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Make up your mind
You know it's wrong
Leave them on seen
Delete the chats
It was always one sided
You know it now
You always knew it
Delete your thoughts about them
Delete them from your life
Feel the relief
How lightly we take the word 'love',
How empty it sounds...
If the elements be so kind and generous,
It may survive and thrive in the mud.
It owes its family its flesh,
And to others it surrenders its beauty.
Its fragrance is but a respite on a gloomy day,
And its nectar is but food to the ones who depend on it.
Its home is edible for its predators,
And its purpose is to spread its pollen by gifting away its mere essence.
It gives and gives in the hope of receiving,
Yet it wallows in its loneliness for it has no one to call its own.
A foe it has never hurt may pierce its soul one day,
Or an enemy it has never met may pluck it and render it lifeless.
It has never hurt a fly for it is an embodiment of love,
Beautiful and strong yet tarnished its soul, it stands still as if waiting;
Waiting for the day it will wither and fade into oblivion.
I wonder if I am but a flower...
No matter how much you give, it is never enough. If they want to, people can find flaws in the most flawless of things.
Grace Summers Jun 29
When it's my turn,
I lay my cards bare;
When it's their turn,
They pack the deck and leave...
Grace Summers Jun 25
If I be silenced, let my clothes speak.
If I be stripped of my clothes, let my tattoos speak.
If my tattoos be erased, let my hair speak.
Let them speak of what I've been through. What the generations before me have been through.
Let them speak of how we were once oppressed. Of how we have risen over our oppressors and taken some of the rightful places in society.
Let them speak of the struggles we've been through, and the revolutions that are yet to come.
For I? I will not be silenced.
Grace Summers Jun 20
When you try to be all that others need,
You forget who you were in the first place.
Grace Summers Jun 18
I was scrolling through the poems,
Trying to decipher what each one truly meant.
But then I ran into the comments section,
And the way everyone supports everyone,
Everyone defends everyone,
Made me feel that Hello Poetry is really a community of poets.

No matter how many worlds apart our views and opinions are,
We will always find common ground in the soothing world of poetry.
I don't think this one needs a note but it was really reassuring to see how some of you stood up for someone else, even if the person you're defending is an absolute stranger to you :)
Love the kindness and generosity here. It's one of the only reasons I rejoined Hello Poetry after almost two years. <3
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