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Araoluwa Jacob Aug 2019
I silenced my curiosity to please the deaf that my misunderstanding goes deeper than it looks. They say when you lose one sense, the other becomes stronger. Why can’t your eyes see through me, to my pain and realize that my curiosity was not in vain.
I tried to tell them but they didn’t listened so i spoke to death. She’s always listening
Araoluwa Jacob Aug 2019
They were right when they said, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you.” Nothing is new under the Sun but somethings, the eyes is blinded to...
Araoluwa Jacob Aug 2019
As soon as he spoke, I felt uneasy.
For his words were enough to give me distress and his presence, I dread.
Or maybe I was just insane and fear has played an illusion in my mind.
When his presence was known to a crowd, they admired his beauty.
Every word that escaped from his mouth were like those of Athena - filled with wisdom and knowledge
Meanwhile I was Llyr around him and the crowd. I made sure my presence to the crowd was obscure
Or maybe I'm Insane. I must be queer in the head to possibly think I had the power to do that
He was too substantial to not notice me.
I stood out... I think
It might be because the world revolves around me... I think
It's going to take the woman in me to conquer this insanity.... I Know
Araoluwa Jacob Jul 2019
Should have, would have, could have
I'm tired of being the only one trying
Can you for once put in some effort
I'm tired of being the only one giving love
Can you give some love too?
I'm tired of being the only one who cares
Can you care too?
You know... It take two people to have a relationship
Araoluwa Jacob May 2019
All that sweet talk, For a second, it felt really good. The love and the pleasure that you preserved for me. When I stepped into your house and we touched each other with our bare skin, it felt really good, really honest, really true. For a second, I actually fell in love. I opened my eyes and traced my hands on your jawline as we kissed.
God took his time making you
you are so handsome. smooth skin and all.
d a m n
my hormones started to act up when I had something like that in my possession. It's not like we actually liked each other, we just  wanted the pleasure. After the pleasure, I did not feel the same.
the moment was like a song on repeat
I could not get it out of my head. I text you to know your perspective. Then you act like nothing happened. You've gotten what you want and now I'm nothing but trash. Ignoring me like I was bothering you. I mean we weren't meant to be together.
I guess it was just me.
I wanted something more.
Someone to have more than one night or two days or a week with. I wanted months, years.
I wanted forever.
Araoluwa Jacob Apr 2019
I know how you feel.
The rage rushing through your veins.
Not knowing who to blame.
Not knowing who to call on.
Not knowing what to feel, how to react.
The only thing you think of is, "To be or not to be"
inspired by Fawn, "That is the Question"
Araoluwa Jacob Mar 2019
What if I told you my heart was hurt and I'm trying to heal it back by using you as a disguise and stabbing you in the back. I need someone who could show me love and love me despite all I lack. I just need someone that can accept me just like that.
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