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1.7k · Jul 2017
My Fairy Tale Girl
Hi De Jul 2017
our love story is very rare
just like a fairy tale
we may not be Romeo and Juliet
but our love story is close to it

you're my loving Snowhite
you got a red lips that i want to bite
an innocent smile always play upon your lips
you just don't know, you're an innocent tease

just like Cinderella, you're all day in a work
blowin' away the garbage, the dust and the dirt
you're not like the others who were certified flirts
coz you're just for me, since the day of your birth

when you're finished and work all done
like Pocahontas, you're a playful one
you dont take weeds,you don't drink , you don't smoke
you got me girl in just one look

you're not as great as ariel, the little mermaid
but my love for you will never fade
my kiss hug and love i'll save
you'll get more even after a decade

rapunzel , oh like rapunzel
all the lovely words i want to tell
you're almost perfect from toes to hair
to love you more is all that i care

i don't have a genie like alladin
but i'll treat you my princess like princess jasmin
to all the girls from north pole to south pole
it's you who holds my heart and soul

We've got the true love like Beauty and the Beast
When I'm with you, my mind is at peace
Taking walk and be with you every night
Dancing so sweet 'till the morning light

Like sleeping Beauty when your energy stops
Just take a rest and my kiss will wake you up
I'll give you my warmest hug
and start a new day with you my love

You're my fairy tale girl
In my fairy tale world
But in reality, no fairy tale castle
Only true lovely words
Like a princess, I'll take care of you
I'm gonna make your every single wish come true
You're more than a gold, gem or pearl
You're the reality of my fairy tale girl...


"you are my princess"
I came across this piece years ago.
Just want to share it with you guys.
Hope you'll like it.

(c) vhonskall
708 · Nov 2017
Hi De Nov 2017
I'm glad I met you
even if unrequited, I'm so happy that I've fallen for you.
this silent feelings of mine towards you
I'll keep it forever in my heart,
it will be my secret to the beautiful you..
I really have fallen...
just the thought of you makes my heart beat faster
508 · Nov 2017
I wish
499 · Dec 2017
The Promise of Time
Hi De Dec 2017
Standing on top of the mountain tonight
Embracing the cold breeze of the evening air
Basking myself under the seductive moonlight
Enjoying the magical lighted plains within my sight

I looked up at the starless sky
Saw only half of the moon
Then I thought, half just like me
Where in the world my other half could be

But with the promise of time
Like this heart of mine
The luminous moon will be complete
I guess one day soon, our fate will meet
494 · Nov 2017
Hi De Nov 2017
Dear Miss,

I've seen a fair share of your ordeal
your sleepless nights
your tearful days
your anxiety and restlessness

I've seen your will
your determination to keep on going
your patient soul
your unwavering faith

I've witnessed how you tried
I've witnessed how you struggled
I've witnessed how you persevered
I've witnessed how you triumphed

Congratulations dear Miss.
Jeremiah 29:11
485 · Feb 2018
stolen glances
Hi De Feb 2018
if only my eyes could capture images,
I'd have a gallery of you through my stolen glances.
simply stolen glances
466 · Oct 2017
When I'm with You
Hi De Oct 2017
I can't stop smiling when you're around
With every glance, It feels like I'm off the ground
If only I could stop the time when I'm with you
I'd cherish every moment that I have with you

but just like everything else
there's two side of a story
once, I can hear some ringing bells
the next, there's only me and no one else

I don't know how long this will last
this unknown bond between the two of us
Night and Day I used to wonder,
is it enough to make good memories, I wish to know the answer

you make me smile, you make me laugh
you make me hope, you make me wish
you make me dream, you make me wonder
you make me feel that you're God's answer to my prayer
I'm the most happiest person When I'm with You.
462 · Feb 2018
In this life
Hi De Feb 2018
I have eyes
and you helped me see the beauty of life

I have ears
and you helped me hear the melody of life

I have lips
and you helped me share the stories of my life

I have hands
and you helped me reach the people in my life

I have legs
and you helped me stand strong against the challenges of life

I have a heart
and you made it smile, jump and beat,
you're a special part of my God-given life.

I have all of these,
But, you can't be with me in this life.
if not in this life,
I hope in the next one...
459 · Jun 2017
To the Beautiful You
Hi De Jun 2017
I don't know why
I like your smile
I like your laugh
So much that time seems to stop

Our little talks
with the way you look
my heart skips a beat
you swept me off my feet

moments with you
if you only knew
my heart speaks your name
I hope you feel the same

I want you to know
That this much is true
This is my secret
To the Beautiful You.
433 · Nov 2017
I'm afraid
Hi De Nov 2017
of what tomorrow brings...
Hi De Dec 2017
Here I am
staring at the endless sky
imagining your face
with your beautiful smile

talking to the soft breeze
as if you were in front of me
remembering your soft hands
as it pinches me

every time you smile
my heart falls for you,
my love grows even stronger
every time I'm with you

so here I am
staring at the endless sky
imagining your face
with your beautiful smile
408 · Nov 2017
I'm here
Hi De Nov 2017
Talk to me as I hold your hand
Tell me and I'll understand
Hold me close as you whisper to my ear
I'll wipe away that innocent tear
behind the openess
400 · May 2018
Hi De May 2018
It feels like I don't have the right to have feelings for you
382 · Nov 2017
precious time
Hi De Nov 2017
a friend of mine
said that time
is precious

that is why
I spend it more
on the people
I care about.
380 · Nov 2017
those moments
Hi De Nov 2017
The moment you stop trying
is the moment you fail

The moment you stop believing
is the moment you fall

The moment you stop living
is the moment you die

The moment you start forgiving
is the moment that you're free

The moment you start worshiping
is the moment that you're blessed

The moment you start loving
is the moment God's will is continuing.
365 · Jun 2017
A Heart's Yearning
Hi De Jun 2017
All this time I have been searching,
for the one whom my heart has chosen.
Day by day, my soul is longing.
You're the reason why my heart is beating.

I've gone to so many places.
I've seen and met so many faces.
but everywhere I go, you’re nowhere to be seen.
are you real? or maybe just a dream?

even so, I will keep on looking.
Cause I believe there's truth in my Heart's Yearning.
343 · Nov 2017
too good to be true
Hi De Nov 2017
dining out in an old cafe
just ordered one bitter sweet latte
writing notes for a new black and white
finding inspirations, I want to make it right

a moment later, a girl passed by
I began to blush and became a little shy
She's like an angel that came down from heaven
It's too good to be true, to me, her name was given

then I heard a faint voice calling me out
it was my room mate beside me giving me a sudden shout
then all of a sudden everything turned white into dim...
then I realized, it's already morning..I was just having a silly dream...
at Cafe France
making reports
while doing poetry...
338 · Jul 2017
The One that Got Away
Hi De Jul 2017
Nine years ago...

I met her...
We fell in love with each other...

But we must not pursue this feeling, we told ourselves.
We chose to be the best of friends instead.

One year ago...

she called me,....

"I have to tell you something.... I wasn't able to tell you the last time we met..." she said.

I jokingly replied, "what is it? are you getting married?" then I laugh softly.

Then the next words I heard stunned me.

"YES, in the next two months." she said.

then came the day of her wedding...

I went to the church.
As I was entering, I looked at the altar, and there she was.
for some reason she turned her head and saw me standing there by the door.
She looked at me and smiled... It's like she's saying,,
Friend, I'm so happy right now.

Then I walked to her and gave her a hug.
The last hug I could ever give her.
For all these years, She's been inside my heart
and now I must move on for she is happy now with another man.
She never knew how much I loved her.
330 · Jan 2018
What makes It Beautiful
Hi De Jan 2018
Rose indeed have thorns
But it's a risk I'm willing to take

If I wish to have that rose,
I must accept that it comes with thorns

And I think it's what makes it beautiful
If I got hurt by the thorns, then It's my fault for holding such a beautiful creation the wrong way.
328 · Jan 2018
not knowing 2
Hi De Jan 2018
we were talking about not knowing,
not knowing when our time is up

and it got me thinking
what if there's no tomorrow for me?

what if I have only until today?
shouldn't I be doing everything that I could?

what if I never wake up again?
what if I never see you again?

everyone may say that it's wrong of me,
it's wrong for me to love someone already with someone else

our conversation yesterday made me realized something,
what if my time is done and I wasn't able to express my love for you?

God knows I tried my best to hold back
to suppress these feelings coz you're already taken

but realizing that I'm living on a borrowed time,
I would just want to spend my precious time showing you
how much I love you

because any moment may be my last
but at the very least, I was free to express my feelings

society can say that loving someone that belongs to someone else is wrong
but I feel that it would be more wrong If I deny what my heart is saying deep inside me

You don't need to like me,
I just pray that you allow me to love you unrequitedly
325 · Nov 2017
Perfect Love
Hi De Nov 2017
all of your grace and blessing, I have taken for granted
but when everything was lost, I was humbly reminded

all of my faults and sins, You lovingly washed away
I've fallen yesterday but you raised me up today

there are times and moments that I've felt severely defeated
then You came down from the Heavens where you were seated

You have given me life, you've given me purpose
but in return, to save my soul, Your life became the cost

You gave up Your life so that I may live
the Son of the Father we have received

You died and was resurrected
Death, You have defeated
To save mankind, You have succeeded
318 · Nov 2017
Enjoy the Feeling
Hi De Nov 2017
Up till now, it just keeps on raining
I guess this is how it feels when you are waiting
Just stare at the rain and keep on counting
Tick tock on the clock and wait for something

The rhythm of the pouring rain just keeps on playing
out in the open, I'll take you dancing
Let's take it slow and enjoy the feeling
The bass of the melody will be my heart beating
Stuck at mcdo...
Raining cats and dogs out here...
314 · Jul 2017
Tangent Lines
Hi De Jul 2017
It was an accidental meeting
We ran into each other while jogging
I can't believe the beauty I am seeing
"are you an angel?" I must have been daydreaming.

I want to watch you while you're sleeping
then disappear when you wake
I want to care for you while you're dreaming
then in the morning, my leave, I will take.

I wish to hold you in my arms
but my feelings must be hidden
you enchant me with your angelic charms
yet a relationship with you is forbidden

Why did it have to be
on opposite sides, both you and me
how cruel life can be
letting us meet then separate us for all eternity.
311 · Jan 2018
Stolen Moments
Hi De Jan 2018
I miss those precious little moments
the casual talks and small chats
the sweet smiles and simple glances
the way we were before the awkwardness

I take all the chances I can get
Thanking God that we have met
Like tangent lines, our pair of hearts
Will just meet once and be eternal apart

I miss you o precious one
I'm sad that my time with you is done
Thank you for the memories almost forgotten
Those precious moments with you even though it was stolen
308 · Nov 2017
without expectation
Hi De Nov 2017
Give the best wherever you go.
Give a smile
Give kindness
Give thanks
Give love,
and give without expectation of return
I gave you my love even if I can't have yours
301 · Jun 2017
It's You
Hi De Jun 2017
You asked me if I ever liked someone who can't possibly like me in return...
That very moment, a voice inside me whispered. "I do".
Time passed and things have changed.
But the voice inside me still whispers your name.
Then came a time and you asked me again.
Out of nowhere, without me realizing it, I said that it is you.. I SAID YOUR NAME.

However, after that moment... I feel a wall came down between us.
Like there's a gap and I can't see a bridge to pass.

Our long conversations became short messages.
From long talks down to short "good evenings".

I miss you. Your smile, Your laugh.. The time we share together with nothing to worry.

But because of the sudden confession I have made,
I fear that the old friendship we had, have already changed.
Hi De Feb 2018
the saddest part of loving someone
is that you almost did.
285 · Nov 2017
All I want
Hi De Nov 2017
is to give you the love you deserve.
I'm a friend who silently cares about you
283 · Jul 2017
Hope for the Future
Hi De Jul 2017
The power of words
can best a thousand swords

a simple idea
can bring down a great armada

a pure intention
can lead to a better nation

a spark of courage
can conquer the stage

the greatest mind,
a hope of mankind

with these things in mind
make a choice, leave the negativity behind

Man has the potential to create a better world
for a story for the next generations will soon unfold.
282 · Nov 2017
My only son
Hi De Nov 2017
wake up my little one
your work is not yet done
stand up and rejoice
carefully listen to my voice

the road you're taking may be rough and foggy
but you'll get through it, as long as you believe in me
take your time and learn from humanity's mistakes
you are my child, you have what it takes

There's no limit to what you can do
just have faith in me as I have in you
You are the greatest among my creation
to you I have entrusted this sacred mission

stand up, go and love others in my place
help the ones in need, shower them with grace
you will be my vessel where my blessings will flow
you will spread the love and end all the sorrow

wake up my little one
for your work is not yet done
I have given them you Jesus, My one and only son.
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
276 · Feb 2018
I'd still love you
Hi De Feb 2018
I'm like a kid
playing hide and seek
trying so hard to cover up
what's inside my heart and mind

with every beat of this heart of mine
I hear your name repeatedly
it shouts, it whispers
it smiles, it leaps

even if it's not me,
the man you're dreaming of.
I'd still continue liking you,
even though I'm not the one you're thinking of.

even if I'm not the one,
not the person you love,
I'd still continue loving you earnestly,
even if your heart belongs to someone else.

It doesn't matter if I'm not the one you like
I'd still love you
Hi guys, actually this is a song I wrote in Tagalog or Filipino Language...
just a rough translation of the lyrics... this song sadly reflects a part of my unrequited love.

"Para ba akong isang bata
na naglalaro ng taguan
pilit na tinatakpan
ang laman ng puso't isipan

sa bawat tibok nitong puso
naririnig ko ang pangalan mo
sumisigaw, bumubulong
ngumingiti, tumatalon

kahit na hindi ako
ang tao na pangarap mo
tuloy parin akong hahanga sa iyo
kahit na hindi ako ang nasa isip mo

kahit na hindi ako
ang tao na iyong gusto
tuloy parin akong magmamahal sayo
kahit na hindi ako ang nasa puso mo

Kahit na hindi ako ang tao na iyong gusto
patuloy parin akong magmamahal sayo."
272 · Jul 2017
Father and his Child
Hi De Jul 2017
Let me share to you a story

One night, a child of 6 maybe 7 years of age
went to his father side. The child asks the father to go with him to the store nearby.

Dad, can you go with me to the store at the corner please.

Son, you can manage to go to the store alone already.

then the child replied,

But, I'm scared..

Of what? his Father asked.

It's dark, there are dogs, and there are men drinking by the store.

As the father and son walks to the store..
the child is smiling and also singing as if the fear he felt earlier had vanished.

The child is not afraid anymore because he is with his father.
The child felt safe with his Dad at his side.


When the child's father went with his son to the store, did the darkness of the night became brighter? No, it's still dark.

the scary dogs, did they become friendly? No, the dogs are still barking.

and what about those people drinking by the store, did they went running when they see the child's father coming? Definitely not.

but why did this child seems to feel a sense safety and confidence?

It's because he is with his dad.

Just like us, no matter what kind of ordeal we are facing right now..
No matter how scary the road we are in...
as long as we know our father (God) is with us, we will not be afraid. we will feel safe and confident throughout the journey.

-Alvin Barcelona
271 · Mar 2018
Hi De Mar 2018
the heart remembers
what the mind forgets
270 · Oct 2017
Never Alone
Hi De Oct 2017
My lips are smiling but my heart is aching
My eyes are sparkling but my soul is dying
All this time, I have worn a mask
To hide the suffering from this painful task

I laughed at jokes and play around
but deep inside I'm on the ground
They seem to think that I'm okay
little by little I'm slipping away

I'm not strong enough to voice it out
I'm always anxious and have many doubts
To see Your face, I wanted to
All I want is to reach out to You

as my eyes were closing and everything is fading
I guess this is the end, I will end up dying
just when I thought it's over, I saw Your face
You came up to me and held me in Your embrace

You held my hand lifted me up
You rested me in Your sacred lap
You told me then to worry no more
for God the Father is with me Forevermore
263 · Nov 2017
Dear Special Someone
Hi De Nov 2017
I'm writing this one for you
hoping that someday I will be able to tell you
tell you the things I've wanted to say every time we are together
talk about the times we enjoyed the little nothings with each other

I'm writing this one for you
wishing that someday I will be able to hold you
hold you tight and see each other face to face
keep you warm, cuddled in my warm embrace

I'm writing this one for you
praying that someday I will be able to be real
express to you exactly how I feel,
and propose to you as I gently kneel
242 · Nov 2017
Through my Eyes
Hi De Nov 2017

let me draw a portrait of you
241 · Nov 2017
Define SMILE
Hi De Nov 2017

I smiled the moment I met you unexpectedly in my Life.
what is your SMILE? :)
235 · Nov 2017
no words
Hi De Nov 2017
111 121 122 123 124 131 132 133 134 141 142 342 431 143 122 233 234 221 241, 751 512 613 111 141 342 132 431 143 133 343 431 122  131 132 133 134 751 124 842 511 513 124 143 122 422 344, 143 122 422 234 224 431 432 224 344 111 234 221 111 242 234 224 842 823 234 234 111 921 344 523 412.
this thought came to me...
That day really turned out to be the last.
not even a single word nor goodbye.
233 · Feb 2018
Hi De Feb 2018
I keep wondering,
When will you hear my voice?
If the heart could whisper...
233 · Nov 2017
love hurts
Hi De Nov 2017



231 · Dec 2017
Nothing but a dream
Hi De Dec 2017
Lying down with my head on your lap
Staring straight right into your eyes
Lost in your ever sweet smile
Wrapped within your warm and caring arms

I could just stay right in this moment
Be with you of all the people in this planet
Care for you, love and serve you,
For all I want is to grow old with you

So as I speak, I bend my knee
I take your hand and hold it gently
Look at you as you smile at me
Bring out this ring as I asked you to be with me
228 · Dec 2017
Nurtured feeling
Hi De Dec 2017
It wasn't love at first sight

It was a feeling nurtured over time and then one day I woke up and realized that I was already in love with you.
After this,
I will not speak of my feelings any longer...
It will be tucked away deep within...
A treasured memory.
227 · Jul 2017
Until Then
Hi De Jul 2017
Something came up,
It's gonna be rough,
Need to put my head in the game
May never be the same

Is it going to end?
Even that I don' know when.
So Until then,
I will rest my pen.
Gonna be gone for a while
224 · Jul 2017
Now She Knows
Hi De Jul 2017
Stuck between "Maybe things will be good again one day" and "Things will never be the way they used to be"..

The hidden feelings I have for you..
It's no longer a Secret to The Beautiful You.
Can we talk?
221 · Nov 2017
It's not goodbye
Hi De Nov 2017
I want to see your smiling face everyday till the day I die
and even after that, don't shed any tears, cause it's not goodbye.

maybe in the next life, God will be so kind to let me meet you again for the second time.
221 · Jun 2017
Déjà vu
Hi De Jun 2017
I'm here again,
going back and forth,
I know what to do yet why am I Confused?
but still here I am and never left
waiting for you where we first met.

Things go by like Déjà vu
Everything in here, All I see is you.
That wonderful morning where the sky is blue.
I wanted time to stop for Me and You.

To my surprise, Fate is kind.
When I thought you left, you stayed behind.
218 · Dec 2017
6 feet under
Hi De Dec 2017
why is it dark?
I can't see anything...
I can't move...
it's hard to breathe...

where am I?
why am I here?
what happened to me?
what do I do?

it's so painful...
the darkness and emptiness...
alone and restrained...
no idea at all...

I tried to break free...
but it was hopeless...
I tried to shout for help...
but I was voiceless...

no one  can hear me...
no one can see me...
no one ever searched for me...
no one even cared to asked for me...

I was right there.... 6 feet under...
buried deep within my pain and suffering...
trapped in the coffin of being taken for granted...
I was right here, but no one even saw me.
217 · Nov 2017
Bucket List
Hi De Nov 2017
I want to travel around the world,

experience new and different things,

try some of the most nerve wracking activities,

eat unfamiliar exotic foods,

stay under the starry skies of different islands,

meet wonderful people from all across the globe,

and witnessed diverse astonishing cultures

with you.
216 · Jun 2017
Drop of Rain
Hi De Jun 2017
I asked for rain.
Under it, I cried, I released my pain.
every tear I shed is covered by every drop of rain.
Hide the tears away with every drop of rain.
214 · Jan 2018
not knowing
Hi De Jan 2018
not knowing when our death will come
gives meaning to our lives
everything is more beautiful
because we know any moment can be our last

we learn to appreciate what we have now
for it may be gone tomorrow
we value people and not take anyone for granted
for change is certain and they won't stay forever

we will never be here again,
but knowing You
gives more meaning to the life I knew
and You know that my heart is true
had an interesting conversation earlier..
what if you know what day you'll die?
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