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17/Bigender/Philippines    A matter with questionable form, a form with questionable matters
18/M/Invalid    :(: 02 15 18 kaya mo yan gago
Kyle Enorio
16/M/Philippines    A guy who's a prose fanatic, but wanted to write poems, so he decided to combine both.
16/Neither/Philippines    a poetaster poet
Kate Nicole Pedroso
sad breakfast club
Cherisse May
F    Random ramblings and midnight murmurs of everything and absolutely nothing all at once. Frequently visited by depression, sadness, and loneliness. Also, sad breakfast club.
Ysobelle Valdevieso
17/F/Philippines    Sad Breakfast Club
18/M/Honey, I'm home   
16/F/PH    Drunken member of the society
Ryan Holden
26/M/Middlesbrough - England    A Gemini that fell in love with writing. I write lyrics and of course poetry! I love writing about love, nature and modern society. I ...
I ponder.. with wonder ... I think . Where would we be without forgiveness?
17/M/Philippines    Matalinhaga't isip-bata

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