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Hi De Nov 2017
Can you feel my heart beating?
Can you hear my mind thinking?
Can you see my lips smiling?
Can you guess what I'm feeling?

My heart beats faster because of you
My mind keeps thinking because of you
My lips can't stop smiling because of you
I think I'm going crazy because of you

I feel like I'm beginning to fall for you.
Hi De Nov 2017
The joy in my heart is because of Him
His overwhelming love brings life so it seems
He provides you the feeling of calm and security
that even if darkness is ahead, His light becomes our safety

The emptiness in our hearts, He fills with His presence
with Him, everything begins to make perfect sense
from the very beginning,
every blessing was given to us
let it be the future, present and even in the past
We love because He first loved us
Hi De Feb 2018
The happier the memory,

the more it hurts

when you're no longer

a part of me.
happy moments
endless laughter
sweet smiles
me and you

someday soon
will be
a reminder
what may never be again.
Hi De Feb 2018

it was not
meant to be
in the first place,


why did fate
led you and me
into the same space?
was fate mistaken?
a glitch in the process?
an unintended meeting?
Hi De Dec 2017
why is it dark?
I can't see anything...
I can't move...
it's hard to breathe...

where am I?
why am I here?
what happened to me?
what do I do?

it's so painful...
the darkness and emptiness...
alone and restrained...
no idea at all...

I tried to break free...
but it was hopeless...
I tried to shout for help...
but I was voiceless...

no one  can hear me...
no one can see me...
no one ever searched for me...
no one even cared to asked for me...

I was right there.... 6 feet under...
buried deep within my pain and suffering...
trapped in the coffin of being taken for granted...
I was right here, but no one even saw me.
Hi De Jun 2017
All this time I have been searching,
for the one whom my heart has chosen.
Day by day, my soul is longing.
You're the reason why my heart is beating.

I've gone to so many places.
I've seen and met so many faces.
but everywhere I go, you’re nowhere to be seen.
are you real? or maybe just a dream?

even so, I will keep on looking.
Cause I believe there's truth in my Heart's Yearning.
Hi De Nov 2017
is to give you the love you deserve.
I'm a friend who silently cares about you
Hi De Feb 2018
the saddest part of loving someone
is that you almost did.
Hi De Jul 2017
Are you a thief?
No need to run, My Heart is yours to keep
Do not worry, I'm not a cop
a robbery like this, I will not stop

And if you will, you can take me hostage
I promise I'll be still, and just be your captive
It wasn't just my heart that you have taken
When you came into my life, My world was shaken
Hi De Mar 2018
the heart remembers
what the mind forgets
Hi De Feb 2018
Your smile save me again
Hi De Jan 2018
you have a unique and sparkling personality
an irresistible smile and a face so lovely

a sound mind and a sweet soul
a kind heart with Godly goal

at first, I found you interesting
time passed and I began falling

I fell not because of your looks
but because of something else

I began to love you
because you love God too

I pray for a woman,
a woman willing to serve God with me

maybe one day someone will come along
that I don't know, but right now, All I see is you

I just want you to know
that this much is still true

it will be a secret
between me and you
Hi De Feb 2018
I tried to fold you a paper
and turn it into a rose

I failed...

I made something else

Inspired by a story
told in an Eastern Country

I folded you an origami
for a wish, there will be

But I was only able to make one
so I named it "a thousand"

and now I give you this
a simple folded paper called "a thousand crane"
Happy Valentines Day
Hi De Feb 2018
I tried to take a step away from you
but I found myself taking two steps back to you
The mind can deny
but the heart can't lie
Hi De Jan 2018
Underneath my silence
lies a thousand questions
Behind my smile
hides a thousand emotions
Hi De Feb 2018
You never fail......
to make me smile.
and my heart and soul knows it faithfully
Hi De Nov 2017
did you know that you kept me awake all night
your beautiful face keeps appearing in my sight
I tried closing my eyes, but I can still see you
Your image is as clear as day, my hands tried to reach you

did you know that you kept me awake all night
when you came to me, everything felt right
I tried closing my eyes and just believe in you
when I opened them, I felt brand new
Hi De Nov 2017
I want to travel around the world,

experience new and different things,

try some of the most nerve wracking activities,

eat unfamiliar exotic foods,

stay under the starry skies of different islands,

meet wonderful people from all across the globe,

and witnessed diverse astonishing cultures

with you.
Hi De Nov 2017
Singing beneath the magical moonlight
while lying down on a sea of grass
whispering lyrics into the openness
a song that express my loneliness
Hi De Jan 2018
Can I hold you one last time?
Be locked in my embrace
before we go our separate ways

Can I speak your name?
Let me whisper it under the rain
Pour everything till nothing remains

Can I keep my memories of you?
Your smiling face and lively eyes
Be treasured in the back of my eyes

Can I keep on loving you?
Can I just....
Secretly love you again....
Hi De Dec 2017
I think I lost my heart
for I can't feel anything
The light I once had is gone
now only emptiness remains

Where has it gone?
Did I dropped it by accident?
It was safely dormant within my chest
or was it taken and I didn't notice it.

My memory is a little foggy
But there's a face painted in my eyes
A little do I remember
But it seems you had my heart

I offered my heart to someone?
How can that be?
I was fine being alone,
I'm okay to be just me

I can only think of one reason
She woke my heart of stone
But my heart beat so greatly
that it fell out of my chest and into you

But you cannot accept it
For there's no place for it in you
My heart wasn't able to come back
It died in the cold pavement, hardened and back to stone again.

I know I lost my heart
for I can't feel anything
The light I once had is gone
now only emptiness remains
Hi De Nov 2017
sitting down here
staring at the night sky
thinking of the decision I have to make
conflicted between my own principles and what my heart tells me
my principles tell me to stop, but my heart begs me to go forward
my principles tell me I shouldn't, but my heart asks why not?
my mind tells me that I will be hurt, but I want to take the risk
even if the chance is almost will be worth it..
but still, I am stuck...
Hi De Jan 2018
I walked out the door and saw the elegant crescent moon
It reminded me of you and how I wish to see you soon

I hope that you're looking at the moon the same as I do
at the very least, it bridges the distance between me and you

a full moon will rise with the grace of time
I pray when that day comes, I can call you mine...
the moon is so beautiful tonight...
Hi De Nov 2017
I'm writing this one for you
hoping that someday I will be able to tell you
tell you the things I've wanted to say every time we are together
talk about the times we enjoyed the little nothings with each other

I'm writing this one for you
wishing that someday I will be able to hold you
hold you tight and see each other face to face
keep you warm, cuddled in my warm embrace

I'm writing this one for you
praying that someday I will be able to be real
express to you exactly how I feel,
and propose to you as I gently kneel
Hi De Nov 2017

I smiled the moment I met you unexpectedly in my Life.
what is your SMILE? :)
Hi De Jun 2017
I'm here again,
going back and forth,
I know what to do yet why am I Confused?
but still here I am and never left
waiting for you where we first met.

Things go by like Déjà vu
Everything in here, All I see is you.
That wonderful morning where the sky is blue.
I wanted time to stop for Me and You.

To my surprise, Fate is kind.
When I thought you left, you stayed behind.
Hi De Dec 2017
that I'm hurting too...
Hi De Jun 2017
I asked for rain.
Under it, I cried, I released my pain.
every tear I shed is covered by every drop of rain.
Hide the tears away with every drop of rain.
Hi De Nov 2017
Up till now, it just keeps on raining
I guess this is how it feels when you are waiting
Just stare at the rain and keep on counting
Tick tock on the clock and wait for something

The rhythm of the pouring rain just keeps on playing
out in the open, I'll take you dancing
Let's take it slow and enjoy the feeling
The bass of the melody will be my heart beating
Stuck at mcdo...
Raining cats and dogs out here...
Hi De Mar 2018
10 800 seconds
with you feels like a lifetime.
Hi De Nov 2017
to be called into service in itself is already a reward
pursue God even if the road is long and hard
to live my life by following Your guide
I submit myself to Your heavenly commandments in which I will abide
Hi De Nov 2017
every step we take
every decision we make
God is with us
He will never leave us

we may stumble and fall
we may hit a dead end or a wall
we will surely find a way
we will survive and fight another day

Problems may slow us down
but it can never keep us down
just believe in His promise
and live our life in peace
Hi De Jul 2017
Let me share to you a story

One night, a child of 6 maybe 7 years of age
went to his father side. The child asks the father to go with him to the store nearby.

Dad, can you go with me to the store at the corner please.

Son, you can manage to go to the store alone already.

then the child replied,

But, I'm scared..

Of what? his Father asked.

It's dark, there are dogs, and there are men drinking by the store.

As the father and son walks to the store..
the child is smiling and also singing as if the fear he felt earlier had vanished.

The child is not afraid anymore because he is with his father.
The child felt safe with his Dad at his side.


When the child's father went with his son to the store, did the darkness of the night became brighter? No, it's still dark.

the scary dogs, did they become friendly? No, the dogs are still barking.

and what about those people drinking by the store, did they went running when they see the child's father coming? Definitely not.

but why did this child seems to feel a sense safety and confidence?

It's because he is with his dad.

Just like us, no matter what kind of ordeal we are facing right now..
No matter how scary the road we are in...
as long as we know our father (God) is with us, we will not be afraid. we will feel safe and confident throughout the journey.

-Alvin Barcelona
Hi De Oct 2017
Rain gently unto my feet
Feel the droplets, oh it's so sweet
Catch the wind as it passes through
We'll meet again, I promise you.

stop the time and take a look
this perfect scene inside a book
a tale of me where I found You
I saved your soul cause I love you

as rain falls down, I remember this
You wash away the pain and gives us peace
so take a moment and enjoy the rain
I will fill up your soul that is sadly drain.
Jesus takes away the pain
Hi De Nov 2017
here, now, as I watch you sleep
your peaceful presence I wish to keep
I couldn't help but look at you
I whisper in silence, emotions that are pure and true

as your eyes are closed my heart opens up
I want to stay beside you as you take a nap
and when you wake, I'll look away
I wish you'll grab my hand and asked me to stay

you are more than special to me
my heart is locked and you hold the key
my chained emotions, you've set it free
wherever you are, that's where I want to be
Hi De Nov 2017
He will take away all your worries and pain
He will wash away the sadness through the rain
I believe, that through Him, you will be able to smile again
Jesus will never go back on his word.
He will keep his promise.
Hi De Jan 2018
a new morning where the sun is up and smiling
the light warmth of the day is gently touching my face
I don't know why but I know today will be exciting
so I gear up and went out with a big smile on my face

hopes and dreams for a tomorrow that may be today
motivation and dedication to my deeds along the way
I found my purpose in living in a mysterious way
I found Him in me, He's the One who showed me the way

Right there and then, I realized something new
Life is so much better when God is with you
My life was changed when I touched the sky and he Held my soul
From that day on, everything is good and beautiful cause I know my role.
Hi De May 2018
It feels like I don't have the right to have feelings for you
Hi De Jul 2017
The power of words
can best a thousand swords

a simple idea
can bring down a great armada

a pure intention
can lead to a better nation

a spark of courage
can conquer the stage

the greatest mind,
a hope of mankind

with these things in mind
make a choice, leave the negativity behind

Man has the potential to create a better world
for a story for the next generations will soon unfold.
Hi De Jul 2017
I take a glance at your picture every night
talking to you and bidding you a sweet good night
How hopeless can I be
You don't even notice me

Still I want to stay
hoping that someday
you'll look my way
a wish I pray night and day

for now, I will stay low
figure out where to go
I wanted you to know
how I love you so.
Watching Hitch

some of these words might have been on the minds of those guys
Hi De Feb 2018
continuously falling
bit by bit, little by little
slow but steady
from top to bottom

contained in a place,
a world you could say
where time is told
in a grain of sand

when time is done
and everything's gone
I hope I can go back in time
as simple as turning an hourglass upside down
little by little
bit by bit
slow but steady
Hi De Jul 2017
How to be yours?
I don't have much to offer
I'm just a regular public worker

How to be yours?
I'm not the knight you are waiting
Just a guy with ordinary living

How to be yours?
Suitors promised you the milky way
Me, with all I am, I will court you everyday

How to be yours?
I may not be a handsome and wealthy man
But for You, I will strive to be a worthy man

How to be yours?
With our status that seems so far away
I'm like the moon trying to see the light of day

How to be yours?
I want you to know
You're like the spring that melts the winter snow

How to be yours?
How to be yours?
Hi De Jan 2018
don't know what to do whenever you are near
Hi De Jul 2019
I am the one,
who raises his hand first
but always get picked last

I am the one,
the one who tries to be part of something
but never did felt belong

I am the one,
the one who tries to stir away from arguments
but always gets blamed

I am the one,
the one who puts in effort the best way I can
but never appreciated

I am the one,
the one who thinks I've given my best
but still not enough for them to even say that "I'm trying"

I am the one,
the one who wants nothing but everything to be okay
but ends up framed as the reason for falling apart

I am the one,
the one who strives to be enough,
but always felt lacking through their eyes

I am the one,
the one they remember when everyone has forgotten them
but forgotten once they are good again.

I am the one,
the one who they say is always "lucky" for having them
but a "burden" to the ones who have me with them.
Being the One isn't always better.

It's painful to be the One.
Hi De Feb 2018
I'm like a kid
playing hide and seek
trying so hard to cover up
what's inside my heart and mind

with every beat of this heart of mine
I hear your name repeatedly
it shouts, it whispers
it smiles, it leaps

even if it's not me,
the man you're dreaming of.
I'd still continue liking you,
even though I'm not the one you're thinking of.

even if I'm not the one,
not the person you love,
I'd still continue loving you earnestly,
even if your heart belongs to someone else.

It doesn't matter if I'm not the one you like
I'd still love you
Hi guys, actually this is a song I wrote in Tagalog or Filipino Language...
just a rough translation of the lyrics... this song sadly reflects a part of my unrequited love.

"Para ba akong isang bata
na naglalaro ng taguan
pilit na tinatakpan
ang laman ng puso't isipan

sa bawat tibok nitong puso
naririnig ko ang pangalan mo
sumisigaw, bumubulong
ngumingiti, tumatalon

kahit na hindi ako
ang tao na pangarap mo
tuloy parin akong hahanga sa iyo
kahit na hindi ako ang nasa isip mo

kahit na hindi ako
ang tao na iyong gusto
tuloy parin akong magmamahal sayo
kahit na hindi ako ang nasa puso mo

Kahit na hindi ako ang tao na iyong gusto
patuloy parin akong magmamahal sayo."
Hi De Aug 2019
Hi De Dec 2017
Here I am
staring at the endless sky
imagining your face
with your beautiful smile

talking to the soft breeze
as if you were in front of me
remembering your soft hands
as it pinches me

every time you smile
my heart falls for you,
my love grows even stronger
every time I'm with you

so here I am
staring at the endless sky
imagining your face
with your beautiful smile
Hi De Nov 2017
of what tomorrow brings...
Hi De Nov 2017
Talk to me as I hold your hand
Tell me and I'll understand
Hold me close as you whisper to my ear
I'll wipe away that innocent tear
behind the openess
Hi De Feb 2018
day after day
I'm beginning to feel
that the sands of time
is almost done

day after day
the sadness is starting to sink in
I'm counting the days left
I have with you

day after day
I'm trying to train myself
I have to get used to the fact
that one day soon, you'll be gone

day after day
I grabbed all the chances to see you
because one day
chances are, I'll never see you again.
staring at the hourglass
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