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May 2 · 434
FrankieM May 2
from last
When you
flung me up
Against the wall
I present myself to you
As empty and transparent
As the bottom of this bottle
|                                             |
|                                             |
\                                             |
/                                             /
|                                             \
\                                             |
/                                             |
|                                             |
\ Yet you still broke me /
Apr 27 · 38
FrankieM Apr 27
To sleep next to you
Is a dream of it’s own
Apr 27 · 37
Sonny and Cher
FrankieM Apr 27
Broken broken record
Love songs on repeat repeat
I Got You Babe
Unchained Melody
Let It Let It Be Me
Every love song seems to be written about you.
Apr 7 · 29
In Disarray
FrankieM Apr 7
Though the stars are in

            i                                                  ­       a
d                                          r        
                                 a                       r                     y

                                                 They still somehow


          For you seemed to have found your way
                     to me at just the perfect time
Mar 30 · 457
FrankieM Mar 30
over every
word dripping
off of your tongue
flowing out of your lips
I pored over every word
filling up my lungs and
s u f f o c a t i n g m e
I pored over your
every word

             so         you       you         me     was          to
               when      said      loved      I        ready   

Mar 30 · 58
FrankieM Mar 30
you say
I'm            the
one            who
shut             the
door             but
YOU'RE the one who
locked it? I just didn't
want your key anymore.
There's no room left
in my pockets.
Mar 30 · 113
Morning Coffee
FrankieM Mar 30
You are a
      cup of coffee

sipped from calloused and busted up
  lips with a permanent blackish-blue hue
You are like taking that very first swig
after nights slow and restless - warmth
flowing down the esophagus to
thaw a heart frigid and askew
You accompany a cigarette
where smoke lingers in a polluted chest -You are a breath of air so soft and fresh - All I crave every morning is you
Mar 28 · 729
Fine Wine
FrankieM Mar 28
Your value does not depreciate
with time- rather
I thirst for
more of
of wine
Mar 13 · 114
FrankieM Mar 13
Intimacy is holding each other
Close enough to fit in a casket

Perpetual serenity
Breathing in each other’s carbon dioxide.
Mar 6 · 34
FrankieM Mar 6
I need to stop being such a sap
I have to leave that job to the trees
But with the high I get off your air
I can’t stop writing lame poetry

Another little chump loser stuck
With birds circling around his head
Under your richly green canopy
I‘m sure he would much rather be dead

A poet and hopeless romantic
What a “unique” horrible cliche
Recounting recounting syllables
Your sap keeps him trapped in such a daze

This sucker thinks he’s in love again
Must have fell straight from the very top
And made a home safe in your warm shade
Now the poetry just cannot stop
Mar 4 · 59
My Sun
FrankieM Mar 4
From a seed in my stomach
To a branch on my tree
Once nothing at all
Now you are my everything

I sit contently
As winter crawls into spring
Spring tumbles into summer
I’ll catch you when you fall

From birds singing in the morning
Til the crickets chirp at night
You’ll forever be my son
For without you there would be no light
Feb 29 · 102
FrankieM Feb 29
There is a mini-moon up in our sky!
A lonely asteroid caught while flying by
It was just yesterday I heard the news
A sweet surprise but he’ll be leaving soon

For we all have a purpose that’s unknown
Some even worry that their fear will show
But that’s okay, nothing is meant to last
“Forever” actually means “in the past”
Feb 29 · 100
FrankieM Feb 29
In a world scary and blue
Every love song seems
To be written about you
Feb 28 · 34
FrankieM Feb 28
I‘m feeling homesick
But it’s not my bed I seek
Not my four walls or floorboards
I need you tangled into me
Feb 24 · 253
FrankieM Feb 24
She loves so wholly
But even god himself knows
She can’t be fulfilled
Feb 21 · 93
Keep Sleeping
FrankieM Feb 21
You keep coming over
And sleeping and sleeping
Every next morning
You’re leaving you’re leaving

Our little cycle we don’t want to break
Doesn’t bother me when I’m not awake

Keep coming over
Keep sleeping keep sleeping
If you don’t wake up
Then you won’t have to leave me

You don’t have to go and I won’t ask that you stay
Just let me feel you longer- time seems to escape
Feb 18 · 154
Don’t Fly Away
FrankieM Feb 18
You’re a bird I can’t bring myself to cage
So I’ll sing to you in the morning
And hope you don’t fly away
Feb 16 · 521
FrankieM Feb 16
He’s on his own planet
I’m content just floating in his atmosphere
Feb 14 · 27
FrankieM Feb 14
I’ll keep daydreaming about your eyes
Just to feel the butterflies
Migrate from my chest to my spine

I’ll keep daydreaming about your lips
A taste I can barely resist
And my fingertips flowing down your hips

I’ll keep daydreaming about your fingers
How they seem to linger
Keeping the birds in my head singing all night
Jan 22 · 22
I’m Yours
FrankieM Jan 22
Keep me around as long as you need
Make me your pet and put me down if this grows old

I never want to burden you
Jan 21 · 56
To The Seabed
FrankieM Jan 21
I’m expendable
So toss me in the ocean
Watch me sink sink sink
Let gravity do her job
I’ll be gone before you blink
Jan 17 · 116
Next Time
FrankieM Jan 17
How about instead
of saying goodbye we say
I’ll see you next time
Jan 15 · 27
FrankieM Jan 15
s                                                             ­   e                    

                                                               ­                  R


brain                                             ed
Jan 15 · 30
FrankieM Jan 15
Kind careful fingers
A touch I cannot resist
Your warm lips lingered
Over my cold esophagus
Jan 12 · 49
The Bottom
FrankieM Jan 12
Push me down
                              ­    p
                          ­            r
                                          with your words

             I’ll take anything you offer me
                  Any adjectives or verbs
Jan 12 · 34
FrankieM Jan 12
You really got a grasp on me
Your warm fingers encircle my throat
Watch as I gasp to breathe in your air
Just to let me choke

You held so tightly on to me
Your heart pounded behind my rib cage
Exhaling our carbon dioxide
Now I’m feeling dazed
Jan 10 · 85
Let Me In
FrankieM Jan 10
You are a fluorescent light
I am a moth desperate to find my way inside
Jan 9 · 244
It Ended Because
FrankieM Jan 9
We dove in too deep
Without safety vests
Incapable of swimming
Fast enough to catch our breath
Also, you were a ****** person.
Jan 7 · 125
FrankieM Jan 7
You really think I’m special
But anyone can write

You’re the true poet
The way you make me feel inside
For you.
Jan 5 · 419
FrankieM Jan 5
I forgot what sunrise looked like
Before I met you
I’m not a morning person
But for you I’ll do

You helped me find my way home
When the world seemed gray
Carried the sun straight to the sky
And turned my night into day
***** you better revise this **** later.
Jan 1 · 39
FrankieM Jan 1
Our world is just a sphere
See, hear, taste, touch
Breathe in the air

Though each our worlds
Have meaning in its own
Mine is my only one

I’m not here and I’m not there
It’s all such and such
But I’m self-aware

Your hand in mine swirled
Says I’m not alone
The world’s a dark place

I’d rather call you my home
Jan 1 · 79
Magic 8-Ball
FrankieM Jan 1
She danced her wrist around
With that black 8-Ball in her fist
She pondered on herself
And she shook it with a twist

Then she asked the question
“Will it be okay, yes or no?”
Quickly he responded
It Is Decidedly So
Thank you for your wisdom.
Dec 2019 · 51
FrankieM Dec 2019
Your light radiates
So bright - That I can feel you
When I close my eyes
Just like the sun.
Dec 2019 · 109
FrankieM Dec 2019
You admire peonies
And I can see why
They have that same bloom
That you have behind your eyes
You’re admirable.
Dec 2019 · 134
I Left
FrankieM Dec 2019
I will never know
Why abusers abuse

I learned the hard way
Love doesn’t use

But I found the strength
Hands and knees bruised

I left and I’m better now
Without you
I did it.
Dec 2019 · 40
FrankieM Dec 2019
No longer walking on eggshells
Now we’re running through glass
We’ll keep slicing our soles open
Just to barely get passed
Can we just like, levitate?
Oct 2019 · 213
FrankieM Oct 2019
Stayed up late so high on you
Adrenaline like Aderall
Laid waiting for the comedown
Still my mind isn’t at rest

Stayed up late so high on you
Nerves like narcotics
Sat alone itching for more
Still craving your presence

Stayed up late so high on you
Anxiety like acid
Been tripping over my words
Still seeing stars behind my eyes

Stayed up late so high on you
Like an addict
You left me wanting more
Jul 2019 · 228
Waste My Time
FrankieM Jul 2019
Let me know now
If I’m not worth your time
For time is of value
But you can waste mine
Just want me as much as I want you.
Jun 2019 · 68
FrankieM Jun 2019
Out of all the drugs I’ve ever done
You were the strongest one

Held you in my finger tips
Put you in between my lips
Inhaled you through my lungs  

Slowly tightened up the grip
Injected you into my hip
Dissolved you underneath my tongue

Falling deep into this trip
I lost my mind for just a bit
I’m so ******* sprung
On how addictive you are.
Jun 2019 · 149
Burning Bridges
FrankieM Jun 2019
I keep running back again and again
“Baby I love you, but let’s just be friends.”
“I’ll go to every corner of the world, every end.”
“I can’t stand you anymore- Let’s try again.”

Make up your mind already honey, I hate this;
Fighting, kissing, acting like it’s painless.
Don’t act like you understand how much it pains me.
I loved you so much that I just let you play me.

What game in your mind are you even winning?
Burning bridges when there’s no new beginning.
When you realize all the things that you’ll be missing;
I’ll be at the top, looking down on you, grinning.

For now I’ll sit and look at the sky above,
Wondering what it could’ve been and what it even was.
What does it matter if it’s better in the long run?

The only thing I’ll truly miss are your hugs.
It’s hard without you but it’s even harder with you.
Jun 2019 · 598
Cherry Blossoms
FrankieM Jun 2019
I hold you
Like a bouquet of Cherry Blossoms
Your bloom
Never fails to impress
Jun 2019 · 1.2k
Half Fool
FrankieM Jun 2019
I can only pour so much
Of myself into you
You say I'm half empty
I say I'm half full

It's hard to stay gentle
When you've been so cruel
I say I'm in love
You say I'm a fool
May 2019 · 963
In Bloom
FrankieM May 2019
After being painted over
In black and blue

When we split in the Spring
I carried on I bloomed

No longer recognizing
Such vibrant hues

I flourished more beautifully
Without you
On no longer needing you

“Flourish” continued..
Feb 2019 · 224
Popular Beliefs
FrankieM Feb 2019
Contrary to popular belief
You don’t stop loving a man after he hits you
If anything it just leads you to wonder
Why did I deserve this? What did I do wrong? This is my fault, I should’ve seen this coming.
What can I do to fix this? How could I make myself better? How can I prevent this from happening again?

Contrary to popular belief
When he says he won’t do it again, he doesn’t actually mean it.
It’ll only gets worse.
How far can I go? Why does she stay?
I have her wrapped so tight around my finger and my fingers so tight around her throat.
Why does she love me? Will she believe me when I say I love her, that I will change?

Contrary to popular belief
Things will only change for the first couple days.
He will apologize.
Why do you love me? How did I become such a **** up? I had a rough childhood, I don’t want to end up like my father. Couldn’t you see how you provoked me? What would I ever do without you? Could you please forgive me?

Contrary to popular belief
You will forgive him with a lump in your throat, this time is no different than the last.
Things will never be the same
You’ll step more lightly when he’s near, breathe more quietly. You’ll feel the same fear you felt when he first pushed you against the wall every time a door closes too hard. You’ll still lie to everybody about the bruises.

Contrary to popular belief
You can only lie to yourself for so long
You don’t really believe he’ll change, but you’re afraid of change anyways. You’ll settle. I know the real him, he didn’t mean to hurt me. His anger just gets the best of him sometimes, but it’s not his fault. He’s really sweet, I swear. He loves me.

Contrary to popular belief
He doesn’t love you
When he struck you your best interest was the least of his. He knew he did wrong.
He doesn’t understand the severity of what he’s done, nor does he care to. History repeats itself.

Contrary to your beliefs
He never loved you
A rough draft. Unfortunately I could go on. Unfortunately I’ll have to.
Mar 2018 · 248
FrankieM Mar 2018
Between your branches
I’ve grown too comfortably

My roots have recognized
Every gap every blemish

Becoming acclimated
To only your atmosphere

I can no longer flourish
Without you
On needing you
Feb 2018 · 178
My Friend
FrankieM Feb 2018
Anxiety is a destructive friend
That comes and goes
Briefly filling the void
Making you feel at home
Within yourself

Anxiety is a destructive friend
That uses your weaknesses
Against you
Ultimately dragging you
Further down
I'm trying to think of you as a friend to make more sense of why you've been around so long. I must be pretty likable.
Feb 2018 · 179
C o m f o r t a b l e
FrankieM Feb 2018
Fitting into each other
Is the best part of becoming comfortable
Let’s get comfortable.
Feb 2018 · 344
Hurricane Me
FrankieM Feb 2018
I inhale smoke through lips I've kept shut for far too long. Through the depression and anxiety, finding a reason to breathe is hard, so talking about it has never truly been an option.

Exhaling I whisper only to myself under deep, harsh breaths.Understand I cannot let you witness how I really feel inside.
Although you beg to differ, not even I am willing to put up with myself through the heavy showers and sleepless nights.

My mind is as endless as the ocean, and this isn't last time I'll question whether I should let myself sink. At the bottom you can't see my puffy eyes or tear-stained cheeks.
When all you can comprehend is darkness you'll finally understand what it's like to be stranded in the abyss of me.

But it's kind that you say you'll stick around when my hurricane hits. The sun can't guide you on days like these.
I can't help you help me when I can't help myself. I can’t comprehend why I'd need to stay afloat.

So I'll inhale smoke through lips kept locked, and exhale still in whispers. No more deeper than the ocean goes, I know the smoke can’t mask what's inside when the storm comes.

I understand why you would leave.
Feb 2018 · 442
Work In Progress
FrankieM Feb 2018
Under construction.
The foundation was set too quickly, molded too carelessly. We were meant to build something state-of-the-art, not tear each other apart.

Sidewalk closed.
Take another path, the one I'm on is too hazardous. Cracks, potholes, blackened gum. It's far easier to take a different one.

It was right that you left, take a right and two lefts. I, too, am still trying to fix myself, I'm still a work in progress.
I thought of the hazardous years I spent with you as I passed a construction site the other day. I'm glad I took a different road, there were better things to be built for the both of us.
Feb 2018 · 224
The Alamo/Ghosts
FrankieM Feb 2018
Despite living in San Antonio my entire life, I had never seen inside the Alamo; The same way you said you used to drive around my neighborhood on your way home from work every Sunday, but never inside.

If you or I had turned in, though, I'm sure we wouldn't have liked the view very much. Crooked, outdated, houses lay out along uneven roads, paved decades ago; The ghosts of those who had died fighting a battle that seems so irrelevant and far away, trapped inside heavy stone walls. What was the point?

They're just buildings. Another sight, seen.

How small the must the world be for us to pass each other in our day-to-day life, ignorant to what the future holds?
How many times had I seen you out and about, without ever longing for a deeper connection?

If it wasn't for meeting you, I still wouldn't have went inside the Alamo. You would've kept driving around my neighborhood every Sunday night.
We both would've been unaware of the ghosts that reside behind these heavy walls.

Maybe I would've found a reason to go, and maybe you would've too. Curiosity? Boredom? Perhaps we would've ran into each other. (I like that thought).
Maybe, at that time, instead of embracing these ghosts, they would've scared us away for good.

Either way, I would've never gotten to know you, and that's more terrifying than any ghost we could find in each other.
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