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8.7k · Jul 2015
harmony crescent Jul 2015
Ramblers in the wilderness
We cant find what we need
Get a little restless from the searching
Get a little worn down in the swing
Like a bull chasing the matador
is a man left to his own schemes
Everbody needs someone beside 'em
shining like a lighthouse from the sea

                                             - NEEDTOBREATHE
I love this song soooo much! This is just the first verse. Like this poem if you're also a NEEDTOBREATHE fan <3
7.0k · May 2015
The Phoenix
harmony crescent May 2015
Fall asleep under the trees
I raise my voice to sing to thee
Listen to my lonely call
And face the fears that torture all

My tears will help and strengthen you
Until Courage builds up a new tune
And when I die, remember me
I raise my voice to sing to thee
4.8k · Nov 2016
i am a psychopath
harmony crescent Nov 2016
i am a psychopath
i am the queen of terrifying confidence
i am a minipulator of truth
and lies
because i
am a psychopath
who has her eyes set
on the way she should be
on the reasons behind what they think about her
it swirls around inside yet i dont feel it
it scrapes away at the walls of my heart
which should be painful
why not
because i am a psychopath
3.5k · Jun 2015
Never Knew You
harmony crescent Jun 2015
Only saw you once
On the metro
You looked like you needed help
I felt like I could have helped you

Never even talked
But our eyes did meet
You looked like you needed hope
But you looked away before I could smile

Pull up to the platform
I opened my mouth to speak
You just picked up your bag
And left

Fell in love
With someone
I had never even met
And it hurt

3.5k · Jul 2015
harmony crescent Jul 2015


Bad Decisions
give you
Bad Options
so true
3.1k · May 2015
Singing Somehow
harmony crescent May 2015
If only I could think a little clearer

If only I could feel You somewhat nearer

My life is a little depressing right now

But now that I'm singing


I feel You here with me
2.7k · May 2015
harmony crescent May 2015
You know what the problem
is with this world?
Everyone wants a magical
solution to their problems,
but everyone refuses to
believe in magic

-Alice in Wonderland
2.6k · Jun 2015
harmony crescent Jun 2015
Life can't afford to move as slow as we do. Maybe that's why we always feel left behind
2.4k · May 2015
The Reason
harmony crescent May 2015
Don't worry
about those who
talk about you
behind your back

they're behind you
for a
2.3k · Jun 2015
Turn Back Around
harmony crescent Jun 2015
I know what it's like
to see the other point of view
on life

You love it now
but you won't later

It hurts you
There is no one you can trust
On the other side

So please turn back around again
2.2k · May 2015
harmony crescent May 2015
Looking for peace under every rock I see
Looking for love in every magazine
Looking for hope in every drop of rain
Praying that You will take away my pain
2.2k · May 2015
harmony crescent May 2015

Easier than Singing

But to me, the Same Thing

2.1k · May 2015
A Feeling
harmony crescent May 2015
A  feeling is a thought that sprints through your head and you realize its meaning and so you exaggerate it by showing it through body language and it all happens in a split second
2.0k · Jul 2015
My Face
harmony crescent Jul 2015
No, not beautiful
No, not ugly
Just more average than average

The only problem is that
I don't know, and can't control, what it's showing
Normal? I have no idea

And I know I'll never see it myself
I just wish I could
And know what to change

The biggest miscommunications
Happen with my face

Yes, I feel stupid: glaring at you and making you think I want to ****** someone, when it's only the sun in my eyes

No, you did nothing wrong!

Please see past the anger, sadness, or shock that you may see
That isn't me! I'm so much better
This poem (above) is just a free-verse of my feelings and a story that has happened quite a few times regarding my ****** expressions
"What's wrong? What did I do?"
Then I realize, the sun was in my eyes, so I'm squinting, but I probably look like he said something extremely offensive to me. I'm so scared of hurting his feelings because my ****** expressions are so extreme, and I don't even know what I look like.
1.9k · May 2015
My Butterfly
harmony crescent May 2015
my butterfly, my butterfly

never came back to me

to say goodbye, to say goodbye

was the last thing it taught me
1.9k · May 2015
Airforce Husband
harmony crescent May 2015
The little bit of time spent every morning, it was my treasure
when I think about the promises you made to me
You would come back

Rush out the door, onto another plane
The risk you took every time you woke up
You would come back

Stroke my hair, thought of me each time you were in the air
Grabbed my hand, kissed my lips, you said
You would come back

Thunderstorms, always I prayed, and hugged our picture frame
I felt you murmur, through all the noise
You would come back

The   only   promise   You   ever   broke

Because   You   didn't   come   back
1.8k · Jun 2015
Modern Breakup
harmony crescent Jun 2015
You grabbed my heart faster than a fat kid grabs cake

Yet walked away slower than internet explorer can load
Just a humorous twist on a sad breakup
1.6k · May 2015
harmony crescent May 2015
Rebels are dreamers
Leaders are reformers
And dusty attic boxes are always full
Lovers are concealers
and Musicians are redeemers

I guess that makes me a
5 kinds of people in the world. Which one is you?
1.6k · May 2015
Never Forget
harmony crescent May 2015
Never forget the ones
who loved you
when you thought
no one would
1.6k · Jun 2015
The Truth
harmony crescent Jun 2015
"You sounded great up there."
"You totally failed, but I don't want to be a dream-crusher so I'll lie"

Smiles at you when someone compliments you on how you did
"You're lucky that I even let you sing up there, even if you're horrible"

"I look forward to hearing you next week"
*"JK, I'm not coming back again, no way"
1.4k · May 2015
My Halo
harmony crescent May 2015
in the corner
you see my tears
you see my empty face

in my corner
curled up like always
why move

in this corner
im nothing without love
so true

in the corner
you can't see it
and neither can i

*My Halo
1.3k · May 2015
harmony crescent May 2015
When I die, remember me

not by the words I screamed, but by the words I spoke
not by the way I ran away, but by the way we walked together
not by the face that cried, but by the face that shone
not by the hands that slapped, but by the hands that held

not by the love we lost, but by the love we shared
dont cry because it's over, smile because it happened
1.3k · Jun 2015
Run Wild
harmony crescent Jun 2015
Are the walls to lock you in
or keep the others away?

And if the doors were to be opened
would you leave or would you stay?

The comfort of your misery you cherish dearly

And you haven't started dreaming
'cause you're still fast asleep

                                                    -For King & Country
                                                       *Run Wild (feat. Lecrae)
this is a fantastic song, look it up on youtube :)
1.3k · May 2015
harmony crescent May 2015
I enjoy the solitude
The drawn curtain, being alone

I don't need a friend
Unless the shadows count

I can smile, have a conversation
with myself

A guitar in my lap
A song in my head

I enjoy the solitude
I'm pretty introverted, and today i spent most of the time in my room in the dark just sitting with my guitar. It was great.
1.2k · May 2015
A Slave's Song (continued)
harmony crescent May 2015
All the creatures stop in quell
To listen to your feeble smell
Of all the fear down in your heart
Down, down in the deepest part

The moonlight yells,
The starshine screams
And tries to unknot the seams
Those tight seams divide in two
Your heart that won't give in to you

Though this song might never end
If you ever need a friend
The hope that never shows itself
Lives in your eyes, and there to help
this one actually goes before the original A Slave's Song
1.2k · Jun 2015
What I Needed
harmony crescent Jun 2015
Why did I worry
And why did I sin
And why was I just so conceited
And why did I roll in the mud of the world for so long

Why was I angry
And why did I cry
And why did I judge those I hated
And why did I waste love on those that I didn't care for

Even when darkness knew what I feared
He knew what I needed
This is the chorus of the song I am currently recording. I spent so long trying to get just the right words :). Message me if you want to know more about the meaning behind this song.
1.2k · Jul 2015
Can't Breathe
harmony crescent Jul 2015
Saddness ***** my voice out
Guilt steals my air
Tragedy poisens my tears
Because of Crying I no longer care
1.2k · May 2018
playing god with glass
harmony crescent May 2018
theres a trail out there
and shattered glass at the top of its hill
made it all the way up
just to be left broken and ***** at the finish line
im sorry
not because youre broken
(being broken isnt so bad)
but because all you can see is the dust that coats you
i promise
all your pieces make a window
and all the stars make a sky
and all this dust makes the adventure of a lifetime
1.2k · May 2015
Hearts of Wind
harmony crescent May 2015
The wind
The deep, long breaths of the sea
echoes off mountains
through deserts
across streams

It rumbles through the trees
and sings
through chimes and strings

But it dies off
Like all Hearts of Wind do
1.1k · Jun 2015
On The Run
harmony crescent Jun 2015
Because we're on the run
Won't stop until we're free
And life will catch us by the tail
Every chance it sees
Let's shut the door
Dim the lights
And hide from everything
1.1k · May 2015
A Slave's Song
harmony crescent May 2015
Far away, in long long while
We were held in Ecinxile
They tortured us
We screamed and cried
Traitors stole, or so they lied

Corruptness swept through castle grey
Always felt, but seen in haze
Longing for some kind of change
But no hope left among this age

No birds, no trees, no joy it seems
Can fill the void
That sadness leaves
Unactive stages never run
This tremor of death had begun

A lark inside the tallest tree
Keeps my heart under it's wings
Forever on goes your reply
So underneath this tree I lie

This ballad that I sing to you
Will always be fully true
I'm for you, and you for me
In sadness of this melody

For no one knows what life may bring
So all you can do is sing
I play and sing this song for my sister so she can go to sleep. The melody is really beautiful.
1.1k · Jun 2015
Help Me Change?
harmony crescent Jun 2015
If you want me to change myself so badly, why don't you help me?
933 · Jun 2015
Out There
harmony crescent Jun 2015
Is there really a guy out there
Who doesn't care what I look like
And will love me anyway

Girls say that there is all the time

All of them wear mini shorts and don't have to **** in their belly look good in a tight shirt

Like they know what they're talking about

Is there really a genuine man out there
Or will society contaminate him before I find him
892 · May 2015
Best it can Be
harmony crescent May 2015
One day is fantastic
the mirror isn't lying
guitar is already in tune
and the clouds are done crying

But when the only friend I have
is the breeze that's fading quick
and the bars were raised
higher than I can jump

It's getting harder to make the choices
that will make my life
the best it can be
870 · May 2015
harmony crescent May 2015
Happiness & Hardship

each has one of my hands

and they're pulling separate ways
853 · Jul 2015
Just to Run
harmony crescent Jul 2015
A restless yearning
Won't stop burning
Behind my eyes
Inside my legs

Yes I can
It's who I am
Inside my heart
Lives in my mind

You'll never know your accusations
Are what provide motivation
In my anger
Amongst my memories
I love running but I'm really bad at it :/
843 · May 2015
harmony crescent May 2015
Uneven I fly
In the dead of night
Zig zagging towards the moon
Then I disappear
Until you catch my eye
And zoom into hysterical *silence
836 · May 2015
A Pre-judged Book
harmony crescent May 2015
I have a lot of kindness to share

I have so much love to give away

But if you don't want to take it- your loss

My pages may never have been turned, but I'm a Bestseller
821 · May 2015
harmony crescent May 2015
Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense
811 · Feb 2016
harmony crescent Feb 2016
I'm ready to step out
i guess i always was
but was too scared
to face the fact that
i am not the only person on this planet
with a life worth living

i am ready for sacrifice
of time, money, and comfort
i am ready to be free
of the fickle judgements of others
i am ready to reach out
and enjoy me
and pour into others
and pray for real
and be legit
and dream
and work
and fight
and make life a journey
of thought and sacrifice
and love
808 · May 2015
Can You
harmony crescent May 2015
To sing is to laugh in a rhythm

To cry is to shed your laughter

But if you cannot laugh or cry,

can you still sing?
775 · Sep 2015
Fires Reputation
harmony crescent Sep 2015
starting fights
spewing lies
more wrong is accepted as right
every second of my life
770 · May 2015
How to Make the Perfect Guy
harmony crescent May 2015
A tablespoon of manners
2 teaspoons of daring
A couple drops of hope
and a whole lot of caring

A dash of handsome
and some be-with-me-wherever
pre-set temp at 100
and leave it in my heart forever
739 · Dec 2016
read a dumb book
harmony crescent Dec 2016
i just read a dumb book

About a girl who is wrecked
And a boy who is broken

And then just with one look

They open up and are slowly perfected
By falling into an unreal love

And all it took

To make a teen giddy with hope
Is an author who lives in a hole

To write a dumb book
These types of books make me furious
729 · May 2015
The Fun
harmony crescent May 2015
The fun will last
for a night

But the guilt will last
for a thousand more
don't make the decision that could feel great in the moment, but the result could ruin your life
713 · Aug 2015
In Comparison
harmony crescent Aug 2015
I think

that sometimes

It is better to be lost

than to know where you are

and maybe even

who you are
694 · May 2015
harmony crescent May 2015
If I were a bird,
I would sing
as proof that I am free

If I were a bee
I would buzz all day
and you would see that I am free

If I were a tree
I would grow bright and green
so you could feel what it is like to be free

But I am neither a bird, bee, or tree
but I am still free
nature can show us how much freedom we actually have
679 · Jun 2015
Our Eyes
harmony crescent Jun 2015
Why love if were going to lose

Why give us a choice if we can't choose

And why ask us to tell the truth when we can't discern from the lies

What use to us are tears if they won't fall from our eyes
668 · Jun 2015
harmony crescent Jun 2015
They only fade
Never die
Not until the day
We fly
temptation is always just around the corner
665 · May 2015
Guilt Trip
harmony crescent May 2015
I sent you on a guilt trip
Paid all the expenses too
I sent you on a guilt trip
Here's some cash,
Go spend it on someone new
Dated some **** and this is how I responded
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