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Kelsey Aug 2015
You run up and jump in
The cold water invites you in and       swallows you whole
The shock of the iciness takes your breath away
Your weight drags you farther and farther into its depths
Panic and fear hits you as your lungs cry for relief
You try fighting your way to the top
The moment you reach the surface you take in a huge breath of fresh air
You drink it down, because for a moment you thought you never would again
And perhaps that's what you wanted for a moment or two
But the wanting of fresh air out weighed the darkness.
This time.
After laying in bed all day giving into the depression wave, I finally saw a window out and took a deep breath. I feel like I always need to be able to explain how I feel while I'm in one of these moods, and cliff jumping without the amazing thrills, seems to be a good description. I sat up in bed and took a deep breath, and felt relief
Kelsey Jun 2015
It's the thing you crave
      When it's all too much
Different for everyone
      Their sweet release
Could be a person, place, or thing
       Makes it all go away
The stress of the day
       Weeks, months, years
You never know what's going on
       In people's hidden lives
They deal in different ways
    Who are we to judge? To have a say?
Kelsey Jun 2015
She'd do anything to go back
Back to a time he held her in his arms
Making problems melt away was always his knack
Like most women, she fell for his charms

Little did she know she'd get to be his girl
But only for a year that was the deal
He wasn't the boyfriend type, but she gave it a whirl
She thought their relationship was strong as steel

Until a time came that ended it all
They went different ways forever in love
Maybe later in life a time will come to call
When they can once again rejoice in their love
Kelsey Jun 2015
The day you went to the pound
All her fellow campers jumped up and tried catching your eye
She sat in the corner daring not to make a sound
Stoping at her door she let out a small cry

Sitting next to the older girl, you see it in her eyes
The pain of her past, hoping to be rid of it for good
The life she had was full of pain and lies
All her life she was misunderstood

Just for being a pitbull no one dared to touch
But now there you sit, showing her you care
At first she gets scared, her teeth may have clutched
Don't be afraid just because you hear you need to beware

She smells the grass outside your home
Her first look around, already scoping the couch for her new favourite bed
You show her the yard, the boundaries she may rome
She may be a little older but she has lots of life ahead
Kelsey Jun 2015
I shiver as I undress
You have a mischievous grin playing at        
     your lips
The heat wraps it's arms around my
You lower your tattooed body next to
Bubbles and coloured lights play on
    our skin
The timing seems perfect
I can't keep it in any longer
You test my limits and push me in
     directitions I never thought to take
I don't want to lose this feeling
To be so open, so close to you
It's out of my mouth before I realize
I feel my heart pounding as if I've been
     waiting forever
But after only a second
You say it back
I love you too
Kelsey Jun 2015
We are both so shy
         Though I did not know
We both had a few drinks
         I tried to be close all night
And as the night wore on
        I was mid sentence when
He leaned in and surprised me
       With the best kiss I've ever had
He pulled away and smiled
       High on happiness I dopily smiled        
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