Jaida Sep 20
You left me broken.

Because of you I judged myself a little harder.

Reasons you loved me were now the things I wanted to change.

Out of all things, you used my vulnerabilities against me.

Kindness was used as a weakness, but you were too. My love was taken for granted.

Even though I still loved you for a while afterwards i finally realized my worth.

Not only was i broken, but i was growing. And the new me was glowing. And the part of my life without you i just couldn't wait to show it. My confidence was my new strength and I had you to thank.

All because you left me.
Jaida Aug 31
It’s the basic brown eyes that have me hypnotized
The slightest thought of you suddenly makes me weak inside
Not knowing if it’s the fact that i know you or don’t know part of you at all that makes me want more
But i sure can’t wait to see what’s in store
And though i can’t quite put my finger on it something about you gets me going everyday
Sometimes i feel as if I’m not good enough for you but then it just makes me want to better myself for you in every way
And as all the thoughts run to my mind about you i start to smile then blush because I’m in love with that little smirk you do without even noticing it especially with certain words you say
All i know is if someone were to ask if this is the Love I’ve been wishing for then my answer is yeah.
It just may, be.

— The End —