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I am pained by my feelings
A conclusive emotion hovers all day long.
I am yet to be liberated, but how can i?
When i enjoy the pain, when i love the pain of waiting for you.
I always kick myself, because i keep getting burnt.
But is it really that i have surpassed the stages where pain is just a word?
I feel conflicted, why I cannot give up this charade, only God knows
But 1(ONE) thing I know
#runaway lover
My eyes bear no emotion
My words are void.
The emptiness of my heart,
A mere reflection of death.
#inner turmoil
My biggest fear
Is someday
Running out of
Words to say
Is there a word for fear of running out of words?
My heart cannot talk but it has all the words
It cannot feel but it has all the feelings
It has been quiet for too long
Now, it will let you know how it feels

I feel incomplete without you
I am a bird without wings whenever you are not there
I ask myself this question all the time:
"What would my life be without you?"
Let me tell you what it would have been

I love you unknown lover
I love the mystery
I love the suspense
Please remember i am afraid of speaking and the words being unheard

So i choose to keep this in my heart
Lost in the world of thoughts
Begging to let go of the world of hurt
The question remains ,"Is she the one for me?"
Hurting is the barrier of all my love for her
Who ever knew that loving this much would hurt
To my unknown lover
I say, "Bring back the love"
Current mood
Isolation, deception crowded my
mind with an evil intention
Clouding my perception against
my thoughts, an evil

Fueled by aggression,
a luferious passion from the
explosion of my inner being
resulting in the desolation of myself.
Dark moments
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