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Grace Summers Mar 14
You know those moments
When you realize
That you're not really appreciated,
Much less acknowledged?

Well, it's not the first time
That he's been unappreciative.
But I can't place my finger
On why this time it stung more.

I've had his birthday gift
Planned for months,
But his birthday
Is not for another month.

The only problem is
I have too many photos to burn,
Because I'm not sure
If we'll make it that far.

"I'm not his mom."
"I can't change him."
"So just leave him."
"But he broke last time."

So many questions,
Not enough answers.
So many doubts,
No one to reassure.
Grace Summers Mar 2022
I want to move on
From all my past mistakes;
And I’ll do it even if
It puts my life on stake.
I want to let go of
All my emotions for once;
And this time if anyone see me,
I’m not gonna wince.
All I want to do,
Is be me for a change.
Because holding myself back-
Life feels like a cage.
I do not ask for help, only acceptance.
Give me all you got, I’m holding my stance.
Grace Summers Jan 2022
even when you try your best,
in the end, you're still not good enough.
how do you break the pattern?
Grace Summers Nov 2021
As soon as I saw you,
I knew that looking at you,
And talking to you
Would not be enough.

When you touched my hand,
I felt electricity run through my veins.
When I hugged you,
Even you felt my heartbeat race.

With your arm around me,
I knew nothing in the whole world could hurt me.
Hold my hand forever, muffin;
I don't think I can live without this warm feeling anymore...
I feel like I've finally found my person. Hoping it lasts forever...🤞🏻🧿
Grace Summers Oct 2021
At least one of us is smiling...
Grace Summers Oct 2021
You say you're flawed and you're scared I'll leave you;
But I'm not perfect either, honey and I swear I love every single part of you.
The part of you that tells me your experiences,
The part of you that's goofy all the time,
The part of you that's vulnerable and opens up to me,
The part of you that's a baby and needs constant reassurance,
The part of you that's mature and has meaningful conversations with me,
The part of you that's lustful all the time,
The part of you that makes me feel confident,
The part of you that makes me smile,
The part of you that doubts yourself,
And even the part of you that needs reminders that I'm not out of your league.
I swear I love each and every part of you,
And I swear I'm not leaving you so easily.
Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for making me believe in myself. Thank you for always being there for me and lending me your shoulder to cry on. But most of all, thank you for waking up the sleeping poet inside of me.
Grace Summers Sep 2021
Make up your mind
You know it's wrong
Leave them on seen
Delete the chats
It was always one sided
You know it now
You always knew it
Delete your thoughts about them
Delete them from your life
Feel the relief
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