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Ken May 2017
Apathetic, thats the word to describe
That frozen chunk of flesh and blood
That's entombed inside
That hollow shell of a ***
Descriptive poem series
Ken May 2017
Be honest!
I'm not a fool
I know all the things you said were just facades of truth.
Don't say "I just don't want to hurt you"
Because these white lies impale me everyday
Ken May 2017
I gave you all the efforts I can give
Made you happy by bestowing you gifts
All these just for a smile
And attention undivided

I hate to break it to you
But this is wrong
What this is, is not love
And by doing such, we should stop

For love is one can't buy
No material thing can compare
For it is by choice, not by debt
For it is felt, not taken

If this continues
Love won't last
For nothing is permanent
And will eventually fade

So let me say it in a simpler way
Love can't be bought, buying is ownership
I don't want either of us owning each other
I want us to love one another
Distinguishing the difference between Love and Ownership
Ken May 2017
I'm no main character
In this story we all live in
I'm just that person A
So don't mind me Im just hanging

If this was a fairy tale
I'm that baker in a bakeshop you just passed by
Or I'm that young child playing in the streets
I don't mind

I have no gun to take part
I have no information to share
I'm just an ordinary character
Making the story's complexion
Ken May 2017
We were chasing the sun from dusk to dawn
We never bothered to look back
We basked in the beauty of the moonlit sky
We did not mind the cold

I'll be honest with you
I'm too tired to run
And I need sleep to rest
So it might be selfish to ask

But can you stop running? turn around
Look back to me
Can you lie beside me? close your eyes
Ease me from the cold

I got your back whenever, whereever
Even when it hurts, I'll endure
I just need a moment with you
A moment to appreciate each other
Because Im always here but you never realized
Ken May 2017
Deception is a tricky thing
Try not to be swayed
For it can lead you astray
From where the truth lies

Widen your perception
Read between the lines
Connect all the dots
And use what's stored in your mind

Don't be presumptuous
For it will cause your downfall
Think twice before everything
To avoid being fooled
#wise #detectiveskills #cautious
Ken May 2017
Lost in the headway of time
As decisions led me astray
Missing what was mine
As change takes them away

Discarding some parts of me
To become a better version
For who I am to be
Is a matter of adaptation

Losing my originality
To be accepted
To the eyes of society
Not to be rejected

As I ponder
My mind's a mess
And finding the answer
It took time to assess

Undergoing reconciliation
I won't deny
Finding it hard to answer the question
because we are all trying to be somebody we or others want us to be, but without even knowing it we are gradually losing our true selves

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