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Hi De Sep 2020
I don't know what's going on,
It's a bit cloudy and I can't see the moon.

then a cold breeze just passed me by,
there's nothing I can do but just stand nearby.

Here I thought I was superman and you're Lois Lane,
But I have this kryptonite of being unable to sense your pain.

I'm afraid, you're afraid, we both have our worries,
I just pray you'll give this a chance so we can write amazing stories.

all alone, I'm not enough,
but here with you, the fears will stop

so please take my hand and trust in me,
I'll break that "curse" or so called destiny.

don't be afraid of your happiness now,
I won't let it be taken away, that will be my vow.
Hi De Sep 2020
HIGH  and low,
I'll be with you.

LAW of attraction,
slowly brought me to you.

VIEW life through your eyes,
as the sun and moon set and rise.

SAW you just yesterday,
but I miss you like the last time I saw you was in May.

MATCH hopefully made in heaven,
together we'll walk in the garden of Eden.

quickly say the words in CAPS,
try to utter each word without any gap.

I may not be always in touch but,
Hi De Aug 2020
Sending you a smile,
Let it stay there for a while.

The day may be rough,
But I hope this gesture will be enough.

To turn up a smile on your lips,
Here is a smile, the simplest one among my gifts.

Now, I'm making a Pumpkin smile
and when I look at her eyes
I see the brightest star
When the lovely pumpkin smiles
  Aug 2019 Hi De
Alaska Young
you are nothing
but a distant lingering
of who
i used to be
  Aug 2019 Hi De
Ashly Kocher
Note to self:

Today you woke up
Embrace the day
Start a new page
Fill it up with knowledge
Make memories
Love yourself
Say thank you
Feel blessed
Say a prayer
Close your eyes

Note to self...
Hi De Aug 2019
why is it over?
Didn't she know how much I love her?

Is it me?
All I ever wanted is for us to be happy.

Was I lacking?
Everytime we argue, at me, You're finger is pointing.

Am I just a burden?
You said You've had enough and now You're leaving.

Have I failed you?
Was I not able to keep my promises true?

Am I just a stranger to you now?
What happened to the words "for better or worse" that we shared in our vow?

I'm holding up my phone but I can't hear anything...
It hurts so much, I feel my heart's gonna stop from beating...

Is it over?
You said it's over.
Hi De Aug 2019
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