · 84
I'm Thinking Of
MSunspoken Sep 12
A shoestring girl
Curled up in an attic
Who’s remembering a family
That’s picture-perfect
Using the dust
To form a father
A lively one
Who’s supportive
That hugs a doll
Made of scraps
A mother
Who loves
Without condition
That’s always scolding
Two brothers
A pair of woodchips
Who run all-day
On a concrete drive
Which lays in front
Of a cookie-cutter
Whose neighbors laugh
And play outside
Where everyone smiles
Free of worries
About the future
Or what will change
Because the memories
Of that shoestring girl
Were morphed to be
Through an adolescent
Full of ignorance
Jul 22 · 117
Monster House
MSunspoken Jul 22
Reinforced glass
Lay upon my sill
A shield built into
My keep
To everyone
But me
A precaution
Firewall so to speak
what lay inside
A rotting house
An overgrown beast
Riddled with landmines
And never to be
Though it continues
To creak and crumble
Taunting me
To walk back down
Those corroded
And open the door
The secrets
Of a house
Never home to me
For clarification- the poem starts from within my mind, not the "house" .
Jul 3 · 217
An Ongoing Storm
MSunspoken Jul 3
A tip of my hat
To the cumulus that looms
A prowling lion in the clouds
Signifies my doom

Now amidst the fog
All six senses ***** the air
Something must be lurking
-I reason a cat, but fear a bear

I cast aside my shadow
A cloak I once hand stitched
-My reason clatters to the ground
Patience snubbed into abyss

I curse my aching feet
Starting to lose their ground
-Yet not a bench within a mile
And not a soul to be found

My feet berate the dirt
Blindly running until I’m lost
I sit within the rain    
My mind jumbled in a knot

But then a second look
I see a peek of sky
Tonight the stars were silent
And now I see them shine
This was the poem I used for an ongoing contest. It was hard because I haven't felt motivated to write- but you won't see"the stars"shine unless you look up.
May 4 · 162
I Hate My Love
MSunspoken May 4
Moonlight dancing off my cheeks
A reflection of my heart
-tonight I will remember
how you tore me apart

The sun shined different in your eyes
-a good front
for all your nasty lies

Every day
I marvel in the warmth that you made
-I thought you
could take my pain away

It was you
That gave me the world after all
-too bad shiny pearls
couldn’t break my fall

So close
For all my growing years
-as it turns out
nothing was that crystal clear

Your front fell
The moment I reached out my arms
-I was too late
to hear the alarms

If it wasn’t me
You’d be called out for your crimes
-never again
will you see what’s on my mind

But this new dawn is a bright one
Not even you can bring shade
-so in the end
I hope you’re still doing okay
This one can be perceived in many ways-
but always it comes back to a road you can look back on with a smile.
Better to remember how your past helped mold you into who you are- then dwell on what once ruined you.
May 3 · 121
MSunspoken May 3
You aren’t broken
Emotions are a constant flow from you
-a growing stain on your perspective

You aren’t sad
Tears may leak you a river
But you haven’t looked up in ages

You aren’t lonely
Always surrounded by onlookers
-you just don’t feel involved

You aren’t depressed
A cloud has only passed over your head
Raining down on your conscience

You aren’t scared
What even is fear to someone
Who always has the electric bill paid

You aren’t a liar
Experience just hasn’t caught you yet
Wait until what you say is true-
Naive-don't say what you don't know.
A universal word.
Apr 23 · 1.3k
Isolated, but still me
MSunspoken Apr 23
I lay here alone
as my work stockpiles up-
imagine it done
Yes, another Haiku. sorry? no.
This was just a quick one I wanted to write about my friend, but it's too true.
Apr 22 · 51
When this is over
MSunspoken Apr 22
I'll lift both palms
open them into the sun-
never to be closed
Apr 22 · 51
Our Irony
MSunspoken Apr 22
This fourth of July
will we rejoice our freedom-
confined to our home
Apr 22 · 53
Outsider on the Inside
MSunspoken Apr 22
Hands on the window
I can see people pass by-
we wave now and then
Apr 22 · 149
Cold Inside
MSunspoken Apr 22
My toes keep curling
when I walk into the yard-
It's warmer here
Apr 22 · 35
MSunspoken Apr 22
The pristine blue sky
always outside my window -
is looking gloomy
Apr 22 · 152
MSunspoken Apr 22
Enemy moving in
An old friend-
Itching under the skin
Clawing away at marrow

Sleep hollows the mind
Blank of reality-
Ah, but not a sign
Of it making haste anytime soon

Isolation known and welcome
Familiar as it comes-
Although this feeling is all but seldom
Paranoia is beginning to show

Memory of this wrath
Now too real to be past tense-
slinking straight down the path
Once tread and disrupted

Growling straight out of a nightmare
Emanating throughout the room-
This hunger is constantly aware
Though it’s warning is lost to mind

Pain is quite the grounder
A reminder to keep in time-
Stand upright despite the hour
Always alert within these confines
My therapist cannot contact me-
"I'll be fine"
Apr 14 · 246
Lost Connection
MSunspoken Apr 14
Balance, once forthcoming
Now heavy feet wobble
in the wake of fleeting certainty

Leafy determination
crunched and battered-
Sifting about, once a wonder
dried, victim of Winter

Cracked, withered concrete
foundation chipped away-
Paint rolled over in submission
having past years to pay

Stone left to shame
smothered by the vandals-
Cruelty primped and perfected
pitying eyes serving no justice

Free fall, bound by distrust
unprecedented in the past-
Loosely sleeved history repeats
snuffing this connection all at once
My family has never been a close one. Slowly, we disappear from each other's lives.
Gone- forgetting us, along with our past.
Apr 4 · 264
MSunspoken Apr 4
My time capsule
residing within my chest-
bleeding out for you
Another Haiku, written for those who care for nothing more than to read themselves stupid during isolation.
Apr 4 · 742
MSunspoken Apr 4
Touch so comforting
A familiar hand to hold-
Spreading this disease
Honestly, I'm not one to write a Haiku. Despite that, I think that Hello Poetry needs one right now.
Mar 26 · 206
MSunspoken Mar 26
Voicing fervent beliefs
As hard as stone
Carry your legacy on-
Or simply create your own
strut the halls
With perfect posture-
Never forgotten,
Is that confidence
Swing your gait-
A daring sashay,
And lead the weak-
make them tough as bone
Yet never forget
In which you came-
So speak your name
Scream it to be remembered
The name in which
leads people together
This isn't for my "challenge"...
BUT! Somehow, this isolation is feeding into a new writing block.
Being surrounded by people sheds a light on my writing, giving me near endless possibilities. Though-I no longer have that.
So, here I am, trying to recover (of course, it had to be an inspirational poem).
Mar 13 · 155
Not About Love
MSunspoken Mar 13
Your words call me forward
Arms draw me near
Hold me here forever-
How about we stay together?

Your love is a harpoon
Don’t seem so stressed-
I’ll polish it to perfection-
Until I see my heart’s reflection

Your warmth is my sun
Please keep me healthy,
And I promise to try and heal  you-
Fix you up, just like new

Your crazy is my flame
stay forever in my heart,
Burn it to an ember-
Carving your name into its center

Your determination is my anchor
So let me be your captain,
Let’s sail these wild waters-
Lead this lamb to the slaughter

Your goodbye is my demise
Leave me here to rot
Broken and *****-
Love, don’t you know you hurt me?
Too much? I actually wrote this through a different perspective than usual, so keep that in mind....
Toxic relationships though, am I right? Is a moment of comfort worth years of self-destruction? Or constant regrets? No? Then maybe it's worth the self-consciousness?
Hateful thoughts?
Mhmmm, it seems really irrational...but just stop and imagine an abused, starved, and nearly frozen dog....left outside for days..Then,for just a few moments, the backdoor opens. That dog would run to the door like it would never run again, maybe even if it knows the blow that's about to well as the following days of suffering. Just one moment of warmth is all it wants.
Mar 6 · 167
MSunspoken Mar 6
A cicada to a tree
A flower in the earth;
Ties in life
Timing way before man

Trickling little stream
-Into a lake
Droplets to the ground
Set a cycle going again

Saguaros in the sand
A woodpecker flying about
Sharing nutrients together
Rarely ever found

Season change as it may
Everything will come and go
First the cicada in a tree
And the streams constant flow

Crystals take shape in time
Individual beauty they each hold-
But a jeweler is always picky
The deal is one for one

The birds always flee
Right where the grass is greenest-
Gone is the icy past
Although the memory never forgotten
Someone I've known for a long time is about to move away, so I wrote this poem for her. I hate having sad goodbyes, so I hope this reminder will be worthwhile.
Mar 6 · 158
Continuous Rhythm
MSunspoken Mar 6
At dawn
The doves hum,
The rivers run,
The mothers sing,
The roosters scream
We all continue on

The bees hum,
The children run,
The wind chimes sing,
The cicadas scream
We all continue on

The workers hum,
The engines run,
The radios sing,
The sirens scream,
We all continue on

The clubs hum,
The late shifts run,
The crickets sing,
The concerts scream,
We all continue on

The world will hum,
The clocks will run,
The life will sing,
The death will scream,
We all continue on
Feb 28 · 153
MSunspoken Feb 28
Tread my paths
-calm and collected

Lose yourself
-your mind, your presence

Open your arms
-I’ll  guide you to my heart

Memorize the past
-mold it with the present

Remember me
-lost but not forgotten

Cherish this
-time is constantly fleeting

Leave me then
-a reminder of a heart’s distant beating

I’ll see you again
-right when you least expect it
Feb 21 · 155
Opening My Eyes
MSunspoken Feb 21
We caress the heavens together
In a trance

Lost in a sea of souls
I find you hard to miss
I can’t escape your pull

I flow
-not with the wind-
But with you
Bending air as I go

My whole eternity is you
A blue vastness
-too great to ignore-
From my perspective

I live for you
As there is nothing else
Quite as magnetic
-although, I’m trapped for sure-

My naivete may live on
Yet even I ponder
The slight trembling in my heart
Subconscious, or am I over?

There, a world spilling with ants
So small-
Yet visible with their feats of humanity
-I can see it so clearly now-

Where once there were only specs-
Now there lay a myriad of wonders
Right before me
-the haze clearing-

My confidence
often a victim of gravity-
So steady hands always pulled me up
Right on cloud nine

I no longer feel the softness of those palms-
Once my ever-aiding life
I have fallen out of your grasp

The wetness of tears
Staining my existence-
Yet clearing it all the same
I fall as the icy raindrops guide my demise

All hard and true-
I must accept my punishment
For I have lived on far too long
And know much too little

Seeping into reality-
I can feel every texture on my skin
Every imperfection on the ground
-forever taunting me-

Leaving the once continuous cycle-
Venturing into the unknown
Where-for once-
A seed may grow larger than a planter could ever provide

A wild flower-
Thriving in a sea of individuality
Forever smiling at the sky
Despite the abandonment
Although I let myself avoid the truth for years, I had to except it sometime.
Unfortunately, that happened much too late-
right when everything came crumbling down (much like a cloud-drained of it's rain).
Feb 10 · 135
What's with Love?
MSunspoken Feb 10
What’s the big deal?
Those who obsess
Over the cruelest thing
And continue to address
All the problems it brings
Why even bother?
With that grueling temptation
That scars you so
resulting in a lifetime of medication
Who wants that?
Hurt set so deep
Forever a bleeding memory
Intruding on those nights hollow of sleep
Is it really worth it?
The sort of warmth you may feel
Although fleeting-
May it be real
May it be a memory worth keeping
What’s the reason?
For letting oneself fall
Right on their knees-
Becoming so small
As  light as the breeze
But maybe?
They might not want it at all-
Those pesky butterflies,
That siren call
Bringing your soul to life
Is it forced?
The speed of their heart
The feel, that warmth-
The pain of being torn apart
Why do it?
All one can ask for-
Is a companion in life
****** be the people-
Fate carries on no matter what
And love?
Always demands an encore!
May we never forget those who left us, hurt us, or just couldn't care less?
Of Course!
But that feeling of remembrance is too sweet to deny...
until you find yourself alone.
Feb 10 · 185
MSunspoken Feb 10
Meandering within
my oasis so bleak
I search for a puddle
or two, or three
To fill my void with color
alas I lack it so-
Yet dry it may be
a body with no bones
is  simply a catastrophe

A brick of an idea
forever a missing stair-
Crashing waves of my conscience-
proving hard to keep steady

A common melody I sing-
a  marching song to accompany me
I have a duty to protect
Why do I do it again?
Oh yes!
A world without tragedy-
would be a place of no hope
So I continue marching to the beat
and dance along side it

The darkest nights
pressed together with a myriad of bright lights
Although some  are too far gone;
filled with drear and covered with smog
That paints a starry night so deep
relaying the tales my path foresaw
And tilting my world off its axis

A whirlwind lifts my thoughts
and settles them in my soul-
A kin to my heart;
an endless symbol of myself

A wave of calm despite the storm
I keep steady in its wake,
Survive the disaster presented
And so
I may carry the debt of its weight

Even the scariest monsters-
Enjoy a good nap
So the booming may end
But I know better
I will keep up this wall,
So I may shelter those dear
And fight off the harm
Oh, I can already sense it coming
Believe it or not, I did decide to continue the challenge I set  fir myself! This poem is actually written for a good friend of mine...I understand what she's going through right now, but I can't stand to pity her. We can be two brick walls, united-making us unbreakable!
Jan 16 · 460
MSunspoken Jan 16
Crystals form over time,
they may be  brittle
and sometimes easy to find
the rarest crystals are most treasured,
but their beauty can also be manufactured
so what's the point?
Jan 15 · 412
MSunspoken Jan 15
A bird cannot  fly
If it carries too much weight on it’s wings-
Instead it will be left to silently cry
As it watches all it’s friends

A roadrunner cannot run
If it eats too many worms-
Not because of any extra weight
But because his conscience holds his feet

A human cannot thrive
As long as they’re alone-
But alone they will stay
If they carry hate in their soul
Jan 10 · 444
A Silent Queen
MSunspoken Jan 10
I may be mute but I can promise you this,
I know better than most,
of this long dark abyss

I watch from afar,
all the mistakes that you make
and how you hastily cover them
adding icing on the cake

Though I may not be perfect
and my throat is made of ice,
I have a voice of silk,
simple yet precise

A house made of brick
I stand strong in the presence ,
of the tiny cardboard cookie-cutters
built weak without foundations

so kiss my hands
and bow at my feet,
bending to my will\
and admitting your defeat
Jan 10 · 249
MSunspoken Jan 10
"Actions speak louder than words", they'd say to me
But, assuming homicide is out of the question,
I like to remind myself,-
MSunspoken Jan 10
A life so bright,
It burns my eyes

A home so wonderful,
the changing colors-
my most honored prize

A melody so sweet,
I can feel my heart bleed
While Unicorns and Rainbows fill the air with glee

Although all that sounds so magical,
I believe it’s called a dream for a reason
But I keep lying to myself,
Indulging  in a world so impractical
Jan 9 · 147
MSunspoken Jan 9
A lonely soul may doubt their worth
not believing a word of the divine-
Yet the simplest answer lay flat out-
take all of your bills and pray the bank has enough singles to make you believe
Jan 9 · 79
Wicked Assumptions
MSunspoken Jan 9
Have you ever felt stricken-
By a false statement
Or cared to comment on destruction

Maybe a phrase
Or simple statement
Had ruined your day

One may think they know
But at heart
Nobody may ever-
Because a poet's words reach deeper than the heart
In fact
They carve into your soul

Perhaps someone can connect to an idea-
And make it their own,
But a band with just one beautiful trumpet-
Can never share the credit

Although unintentional
One “harmless” comment-
Might just lead to a string
Of awfully wicked assumptions
A poem can speak a million truths, the only difference is circumstance.
Jan 9 · 82
MSunspoken Jan 9
A whistle in the wind
A rumble in the ground
Sin may be close to kin
yet with the softness of a cloud

A fast pitter-pat
A tickle close to heart
Beware of that feeling
-Squash it with a start
I wrote this for my friend.....though, I suppose she may never see it.
Dec 2019 · 51
MSunspoken Dec 2019
Curse on the soul-
An impending wrecking ball
A deep deep hole
Closing you in
Leaving nowhere to go

It’s a ride or die
You decide your fate
Ride the tide
Or get buried in its wake

Nobody can simply ignore
That missing piece-
But you were naive
And at the time you didn’t know
That if you let your heart grow too far
It will  rip and leave you wanting more
Dec 2019 · 146
Christmas Tragedies
MSunspoken Dec 2019
A crisp night
Illuminated with the oncoming excitement
A jolly season all in all
Creates an ignorance great enough to fill the world with joy
And create shadows on the truth
To mask any horrid feelings
For -anyone that may be feeling down
Wll be excluded from all the glory-
And so nobody hears it
And they all ignore the drops-
Of crystals into the sky
As the moon sobs high above
Only able to watch everything unfold
While everyone is cheery
And shouting in happiness
They forget the oncoming troubles
That will create a massacre great enough to shroud all hope
Of a Merry Christmas
Dec 2019 · 340
Black and White
MSunspoken Dec 2019
Will the light of reality wake you up
Or make you turn over and fall deeper into your dreams
Dec 2019 · 137
Beautiful Ignorance
MSunspoken Dec 2019
Walking through the dunes
Of this deserted island-
Stopping for nothing
Couldn’t even if I wanted
there are monsters creeping
Snakes who pretend to be sleeping
Right until you step near-
And they’ll bite with a vengeance
So blaming, blaming
How could they dare!
My actions are justified
No matter the tear
Don’t look at me like that
I’m not like the others
I walk with one purpose-
to escape from this prison
An isolated place
So different from the rest
It welcomes you in
But you may never escape
Like the jaws of a lion
Or a decision you made
Such as continuing on-
Can you ever stop?
And as you try to climb, the mounds of sand so high
you slip and fall
Will you keep trying at all?
Of course
But you’ll break from the exertion
Yet you continue climbing
Knowing soon will be your end
But why  not play the game of the land
And sink all the others-
It’s Simply because you don’t want to know
The ***** ways of the snake
And the consequences of the show
So you trudge on with ignorance
And live in your beautiful bliss
That is until it hits you-
Reality that is
I won't reveal the personal story behind this, but the point is pretty clear.
This will be interpreted differently, depending on one's experience, but I hope that for at least one person, they find the tone to be happy rather than  somber.
Dec 2019 · 119
MSunspoken Dec 2019
relishing in the happiness of my peers
And drowning in their sorrows-
Sympathy always has been risky
But I know nothing else to follow
Take another’s kindness-
And put it on display
So it can grow bigger with time
And set someone’s path on replay

Make a  friend, share another
No matter the cost-
Don’t let anyone feel at a loss

Show your feelings-
As you will take in others
And connect with those around you
Without remorse

Look at everyone-
Always as if for the first time
Using an eye of wisdom
To tell of their time
I look beyond to see one's true self with clarity-
And never look down on those who glare at me
Because all I seek in a world of pure hatred-
Is at least one shred of pure amity
This is for someone who I feel is unappreciated. She is so kind to others, and I never see her expecting much of anyone in return. I can only hope she doesn't become plagued by the people around her over time.
Dec 2019 · 320
Have You Ever Wanted
MSunspoken Dec 2019
Have you ever wanted-
To fall and land on your feet
To let your shadows creep into the light
To open your arms and scream to the world-
“At least I try!”

A dream is a knife
Your thoughts for a grip
And your feelings the blade -
You cut yourself up, piece by piece
Until there’s only a broken face

Are you ever glad you wandered?
This abyss is eternity
One less step, and you could’ve had everything
Everything but yourself-
But what’s that when you are all you have

Plucking a rose takes guts-
You must know the danger
As you pluck the flower of lust
Even though it may be the fairest flower
The drop of a petal can result in your ultimate shatter

You trip up on every step
Your life is broken by your sins
Your heart is shattered with your ignorance
Your personality means nothing, since everyone left
Have you ever wanted to know how else things could’ve went?
Dec 2019 · 125
MSunspoken Dec 2019
I shimmer in the light-
As I swim in the sea
Taking a random path around
As fitting as that sounds

I live for the spotlight
Though I’m the smallest  to be seen-
Gaining attention from my peers
Though I know I lack originality

Repeat repeat
That’s the fastest way to fame-
Being the class clown is never easy
Yet my jokes are always the same

School, who knew?
I have better things to do
Or at least that’s what I think
As long as I can avoid responsibility

Have you ever had a dream?
Well sometimes, I think of my wish
One that will end all my trying
And I can be free as a fish
Rewriting the fact this these poems are for a challenge gets tiring...this poem is for the class clown (obviously), and I wrote it this way, because I imagine how exhausting it must be to always try and be the funny one.
Dec 2019 · 236
MSunspoken Dec 2019
Stomping on the ground
Yelling, yet no sound
I wear my invisible crown
So unnoticed by the crowd
Yet on the inside I’m screaming
I have personality!
Look over here
A person needing help
Come to my aid
Before I’m buried by my shell
I cry out loud
When someone appears before my eyes
I reach out my hand
But i’m stopped yet again
My mind- is yelling
ButI  I think
“My heart tells no lies”
And so the tune continues on
Boom Boom Boom!
This is the next poem for my challenge! This one was written for the quiet kid in the class. Even though he doesn't talk much, I think he has more to say then he'd like to let on.
Nov 2019 · 105
MSunspoken Nov 2019
Midnight marks the darkest hour
And I lay in bed awake-
As I listen to the tiptoes of an intruder
Trying to be sneaky tonight

A lean figure appears in my door
A smile on their face

I swoon as he stands in the moonlight
Gleaming in all his dark glory-
Mystery always did have a wonderful lure

Everything about him spoke a million questions
The true embodiment of mystery -
Such as
Why would this fellow visit me in the dark of night?
There were thousands resting just alike

My mystery man stalked closer,
No caution displayed openly-
And as he reached out his gloved hand
I felt sparks ignite my form

I shot up from bed-
The shock was evident on this greek god
But I could care less

I was done playing games
I asked him his purpose
His reason
For tempting me when the night has grown so cold

He vanished-
Once my fingers grazed him,
He was gone as if he hadn’t come
And yet again, I was all alone

The mystery man visited me every night-
same time same place
But once we touched he was gone
So I wondered if I was going crazy instead

As time grew on
I began opening my arms wider
To the dark mystery that was this man
And eventually, he joined me

We became one
Madness and all
Some say things aren’t always what they seem
And perhaps they were right

My mystery man
Now clear as day-
Is no man in truth

A man is a monster
A darkness
My darkness

He filled me with fear
And anguish
And madness

Those who cannot resist the temptation
Risk losing more than just that-
They risk their sanity and mind
And revert into their darkest side

The temptress always so evil
Will wear you as a ring-
And mold you to their liking
Until you can't think a thing

Beware of midnight visitors
Though they seem perfect so-
They are filled with more lies then mystery
And it has truly come to show
Nov 2019 · 75
MSunspoken Nov 2019
A sunny afternoon blocked by shade
Made brighter by the wind, whisking everything away
Though bits and pieces still-
What’s new? There always will
The sun seems so far off
But the moon is green in envy
Who else could compare to the beams of beauty?
Because even after setting, making all those stares so jealous
The sun will rise again, always so overzealous
This poem is written with my favorite word for the challenge! I think that's why I had so much fun writing it. Now I'm getting hyped for the other poems!!
Nov 2019 · 218
In Their Wake
MSunspoken Nov 2019
The dawn of dusk turns gold to dust
The moon shares my loneliness-
A sliver of thread comes out the hem
Of my finely crafted soul

A whisper lost for sound
Spoken ever so slightly-
Is the tale of those forever loved
And justly making my heart unsightly

A knock in the chest
Is the gale pulling me forward-
To follow my path previously paved
And continue on
though circumstances grave and uncertain

A howl with the alluring pull of an end
Echoing through my head-
Encouraging the drop so certain
Threatening to empty me of my dread

Walking on a web of steel
Following the intricate delicacy-
Of the memories I once foresaw
But fade with the lost souls in which there was once an abundance

Lightest touch so soft
Caressing the soul so teasingly-
Daring one to follow the day as it shrivels
Pushing the last bits of gold to their extent

Lost in a maze of lies
Each stone crafted with careful hands-
Deceiving one to no end
And hoping that the day will end
This sin't part of my challenge, but recently I have been thinking about those I've lost in the past. At one point we have all taken someone for granted, which makes a sudden loss much harder to swallow. Grief is a killer, and allowing it to take over your mind will only dig you deeper. This is from my experience at least.
Nov 2019 · 74
MSunspoken Nov 2019
A tale full of mystery
Only half told-
Lights a slight curiosity
In the heart of the soul

Though dim surrounded by beams of  expectations
It speaks wonders in such few words-
And while seemingly harmless
Grows brighter along with its allure

A light almost unseen
Enough to keep any heart warm,
Cures the darkness of the night
With its illicit charm

Created by the mood of one's thoughts and actions
It varies in size and saturation -
And depending on the person, it will shine
Drawing other lights in with time

It lives within the soul
And seeing it may be strenuous
But everyone has it
And with time, they realize they too are luminous
This one was kind of a wild card for could've gone a myriad of ways, but this one was best fit for the person it was written for. Very analytical towards everyone else, but they are ignorant when it comes to knowing them self.
Nov 2019 · 79
MSunspoken Nov 2019
Hiding in the attic
I couldn’t take it anymore
The fighting was erratic
And everyone thought me a bore

Cries sounded around
Yet I was silent
The others were upset again
Sounds like one went to town

The sound of footsteps filled  the air
Like a cricket in the dead of night
Slowly making their way closer
Til I was frightened by an awful sight

A putrid smell filled the air
Liquor drank just before
This THING came to stare at me
Then there sounded a familiar roar

It found me funny
How- I know not
There was no humor in the situation at all

Walking closer
it smelled me like a rose
Then dropped to my feet
And began mumbling by my toes

There it was again
The laughter
It laughed to the air
Which filled the empty walls of my lair

I was done watching this unfold
I took my bat and smashed and smashed
I bashed every bone I could now see protruding from it

I looked to see it laughing-
I swung until I couldn’t
But that wasn’t enough

The roaring went on forever
It would never stop
I ran downstairs toward the door
And kept my legs going on, until they made me drop

Down the street
Through the park
Into the store
Right into the aisle

Before I knew it, I was home
in the attic
Listening to the roaring again

My mind, crystal clear
My mother laying there
Broken on the attic floor\
Her eyes giving me a dead stare

Using the item from the store
I sank it deep in my heart
Yet my knowledge  hurt it more
So I did it again

My life was never easy
But I always had my family
My mother may have hurt me
But I was her life

I couldn’t believe myself
How could one be so cruel
I thought she was frightening
But it doesn’t compare

I am her life
As she is mine
A common love really
That cannot be undermined

Death was a nightmare
Yet not  even real
I would die a thousand times
But my heart would be broken still

I thought I've seen monsters
Had a few experiences scored
But humans are the true haunters
And I am the most horrid
This is the second poem for the challenge! I know I haven't mentioned it before, but this poem is a perfect example for it. I love telling sequenced stories throughout my poems, it always makes them more lively (in my opinion).
Nov 2019 · 78
MSunspoken Nov 2019
Falling through the cracks
Life-gone still
No breaking til i’m back
I don’t just live for the thrill

I can feel myself tripping
I could go on forever listing-
All the things holding me back

Life breaking before my eyes
Grabbing for strings-
Falling in the process
As they pass me by

An all time low-
You’d know if you've been there
Feel like time moves slow
And you’re just watching

A glimpse of hope?
Shrouded by darkness
A feather in the wind?
Smashed with my loved ones
A picture of me?
I’ve changed too much-who am I really

Time to let go-
You can’t hold on forever
No bits of hope-
Cause I’m tripping in the darkness
This is my first poem for the challenge! Did it sound okay?
I don't really like writing about these topics.
Nov 2019 · 54
Poem challenge
MSunspoken Nov 2019
Dear HP writers,

I have been looking for something to do with all of my free time (which isn't very long- might I add) , and I've decided to make a challenge for myself.
I have asked everyone in one of my classes, what their favorite word is!
With each word, I will write a poem depending on what that word is, and the person's personality.
I don't know why I do this to myself.....I have gotten some...interesting words.
Anyway, I think this would also be an interesting thing  to see other writers do as well! I understand that many people on here may not have any classmates to ask, but anyone you know is okay for this challenge.
If anyone else does decide to do this challenge as well, please tell me! I would like to see how this challenge works out for other people too, and will keep track of what other people (with free time) are doing.
If anyone decides to do this with me, please ask the person before you use their name on here!!! I know many of my classmates wouldn't like me giving out their personal info, so just keep that in mind.
Nov 2019 · 526
Heart of Time
MSunspoken Nov 2019
As time goes by
Moving along with a purpose

Ending the old
Beginning the young

Yielding to none
Stopping for nothing

Recording life
Creating eras
Continuing years

Embodiment of love
Creator of space

Running out
Spin into oblivion, but it won’t stop

Time is a mystery
But it creates history

Coming to an end
Moving to its final destination
Bringing everything with it

Builds a rhyme
A poem
A hymn

Ruler of space
Of earth
Of us

When it stops
So do we
And everything, that is

A whirlpool of emotions comes crashing in
The rhythm of your heart beats out of tune
You control your time
When it’s up, you decide

When you’re done
You stop the clock
Turn off the lights
And hear your last sound;
Though pleasant to the ear, dangerous as time
Your time only stops when you give up.
With no love in your heart, or hope in your soul, time folds in on itself.
Leaving you in a pocket, alone.
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