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Alaris Blade Sep 2020
I wonder why some people yell just because they're stressed
Really...that idea is extremely messed...
Does it make you feel better when you make another feel worse ?
Does it help release the pain, when you shout and yell and curse ?

Do you feel satiated when you hear the tears splash ?
What do you gain when happiness becomes ash ?
How can you scream and order about,
just so what is inside can come out?
Is it so hard to smile and stuff it away?
Because I do it almost every day.

Is it so hard to reassure us and say it's all okay ?
put it in a box and never open it again...
When you are angry I don't want to hide, because I too have a little bit of pride. 
Your anger doesn't scare me, What is the worst that you can do ?

I simply feel I must forgive, but I am human too,
One day, I can no longer forgive even you .
When that day comes you will never see me again,
Because all my life you've been my biggest bane...
I forgive for myself , not for you...I forgive so I can move on and live in peace. and because i feel like i am a horrible person for not forgiving you...nothing personal
  Aug 2020 Alaris Blade
Truth: He is
man of power, greatest
for God created first man,
given hope to lost meaning.
Today, sins are nothing.
Thought in lost savior:
"redeem us from taken truth of direction..."
Suffering became living.
Pain brought consciousness.
Reality in nothing,
you are,


are you
nothing in reality?
Consciousness brought pain;
Living became suffering.
Direction of truth taken from us, redeem.
Savior lost in thought;
nothing are sins today.
Meaning lost to hope given.
Man first created God for
greatest power of man.
Is He Truth?
Do geese see God?
  Aug 2020 Alaris Blade
A writer inks down
the storm of emotion he carries
He disguises his pain
In those beautiful words
weaved to form legendary sentences.

And people think its Art!
To all the beautiful writers out there
Alaris Blade Aug 2020
I lay in pieces ,shattered
Broken on the floor
Nothing i say ever mattered
I dont think I'm visible anymore

I lonely even when I'm in a crowd
It sounds so quiet even when its loud
My head is a toxic disaster
My heart is broken to the core

I'm running but I don't know what from
I'm falling into an abyss ,i don't know how to come out
My thought are becoming destructive
Gone is my will to live

I'm yelling but no one can hear me
I'm wounded but no one can see
I'm scarred but on the inside
My head is a roller coaster ride

But I put on my mask,Never show anything
I make my screams sound like a song
and my blood look like some paint
Put on a smile and hide everything.
I hope I can help you through this,
I'm here for you...
Alaris Blade Aug 2020
The girl whose best friend was sadness
Who dreamt of death every night
In her eyes a gleam of madness
She thought sadness was a beautiful sight

Her worst enemy but her very best friend
His bitter sweet poison would mend her heart
Her every problem he could comprehend
In her, sadness was an eternal part

He always dried her tears
But he fed those tears even more
He preyed on all her fears
Sadness had reached her very core

They were so different
But she believed they were the same
Finally she worked out all his bluffs
And understood he had her in cuffs

He left once she understood his ploy
She had almost forgotten her other
She embraced her old friend once again
Sadness became a visitor ,who seldom came !
This was inspired by one of my friends.
I hope she meets the same end too...
Alaris Blade Aug 2020
One day I'll have no tears left to cry
Hard as stone ,I'll be dead inside
I don't want that but sometimes i do
I'm so vulnerable ,I get hurt so fast

I want to protect myself but I can't
I'm smart but stupid,these wolves take advantage

They feed on my soul ,drink my tears
Lap my blood and inhale my fears
Enjoy my pain, savour my sorrow
Tear off my flesh and feed on my skeletal bones
They consume and eat and then pine for more
Alaris Blade Aug 2020
Where do you go when you don't know
what you are running from ?
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