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Mariam 7d
Brown pages
Cataract Lenses
and a smile
fading in my words
written with a pencil on
Brown pages
I came across some really old photos that stirred up a lot of nostalgia …
In an attempt to write down how I feel … those few words are what I found my self writing down in my sketch book that has brown pages …
He flipped the pages
one after another
his curious fingers
tracing each syllable
of her untold story,
the deeper he dived
in her mystic maze
his fingers were smudged
with ink and her tears
the words were stripped
her soul was bare
and he fell in love
with her cryptic layers
  Apr 20 Mariam
Of course I can carry my own weight
And evidently the weight
Of others wonderful
Sedentary minded people...
...friends and relatives

But despite all the
I can muster up..

I cannot carry
The weight of the world!
Traveler Tim
  Apr 18 Mariam
Dr Peter Lim
We each have a story to share

      but sadly most are not keen to hear

      I keep a diary everywhere

      I record my every joy or fear
  Apr 10 Mariam
I'm not trolling for feed back
No that's not why I'm here
Yet I appreciate your kindness...
My good Sir!
Your words are sweet music...
My Dear!
Actually your love is the reason
Why I'm here...

Through the buffer of these circuits
Your avatar submerges
Your words inscribed in mysteries
As scanning eye's converge

It's now or never now
To bring your words to light
Post your creative thoughts
Before you say good night

Words can love
Words can  heal
Words can touch
And we can feel

So give us your best
If you will!
Traveler Tim

Cheap rhymes
I know...
But that's how I roll!
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