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He showered me with kisses and gave me a rose,
He took me on a date, and then we struck a pose;
He gave me a ring and asked me if I'll be his wife,
Then the alarm rang, waking me up to my dreadful, loveless life.
A dark piece in lieu of being single on Valentine's Day.
Grace Summers Feb 11
The wind blew away the doubt,
And I gave in to my feelings for you;
But then came the tornado,
Ripping me apart from you.
The day I begun to fall for you
Was the day I signed up for agony
It's always the same question, "How are you?"
And it's always the same lie, "I'm fine."

We leave it to the enquirer to figure out what fine is,
And most probably, as probable as the monsoon rain, they're bound to ignore the depth of the 'fine'.

As probably as the moth being drawn to light,
They're bound to assume we're actually fine, no matter how hard we're silently begging them not to leave us on our own.

As probably as the coin landing on either heads or tails,
They're bound to keep talking like nothing ever even happened.

As probably as the land breeze blowing at night,
They're bound to move on to the next topic, ignoring the fact that you're not fine.

But as probably as the snake not eating the rat,
They're bound to understand that the 'fine' you actually uttered is not actually fine, but quite the opposite of it.

As probably as a comet thousands of light years away hitting the earth today,
They're bound to understand your pain and actually make you feel fine.
Inspired by a quote I once read: "How are you?"
Always the same question.
"I'm fine."
Always the same lie.
Can’t you see
It’s not you who is the issue
It’s me
  Feb 1 Grace Summers
I will use your tears
to water my mind,
and grow you a poem
everytime that you cry
  Feb 1 Grace Summers
I want to tell you something

You are beautiful.
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