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Jul 1 · 43
Dream On, My King
Keonna Jul 1
First it was all a dream when I met my King,
I fantasized so deeply thinking about the day he’ll give me a ring,
I never thought I’ll meet him face to face,
I manifested my dream into reality meeting him at a certain place,
There I see us lock eyes like we were the only ones in the room,
Hoping he will sweep me up off my feet like a broom,
Only to realize we never met before,
He smiled so gracefully, my heart dropped unto the floor,
We touched hands for only a few seconds,
He’s truly my King but it’s far fetching,
He left the podium, everyone adore his inspiration,
As they cheered him on, I was wondering when I will see him again,
Just like that my King was gone,
We’ll meet each other again soon,
We’ve been waiting for love for way too long.
Dream on, Dream on, My King.
Just because it’s a fantasy doesn’t mean that it’s not meant to be, trust your heart and the universe will gladly reveal your true love.
Keonna Oct 2018

A feel of nothing,

A hole inside me,

That never seem to fill,

Where my thoughts ponder,

Where my emotions wander,

And disappears,

It's gone now.


A bottomless Realm,

A conscious deep layer,

Of Darkness and Nothingness,

Where everything seems close,
Where everything seems far,

And lingers,

It stays now.
I thought I share this someone who felt  emptiness their whole life like me, who ever you are, it’s okay, sometimes the meaning of life is you.
Keonna Oct 2018
Static, static,
Why do you awaken me Charlie?
Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep?
Static, static,

I’m sorry Keonna,
It’s just that your the only energy that I️ can see,
Static, static,

Why do you watch over me?
Are you trying to scare me?
Static, static,

No, no, I️ wish to communicate,
This the only time we can talk when it’s late,
Your energy strong,
Why can’t we communicate for long?
Static, static,

Because Charlie I️ have to get up for work,
And I️ don’t know anything about the other side and it’s mysterious perks,
Say Charlie, where are your from?
Are you from a different plane, planet or dimension?
How come feeling your presence I️ always hear a thump?
Static, static,

Something like that,
But there is something I️ want you to do,
Static, static,

I️ can’t hear you?
What is it you want me to do?
Static, static,

Charlie? Where are you?
Static, Static, Static.
Oct 2018 · 85
A Undeniable Time Zone
Keonna Oct 2018
I’m lost in another time,
Another place,
Another city,
Another tribe,
Another race.

I feel it all the time,
The way I think,
The way I speak,
The way I see,
The way I sync.

How can I go back in time?
Where I belong,
Where I praise,
Where I dance,
Where I’m strong.

Am I ahead of my time?
From new living,
From new ideas,
From new laws,
From new beginnings.

I’m lost in another time,
I feel it all the time,
How can I go back in time?
Am I ahead of my time?
Keonna Oct 2018
Look into my eyes,
Keep your eyes on me,
I feel your energy rise,
Your soul is for mines to keep,
Show me your fears,
Tell me your secrets,
I’ve been here for years,
I originated from Egypt,
I come out in the night,
The day is where I sleep,
This realm has no light,
Your the only light that creeps,
You’ll make it out of the realm safe and sound,
But beware of the demons that lingers in earthbound.

— The End —