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May 20 · 189
Henk De Wet May 20
Right now
foresight and wisdom
seems to be more
than the fifth dimensional prism

It's a system

Finances provide answers
only if you can provide
their transits

their means of making
their planning and paining

So draining

Think of the time
think of the place

think of the meaning
that you will take

Why do you want it
why do you need it

what is the way that you will ask
why you will take what you ask of them to relate

It's simple
It's a system

Write it and roll it
that's what she says will fold it

and planning
your productions and provisions
your margins and makings

It's a system
It's simple

It's not ones and zeros
You see
It's twos and threes

Don't you see

Be like me
Be like him
Be like
those three

You don't see

Plant your trees
they grow for fees
in twos and threes

Take a step
Take a break

See your wealth

Make it break
Make it ache
Make it work

See the growth
Take the oath

Make it croak
Make it soak

Take a sip
Save the rest

That's the game
That's the play

See the wealth

It's simple
It's a system
Jan 14 · 101
Henk De Wet Jan 14
It's Monday now
as it was
last week

it feels
there's less
of a day
and more of the week

the plural for week

but not weak
As in


Will maybe be
Hopefully not

Does not exist

But it might be
the only way
how I can describe
on this monday

More than weak

in this
Weekless day


I'll say
It's endless
I'm sleepless

This day is weak
and My day
needs a way
To get away
or some new way

It's a long day
Aug 2020 · 69
Minds' echoes
Henk De Wet Aug 2020
I internalise everything

If you don't know what that means

Why are you asking
Do you think I am faking
Do you think I am overreacting
Do you think I am weak

Do you know how it feels
to receive a bungee cord
as a present
and read it as
Hang yourself

I wish I didn't

I wish I could hear
I love you
and not see
You annoy me
Go away

I wish I could
feel your kisses
and not hear my thoughts
shout for your thoughts

Why am I here?!

I love you
I'm sorry
I love you

Is what I say
When I ask
a million times
Are you ok?

I love you
don't leave yet
I love you

Is what I mean when I say
I internalise everything
Jul 2020 · 242
One day
Henk De Wet Jul 2020
I feel like
rang my doorbell
ran away before I could answer
and left a note

Figure it out
Jun 2020 · 111
Through waves
Henk De Wet Jun 2020
I woke up
loving myself

Is what I say
when I don't

even the ground
is disappointed
by the footsteps
of my mind

When there is
that one cloud
that is
too fond of me
to let me see the sun

When the stormy seas
of my mind
over the cliffs
of rational thoughts

I went for a swim today

The sea was rough

I made it
to the cliffs

It's sunny here
Jun 2020 · 88
Henk De Wet Jun 2020
There she lays

My heart

It almost looks like
the eyes of every light source
in the room
wants to touch every inch
of her beauty

Or that might just be me
with the warmth
her smile gives me

Her smile

A kiss of sunshine
on a warm spring day
whispering flowers to bloom

Like gravity
my lips rest on hers
and for a second

She skips

like the last piece of my puzzle
she fits perfectly
into my arms

Warming me
with her soft
of sunshine
May 2020 · 45
Henk De Wet May 2020
There was once a man
that asked a boy a question
"What is your story boy?"

he said

To the man
he thought he was

He answered
like a procrastinator
on a deadline

"I don't know..."

Like an unfurnished house
his structure
was just the facade
of a lazy architect
Painting his cracks
with laters and tomorrows
to hide
his empty rooms

"What is my story?"

I ask
as I look for the answers
from the furniture
of others

As they
are the lessons learned
from their own story

And 'till this day
I ask that question
to the boy
I once was
May 2020 · 83
Dreaming of an embrace
Henk De Wet May 2020
I had a dream

A man
with canyons
on his face


told me
of how he
can change the world
with an idea

I stare
to the way
this man
leads his words
so precise

Gesturing his face
to the unknown poetry
he so easily
speaks in place

And with no space

He breathes

the canyons
on his face
he fills our space
with an embrace
only a father
can face
Something for my dad.
Apr 2020 · 445
Henk De Wet Apr 2020
Plates by plates
we fill the sky
with birds
that don't fly

causing chaos

Wreaking rage
on roads
and cages

Railing our rims
over resting nests
placed on bets

What will we do
when water
and sky
waver to fly



Eating our earth
we ear not
the embers
that thirst

So eat

But know

The chaos
we cause
will cry
Apr 2020 · 1.1k
Living a book
Henk De Wet Apr 2020
I read a book
The heading said
I had a look
Blank pages
7.5 billion stages
All faces
their own places
So spacious
Apr 2020 · 93
Cleaning out
Henk De Wet Apr 2020
Hyped up on caffeine
I clean the green
Of the jealousy
On my walls
Not of them
But of me

You see
I wish to be

Not me

But something I breathe
Keeps me to see
What others might see
When I am not


So I breathe
I scrape
And I scrabble
I get rid
Of all this rabble

I ring all my rage
Bring it to the range
I shoot in the direction
Of my reflection
Telling me so infectious

You are pretentious

I am me
As you can see
These walls
Are clean
Apr 2020 · 157
My ideas
Henk De Wet Apr 2020
Who is this man

I show myself a picture
of the man
who could never be
who I need to be
and who I need to be
is not who I am to be

It's me

I show a picture
of the mouth of a gun
that shot the idea
that I could never be
this idea
without the idea
of my own ideas

But guns don't shoot
I do

It's strange
how the word
lost its meaning once it was said too many times
much like that idea

I have no quarrels
with myself
so why
do I wish
to **** myself
with these...

I don't
I have no quarrels
so these ideas
are only that

— The End —