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harmony crescent Dec 2018

"dont call me hon"

"okay im sorry. i know this makes you uncomfortable but its true and you cant keep running from it. you arent doing yourself any favors"

"and youre not doing me a favor either by confronting me"

"i know it doesnt feel like it hon, but-"

"dont call me hon"

"im sorry i just love you and you need to-"

"dont tell me what i need"

"If i cant tell you that you need to stop lying to yourself then you cant tell me to stop calling you hon"

"i hate you"

"well i love you, hon"
  Dec 2018 harmony crescent
It's not a fairy-tale
It's just love, you and me
Learning to give
Learning to be
Don't get me wrong, your love
It's true
And deep
And Strong
But it's not a fairy-tale
It never will be
Not like it was with him and me
But a smolder still creates heat
It's not a fairy-tale
But it's not defeat
harmony crescent Nov 2018
if my brain was bigger
and i had more room up there
youd think id fill it with important stuff
facts and ideas to share
like maybe science, math, and tech
or art and lit instead
but no, for me, whats worth the most
is remembering every sweet thing youve said
we're just talking about our future, and i've never wanted to fight for something so much in my life.
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