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Nov 17 · 33
Mi amor
Grace Summers Nov 17
As soon as I saw you,
I knew that looking at you,
And talking to you
Would not be enough.

When you touched my hand,
I felt electricity run through my veins.
When I hugged you,
Even you felt my heartbeat race.

With your arm around me,
I knew nothing in the whole world could hurt me.
Hold my hand forever, muffin;
I don't think I can live without this warm feeling anymore...
I feel like I've finally found my person. Hoping it lasts forever...🤞🏻🧿
Oct 26 · 56
I'm happy
Grace Summers Oct 26
At least one of us is smiling...
Oct 23 · 118
All parts of you
Grace Summers Oct 23
You say you're flawed and you're scared I'll leave you;
But I'm not perfect either, honey and I swear I love every single part of you.
The part of you that tells me your experiences,
The part of you that's goofy all the time,
The part of you that's vulnerable and opens up to me,
The part of you that's a baby and needs constant reassurance,
The part of you that's mature and has meaningful conversations with me,
The part of you that's lustful all the time,
The part of you that makes me feel confident,
The part of you that makes me smile,
The part of you that doubts yourself,
And even the part of you that needs reminders that I'm not out of your league.
I swear I love each and every part of you,
And I swear I'm not leaving you so easily.
Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for making me believe in myself. Thank you for always being there for me and lending me your shoulder to cry on. But most of all, thank you for waking up the sleeping poet inside of me.
Sep 3 · 245
Make up your mind
You know it's wrong
Leave them on seen
Delete the chats
It was always one sided
You know it now
You always knew it
Delete your thoughts about them
Delete them from your life
Feel the relief
Jul 8 · 95
How lightly we take the word 'love',
How empty it sounds...
Jul 8 · 85
Finding Myself
If the elements be so kind and generous,
It may survive and thrive in the mud.
It owes its family its flesh,
And to others it surrenders its beauty.
Its fragrance is but a respite on a gloomy day,
And its nectar is but food to the ones who depend on it.
Its home is edible for its predators,
And its purpose is to spread its pollen by gifting away its mere essence.
It gives and gives in the hope of receiving,
Yet it wallows in its loneliness for it has no one to call its own.
A foe it has never hurt may pierce its soul one day,
Or an enemy it has never met may pluck it and render it lifeless.
It has never hurt a fly for it is an embodiment of love,
Beautiful and strong yet tarnished its soul, it stands still as if waiting;
Waiting for the day it will wither and fade into oblivion.
I wonder if I am but a flower...
No matter how much you give, it is never enough. If they want to, people can find flaws in the most flawless of things.
Jun 29 · 192
Grace Summers Jun 29
When it's my turn,
I lay my cards bare;
When it's their turn,
They pack the deck and leave...
Jun 25 · 89
Grace Summers Jun 25
If I be silenced, let my clothes speak.
If I be stripped of my clothes, let my tattoos speak.
If my tattoos be erased, let my hair speak.
Let them speak of what I've been through. What the generations before me have been through.
Let them speak of how we were once oppressed. Of how we have risen over our oppressors and taken some of the rightful places in society.
Let them speak of the struggles we've been through, and the revolutions that are yet to come.
For I? I will not be silenced.
Jun 20 · 196
Grace Summers Jun 20
When you try to be all that others need,
You forget who you were in the first place.
Jun 18 · 216
Grace Summers Jun 18
I was scrolling through the poems,
Trying to decipher what each one truly meant.
But then I ran into the comments section,
And the way everyone supports everyone,
Everyone defends everyone,
Made me feel that Hello Poetry is really a community of poets.

No matter how many worlds apart our views and opinions are,
We will always find common ground in the soothing world of poetry.
I don't think this one needs a note but it was really reassuring to see how some of you stood up for someone else, even if the person you're defending is an absolute stranger to you :)
Love the kindness and generosity here. It's one of the only reasons I rejoined Hello Poetry after almost two years. <3
Jun 11 · 95
Grace Summers Jun 11
I hope you never find out
What it's like to be a stranger
Not just to those near you,
But also to yourself.
Jun 11 · 164
Grace Summers Jun 11
I wonder why I
Am so easy to ignore
Even when I scream...
May 27 · 190
Grace Summers May 27
Hidden behind the pain
Are memories etched in sand.
They're washed away by the waves,
I'm left to wonder where we stand.

Hidden behind the smile
Are demons lurking in the dark.
They whisper secrets I shouldn't know,
Framing them like pieces of art.

Hidden behind the facade of love
Is a bruised but beating heart.
I wonder how long it will remain this way,
Before succumbing to its scars...
Apr 29 · 729
Grace Summers Apr 29
You were the only thing I knew when the night grew dark,
Now you're the only thing I don't recognise on the brightest of days...
Apr 21 · 515
Grace Summers Apr 21
I tried running away from my problems,
If only I'd known I was running in circles...
Apr 20 · 92
Grace Summers Apr 20
I fell into your arms, feeling safe,
Falling into a deep slumber;
Until you woke me up again,
And I realised I'm falling again.

But this time, not into your arms...
Apr 15 · 219
Grace Summers Apr 15
Drowning in my fears,
Hoping I could hide them.

Fruitless days and sleepless nights,
Where did it all go wrong?
Recently got diagnosed with anxiety disorder. I've been trying my best not to give up but things never seem to work out...
She waited for him under the bridge;
The cold, cold night throwing threats her way-
Threats to freeze her to death,
Threats to keep her lover at bay.
But never losing her faith in him,
She kept on awaiting his arrival.
Once or twice had headlights illuminated her,
Upping her hopes and the beating of her heart.
But there was still no sign of him-
Him, the one she'd sworn to love for life.
Then suddenly, and all of a sudden,
She heard the rustling of leaves behind her.
Scared, she took back a step or two,
Afraid it was someone who would hurt her.
But out of the woods came he-
Running, panting, out of breath.
She wanted to know what was wrong;
She needed an explanation.
Instead he took her arm and ****** her on,
Then into a boat nearby.
The still waters, though, were never a good hideout;
Even the most silent of fish could be heard.
Scared, raging, she let him row on,
For she too, wanted to get away-
Away from the town that disapproved,
Away from the thousand pairs of eyes,
Away from the prying neighbours,
And away from the noise and the crowd.
The silence was something she'd learned to appreciate;
But never before had it been so piercing,
Never before had it threatened her life,
Never before had it made itself heard.
And it was then that she heard the gunshot-
Piercing through the silence,
Piercing through the night,
Piercing through the wind,
And piercing her lover's heart.
She screamed, then sensed danger,
And then the second one came.
She gasped and she choked,
And she cursed her lover's enemy.
Then the peace settled in,
When she thought about her lover;
How she'd be entangled in his arms,
Prying on the thousand pairs of eyes from above...
Feb 24 · 81
Late night thoughts
Grace Summers Feb 24
If everybody was perfect,
Nobody would be perfect.
Feb 21 · 123
Grace Summers Feb 21
Some people leave to make you realize your worth;
Some people stay to make things worse.
Some people linger to make life better;
Some people flee and leave things bitter.
Feb 8 · 72
An Honest Proposal.
Will you be the one to hold me,
Pretending like you care
While I lie about why I'm crying,
And why I'm broken?
Feb 4 · 60
I might've loved, might've loved, might've loved you
With all that I had;
But you made me, you made me hate you
With every single breath.
Even though I hate that you're gone,
We both know who's at fault.
These scars you left deep on my heart,
Don't shower them with salt.
Teaser alert! This is the outro of a song I'm working on...
Feb 1 · 621
I shut the door,
Shut the lights,
Shut the pain,
Shut myself.

Still can't shut my thoughts...
Feb 1 · 47
It takes ages to build a relationship:
Trust, love, care, support...
Yet all it takes to break it
Is a split second.
Food for thought.
Jan 18 · 57
Grace Summers Jan 18
The little things hurt;
Much more than the big things do.
But the moment you point them out,
You're suddenly the petty, bad person.
Jan 15 · 51
Grace Summers Jan 15
It feels like summer
To dream about you; butter-
Flies in my belly...
Jan 15 · 51
Grace Summers Jan 15
I loved you and you loved me.
I don't know where we went wrong.

I hurt you and somehow that was your excuse to hurt me.
And then you said I was never wrong?
Jan 15 · 47
Grace Summers Jan 15
You had me when nobody else had me.
When even I didn't have me.
Maybe that's why it broke my heart
To let go of the pieces of you I so shamelessly held onto...
Jan 15 · 61
Grace Summers Jan 15
If you ever wonder what your biggest sin is,
it was to make me doubt myself.
Jan 9 · 118
You hurt me.
More than anyone ever did.
But it still hurt me the most to lose you,
More than it hurt to lose the impostors...
Jan 9 · 48
A piece of my heart went missing when you left;
It's still a void I'm trying to avoid...
Jan 9 · 60
I don't miss you.
I remember you sometimes,
But I don't miss you.
Dec 2020 · 333
Grace Summers Dec 2020
They say it's too much when I ask for a little silence.
I wonder what they'll do when I ask them for peace...
Dec 2020 · 42
Grace Summers Dec 2020
I looked at the stars tonight,
And I hoped he was fine.
I thought, "Is he looking at the sky too?"
A star replied with the brightest shine,
"He's looking at the sky,
Hoping the same for you."
And when I whispered, "I love you,"
It replied, "He says that too..."
Broken promises, broken hearts...
Dec 2020 · 49
Grace Summers Dec 2020
Sometimes being the odd one out,
Can mean that you're the only one being real...
Dec 2020 · 57
Grace Summers Dec 2020
Limb by limb, they tore me down;
When things got ugly, why did they frown?
Unlike them, I stayed true to my words,
Call it a boon, but I call it a curse...
Fake friends might be a worse than Satan himself...
Dec 2020 · 264
Broken Doll.
Grace Summers Dec 2020
Forced to smile,
Even though she's broken inside.
Dec 2020 · 358
Grace Summers Dec 2020
You want to mask yourself?
I can be an impostor too.
"Friends" like Brutus are the real reason for trust issues.
Dec 2020 · 122
Grace Summers Dec 2020
All I can do is
Watch as the constants turn in
To variables.
Losing friends is the worst kind of break-up.
Dec 2020 · 47
Salt Water.
Grace Summers Dec 2020
The salt water running down my cheeks,
And wetting my pillow at night
Is absolutely worthless to them.

My tears, though invaluable,
Seem empty
Just like their promises of a better tomorrow.

"These tears will make diamonds one day,"
I reassure myself,
Steeling myself for yet another day.

My tears, falling onto my pillow;
And I, falling into slumber,
Swallowed by my sorrow...
Nov 2020 · 320
Grace Summers Nov 2020
It hurts worse than hell some days;
Some days it's rosier than flowers itself...
Fighting on, living through the highs and lows, taking everything in my stride continuing to breathe even as I fight for breath...
Nov 2020 · 61
Grace Summers Nov 2020
If life is a journey,
Is death the destination?
Nov 2020 · 304
After Death
Grace Summers Nov 2020
After death will anything last,
Or will everything just remain in the past?

After death will I find afterlife,
Or is the end really just that blinding white light?

After death will I be remembered,
Or as ashes will my body be rendered?

After death will my lover, his love for me realise,
Or will he just go and find a girl more poise?

After death will my poems live on,
Or is it just a trick and they too will be gone?
Nov 2020 · 921
Grace Summers Nov 2020
She was an angel
Before she met them.
A large wing span,
And a huge grin;
Beautiful brown locks,
And flawless skin.
They cut off her wings,
She walked on, broken.
They chopped off her legs,
She crawled on, broken.
They bit off her arms,
She lay there, broken.
But then they sawed off her head,
Devastated, she haunts them, broken.
Nov 2020 · 180
Grace Summers Nov 2020
She is the peace of the moon
And the howl of the wolves
All at once...
Nov 2020 · 266
The Best Gift
Grace Summers Nov 2020
I finally know who I am,
And what it feels like
To be with the person
You want to spend your life with.
You made me realise
That no mattter what everyone says,
The best gift to give someone
Is letting them be themselves
Without a spot of judgment.
To my ex, who made me realise the true meaning of love. You may have given me the best gift, but the problem is it's hard to find someone I can feel so free with...
Nov 2020 · 47
Together and Apart
Grace Summers Nov 2020
The wind blew away the doubt,
And I gave in to my feelings for you;
But then came the tornado,
Ripping me apart from you.

— The End —