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May 31 · 207
Old, new adventures
FC Azaele May 31

What new adventure does the universe have in store for me?
A reckless denture
or maybe a new track to venture -
shall i meet a new adventurer along the way?
what roads will i come to stumble on?
Old universe, what new adventure do you have in store for me?

An older draft
May 18 · 423
Flourishing flowers
FC Azaele May 18
Like the sun who shares his light
         to see the flowers bloom;
I gave you much of mine
          to see you flourish in the springs warm womb
and when the night falls
          I wait the night to see you when sunrise comes about
For, without a doubt
         you stick by, waiting for me too to tell the stories
you've plucked up from the seeds that wait to sprout  

  When a bird captures your eye, or even a little butterfly
       you played jests and chased it around until
you tire, saving the rest to lay down with a cool sigh
   laughing at that little 'workout'
      and when the bright light dispels
knowing we must make our farewells
      You know not to feel alone, and rest assured me
that too and venture on home
Knowing we
      both were inseparable till night comes about
That's why I give you much of my light
      to not see you falter but flourish high as i vowed
dearly hoping to see you bloom
May 15 · 766
I think..
FC Azaele May 15
I think i'm..
falling apart at the seams
with little to no sleep and horror-filled dreams
I cannot think straight
why bother to think of a lie to deceive
the things i'm falling into, now even stumbling on my gait;
There isn't sincerity in my smile
and wrinkles somber seen in my style
My hair's a birds mess
I don't think I call it any less
than that.. a mess
There's so much abandon
to the happy, frolicking days
I think i'm falling apart at the seams
with no more than horror-filled dreams;
A tearing mind, screaming
into the empty, silent winds
maybe i'm letting myself sabotage myself to fall apart at the seams.
Oh, maybe I am.. it seems
To the comments: Thank you. 🧡
May 14 · 1.0k
Tranquility (Haiku)
FC Azaele May 14
Twinkling stars, lovely
shining so bright, starry night
oh tranquil silence
May 14 · 67
Eros Bow
FC Azaele May 14
I fear much of that eros bow
where love so much as pierces
the pale virgins soul
Placing Sweet-kisses, red wine-stained lips;
lovers glow
Pale lines, artificial glow;
so much as complicated on patterns
pickled seen on a kaleidoscope;
Cherub aiming his charmed bow
down at mortals down low
soon where fate changes
and destines for two to meet;
weaving the patterns together so they strum
a chord together, creating an afterglow
I fear so much of the Eros bow
could, when two patterns meet,
create so much of a harmonious disaster?
A parody of fate?
or a glamour, a cover-up for a show
May 14 · 274
The Crate
FC Azaele May 14
The land was cold, and dark and dreary
Spotlights couldn’t be seen
nor sounds be heard
I took a step forward
And decide it wasn’t enough
The woods was cold, dim and soggy
down the roads where footsteps of another
drifting apart, acting no more as a flocking-fleeting friend
The crate lay heavy in my arms
perhaps I should've chosen another
but I'm too far out
to dare go back and ponder
If perhaps.. the crate had been the right one.
but maybe all wouldn't be laid fair,
until another day
where I make it back and choose what
could've been a tranquil road
The lands were cold, and dark and dreary
there's a cottage nearby
but still I stood by the dark pavement
being me,
deciding still one step after the other wasn't enough
to ease myself despite the aching pain
I doubted myself
despite the warm home nearby
that I..
I travelled by
pushing back the aching pain
and went along my way
Ignoring all the protests the soles speak -
I guess I'll have to save my pain for another day
FC Azaele May 14
A fuelling flame, burning bright
Rage, Rage
A dancing fighter captured against the cold of the night
Nowhere to go,
but still, he moves to find the center of the light
refusing to grieve as he moves past the cold winter night
Rage, Rage
as the cold be fought like a blight
What sin can be found against the dim, darkness amidst fright
where men be fondled across the crooked bridge high
on the cold winter night
Rage, Rage
do not run nor let the ego falter
take on the cold winter night as if it were a blight
good soldier.
Rage, Rage..
like a fuelling flame, burning bright
"Do not go gentle into that good night."
May 13 · 2.3k
FC Azaele May 13
Hunger eyes stared down at the rod,
                awaiting it's own ***** alee    
Laid on the satin sheets, arms entangled
                milky thighs spread apart
Hunger eyes too stared down at me
    laying in inescapable, trembling bondages
A heat burning through our hearts - through us:
                That was desire.

I love him like this -
       where stars align;
               Buttons undone. Eyes lit with a burning flame
waiting to engulf me whole.
Touching me here, there - everywhere
       tracing the freckles on my skin that lay like speckled stars
   to the lines on my palm. Memorising.
His mouth gilding across with a wicked purpose
      as urns of a thousand suns pour blazing down my throat
               Not us did the saint align and embrace our pure hearts
We were in the other's self the ruin
               of purity's gentle caress
where my hand rests at
               in between to ease the trembling core
our bodies lay in the dead of the night
           both of us searching for more
                to no one but him do I come to thee!
as a cry aches through the silence of the night
       our souls connect - one of each
lit for each other
        lost, weighed on each others palms;
      This was our desire
May 12 · 255
What wicked kings
FC Azaele May 12
Hate to the desires that falls upon the other hands
torn to two
oh, what wicked kings
To crown the serpent,
burning the ancient dove's feathers
Shambling presence, odd pretence
Hatred burning, lust no long deserving
Torn in thorns, seen no more
flickering lights, fuming flames
smouldering walls down across the buried bodies
of them all
Oh, What wicked kings
to **** them all
what hate to the desires that goes on forth
the damning thrones
To death throes for all hoped that lived, now no more
Oh what wicked kings
To where the lands are darks and people do not
strive to roam the streets at all
Oh what wicked kings,
**** them all.
what's this poem about? I don't know.
Sometimes the pen writes for you
May 12 · 291
An empty world
FC Azaele May 12
The world, so empty
all locked indoors as the virus lingers and refuses to go away
I see the world, so inanimate, so surreal
Slowly fading away

People used to cheer, made jests, and roar
now it's silent and the roads are filled no more
so desolate, one lonely land it is
Everyone locked indoors

cheers to the essential workers who step outside to serve the world another day
cheers to the workers who step outside to serve their family some food on their plate.

In hopes for a better day
I went out to the bookstore the other day, the mall was empty, very little people were seen around.
*sanitise and wear a mask when you decide to step outdoors
FC Azaele May 11

Sorry I hadn't said goodbye
walking out the door, I wish i had
if i'd known that would be the last moment of us to come by

Sorry I hadn't said goodbye
I had been a fool
only to leave with a sigh
full of myself
I wish to rid of it-
my skin and all of my wallowing tears
as they fall
with no more than a goodbye

There had been once an empty note
now filled with words...
that had said your goodbye
now read a million times over
now telling me
your goodbye
once heard with a sigh
answered with a cry

Sorry I hadn't said goodbye
May 10 · 348
Paper Village
FC Azaele May 10

There's crumpled papers, ripped apart
teared to shreds
lying scattered on the floor

I've been here all day
trying to fold and fold
paper, over and over by itself
My hands are starting to get sore

Floating paper mache's
near the water, too been there all day.
Paper crane, where are you going?
don't leave me here in this disarray

Paper icicles, piercing as it might.
all paper
the village, the people, the cars
So lovely.

A land of peace.
Dare be no fright

I loom over the sight
I shaped this all! Might i be pleased

oh this feels so right

A paper village
I created, oh what a sight! -
Paper faces, wearing a mask
on a parade

don't leave me now
not ever
as you go on and celebrate today
your lands will only grow bigger

All will be okay.

So long you don't wash away,
nor flee the village
i'd shaped
in the center of this disarray

May 10 · 309
FC Azaele May 10
The sweetest tasteful journey,
running soft on the glands
still as sweet it may be
may lead back to distasteful lands
May 10 · 629
FC Azaele May 10
Storm— rain drips, water ripples- thundering through
Seize shelter for overhead the skies darkest nature glooms
The wind hurtles, leaves blowing over the ground
till midnight, the storm surges —
Unrelenting, not a pause to be found
Grasp tight onto the bars, the winds blowing is breaking natures ground
The storm is a beast, it sounds it’s booming growls
The horns, they sound too, but deafened by nature’s loud sounds
The storm will pass through, no more creatures to bear a sight, no more shaking, trembling in fright
So on, Carry the nature
sounding it’s menacing cries aloud
till then, wait until it parts it’s wars and the skies goes clear and restless nights be eased
as the storms
do not sound no more
FC Azaele May 9
Oh Sofonisba! Let the men be ******!
Let your beauty reign, and let the women own right with their hands
Brush strokes, so beautiful and precise -
flattering marigold trapped onto the kind canvas' clothed lands -
Show them truth, the passion that you dare share
to the humblebrags that gather o'around the gracious air
Guide the worlds, show them what'll make them stutter on their words
Let the court greet you, let the men sail overseas to see your works
Michaelangelo, campi, Gatti - dear they're here to guide you
Oh Sofonisba, let your paintings shine through centuries, all remembered -
let the women see and too inspire
You, sofonisba, be our gateway to guide the herd here around, all over the world
You, your art, let them dare be desired
shan't worry if they be burnt a crisp, flattering dove -  withering flame

Sofonisba Anguissola, (born c. 1532, Cremona [Italy]—died November 1625, Palermo)
Sofonisba Anguissola, The first renaissance woman of her time to get renowned international fame. (Apparently, During the 17th century, most of her works had been unfortunately burned in the courts fire)
May 9 · 379
Pretender (Haiku)
FC Azaele May 9
Treat me right, stranger
not as a false friend, simply
not a pretender
Haiku's are not my exactly my magnum-opus, but they're fun :)
May 9 · 301
Hollow Heart
FC Azaele May 9

I cannot feel
or reel in the things that i deem to be unreal
There's a blank spot in my heart a pit
that's been teared open and wholly ripped apart

Do not dare falter or stumble in your path
Do not scorn or scoff at this nor dare lay a frown
Do not look down at me
and see as if i am some widowed gal reaching out her hand

I pretend to know where the bird lays it's nest
Pretend to know the flowers are here to stay
but that's a play pretend, i know nothing except the horrors that stay grey and feed all day
I pretend to smile and seem as if i hadn't been bleeding where i lay

Go on with your path,
falter not at the widow least you desire to face it's wrath
Go on,
least you find what's missing then serve your hand,
Good man
FC Azaele May 8

Love, love
rest your sleepy head
your in no shape to make amends
I swear, all will be fine in the end

The winds are silent,
the waves crash low
Doubt no more that the world
will stream once more

Hear the chirping
sing to the humming
Hear that?
The nightingales are singing

I swear to you
All will be fine in the end

Now rest your sleepy head

May 8 · 769
Stepping stone
FC Azaele May 8
Was i a stepping
stone? A little r
                             to get where you
                        are now? Perhaps
                        that must have been
                             ­                                 Maybe our definition
                                                      ­        of fun do not compare
                                                         ­     to be the same now -
I used to have fun when
you would be around,
maybe for you too...
but not in the same
way that I found.
May 8 · 359
FC Azaele May 8
Love me
like a flower,
call me the forget-me-not
or, rather
teach me how
so that my petals may bloom
as you have taught me to
sweet sun, that I may soon love a lot
I have a thing for the forget-me-not flowers, especially in writing haha
May 8 · 420
White walls
FC Azaele May 8
White walls
Does anybody see them too?
Locked in
as I am in my head
no way of escape
no way of death

White walls...
No single mark, No mess
It's so bright
perhaps for me,
this is death
FC Azaele May 8
sleeping, slowly falling into a dream
Transcending into planes so beyond our own
parting from the body that lays stagnant
peacefully resting, small breaths heaving

The pale woman, dressed in white
departs slowly onto the dusty-brick road
where have she gone?
So far, so near, so alone and full of fear

Oh woman, dressed in white
so full of light, compared to the dark night
Stare into the abyss, whereas men cannot pass without fright
fairy elves will guide you, worry not woman in white!
They'll be dancing round over the fairy lights

Don't let your fright reel you out of the planes,
so dark, so cold, so dull when you compare
the real world is shaking
the real world - you cannot see it now, please, woman in white

Keep on the dusty road,
look not onto past the rood that sits
Keep your arms a drooped, and your head tumble
over the mattress as the creature intrudes
Oh! worry not on the weight that rests -
sensual, nightmarish, ugly, morbid -
A beast! So hairy, and here to cause a jest

Be it's saving grace, oh please,
Woman in white
****** rivers, bleeding red
Worry not about the creature that lays on top of you on your bed
Please, Woman in white..
be our saving grace
from the creature that has settled on top of you
intruding - least not let it get into your head
I write this as I stare at the paintings by Henry Fuseli's The nightmare and The shepherd's dream
May 8 · 251
FC Azaele May 8
Mirror, Mirror
Why do I see you?
A vile creature it is,
an ugly unforeseeable future

Mirror, Mirror
O’ shattered Mirror
I look down at the pieces
And see more of it
Ugly, so ugly
Undesirable, ugly, horrid
A vile creature!

The blood is scattered
laying with the pieces too
I look down at it
and I see the body of Mine too
So frail and spindly
I could snap it in two

𝘊𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘦, 𝘊𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘦
𝘜𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘴𝘪𝘳𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘦, 𝘶𝘨𝘭𝘺, 𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘳𝘪𝘥
𝘈 𝘷𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘦!
𝘞𝘩𝘺 𝘥𝘰 𝘐 𝘴𝘦𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶?
𝘉𝘳𝘰𝘬𝘦𝘯 𝘱𝘪𝘦𝘤𝘦𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘮𝘺 𝘳𝘦𝘧𝘭𝘦𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯
𝘐 𝘸𝘪𝘴𝘩 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘥𝘪𝘥𝘯’𝘵 𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘦𝘢𝘳 𝘪𝘯 𝘮𝘺 𝘷𝘪𝘦𝘸
May 8 · 164
FC Azaele May 8
The things I write,
I find no please. I won’t lie nor dare deceive
All so blank and muted,
times passed by and the ink stain only grows and wets over,
I’ve grown so accustomed to it all
Like the tumble weeds that roll
in a circus act, no significance for deserved applause —
That’s how I see it all

The words, Christ, so irresponsibly thrown around
Some I can’t even find, despite them laying on the ground —
Blanched beauty, twisted Frames
where has my head been wondering off today?
All a shoddy word puzzle,
with no ounce of light or single
Saving grace
May 7 · 361
Love never fleeting
FC Azaele May 7
From the ashy ground
Lays the lovers that had fled
Both life gone, but together they still are one
Forever will they hold each other’s hands,
even as they had torn through death
Lovers buried but still their love remains together, never apart
May 7 · 382
Selfish man at Sea
FC Azaele May 7
Master of Arts
The soul of mine, I cannot find!
I’m lost in the ocean, amongst crashing waves — I’m almost blind!
Mastering of Arts, I beg of you — let the fates be kind

I have been good, haven’t I?
I’ve fed my body well and kept my healthy veins —
... my mistake was that I hadn’t fed another
anything but grains —
But, I don’t understand? I too am a man!
with needs of my own, and I support a wealthy land!
I have wives that lay by me, I feed them well with my hand
Is that not enough for you master? Sight o’foreseeable! What comes of me now? too lay like a fish? I hope that comes by faster!

The waves ripple,
the water crashing by at my feet
I scatter away, frightened by the coming dribble
The sky was turning dark — an upcoming storm was to pass by, I had no shelter and nothing here to eat

My stomach growled, too loud of a sound
It had been awhile since it’d done that, I was always kept satisfied
Now, nothing’s here — not fishes nor ground
The sky roared, electrified
The storm was approaching too soon!
No blues, No light loomed
Overhead. Only the thundering boom.

Too much to bear! Too much too weigh!
Oh Master of Arts!
I’m sorry I hadn’t looked down the lanes!
I saw them too, Ah! They had been too frail and somber!
Starving all day!

Forgive me, Master! I won’t make another...
the seas are crashing courses with their waves,
Stronger each time, “I don’t have all day to be saved!”
But lightning struck, and I swore to keep my place in line
now isn’t the time to be a swine!

Selfishness is another seed to be taken, enough to make you blind
Master of Arts
I swear to you,
I’ll pay more mind
to the frail, aching bodies of the souls
in need
I have enough — I swear it! — to feed!

Master of Arts,
Let the fates be kind..
I swear I have changed, my mind, my acts, my scroll
Amidst all
I have realized
My role
May 7 · 639
The end
FC Azaele May 7
Perhaps death came so soon
for the sun no longer shines and his flowers no longer bloom
the moon..
she no longer shines, too
Dear father!
Where is our moon? Our sun?
Asks the flowers and ocean to the sun and moon,
but it is an empty sky that stares back at them
They mourn
but their cries were heard no more
for the land is empty and the children ceased their games
maybe Fate has started it's own plays
perhaps.. death had came so soon
May 7 · 203
The village at sodom
FC Azaele May 7
Keep the dark at bay,
there's creatures that reaps the village after day
The children are scared,
the town folks are speaking,
scattered around the village floors
Far away, the sound of cries can be heard
and mother's trying to sooth their nasty squealing
but still they failed as the littles are struck-out despaired
The farmer's aren't having it easy too
as they're trying to sort out their herd
Some animals obey, but still more cause up a disarray
Sweet sun, gone too soon as it falls into night
It's heat, the village ask for it in a far cry
Protect us! Angels of night and day!
Soon, the ground shivers as dark night befalls
creatures, hunting the village at ***** bay
May 7 · 382
Ustulation of Lust - I
FC Azaele May 7
Burn of passion!
Withering flame!
Take my heart,
And set it aflame!
Let my lust be seen and reign again!
May 7 · 236
FC Azaele May 7
The taste of butter
The shade of green —
All is a wonder as they seem —
The first taste of wine,
the feel from the textures of the vines,
and how sand slips through my fingers
brushing away as the wind lingers
Feeling my cheeks, a tender stroke —
It was... all a wonder —
Feeling through the woods, wearing my silk coat
Far out the distance, I hear the water stream
How it sings so beautifully, no ounce of demean
Life is all...
                      A wonder.
May 6 · 549
FC Azaele May 6
Remorse, the thing with chains
that keeps you awake
A viper that swallows you whole,
leaving all and nothing unseen;
Everything had been a mistake
So it tells me, it’s eyes so keen;
The feeling of being unloved,
and having nothing left to take
passing by shattered windows and desolate lanes

It raps at your door
holding its hand out, expecting more;
The hearts an ache,
Tears pour, the eyes sore
as it lets off what’s enough to fill the mothers lake;
The body’s tired,
giving no more than what’s reaped;
The soul’s betrayed, feeling the fall of being falsely repaid

Grab it by the thorns,
and you’ll bleed once more;
There’s no escaping it, let it sound it’s horns!
As the soul heaves it’s last breath, shattering at its core.
Remorse —
A cry so loud, and a pain so poignant
It deems you dull
A sore
hard to mend
Twisted enough
To make the mind bend.
May 6 · 220
Writers and Dreams
FC Azaele May 6
I write.. so it seems
With messy sentences, run-ons and proses
All that my mind screams

But.. Funny enough —
the plots are starting to appear in my dreams

Perhaps I overthink it too much
But who knows?
It’s just fun to live through your story in your dreams
May 6 · 174
I am a memory
FC Azaele May 6
I am a memory
Once lived through, but now no more.
A memory,
that is what I am.
Like fragments of another;
The dust that floats around —
Had they suppressed me?
or mold them to what they are?
Perhaps they’ll leave a sigh at my door,
finding my faded scent...

I am simply nothing but a memory
Once lived through
But now..
No more
May 6 · 241
FC Azaele May 6
No matter how cruel Fate may be
or how slow time may tick

Go on as you should
And pretend those things do not exist
and think it just a dream

No matter how strained the gait
or dim the planes may be —
Sail through the waves
Be the flame through the harrowing shadows
And you will make it through
the punishments that lines the scrolls

All is indomitable,
go on and conquer your fate,
Dear captain!
May 5 · 460
Between Valleys
FC Azaele May 5
His touch, His smell
No one can compare;
His mind,
so bewitching and aware;
His tongue,
like magic
crossing between lands and onto valleys that parts the mountains
as the sun sets and there leaves me in the twilight,
silently basking in the afterglow
My body, like putty in his hands,
melts when he is near...
And with his gaze —
I could only compare:
Him like the sun and I..
A glacier affected by it
Or as he thinks of me
the flower with plenty of nectar to spare
(Oh dear)
May 4 · 125
What’s within us
FC Azaele May 4
Emotion is the greatest author
that we will come across.

And Sometimes,
it is within ourselves that we’ll encounter them.
FC Azaele May 4
Paperworks and junks pilled into mountains
on top of my ruined desk
“I wonder what had went wrong
for me to stack up such a mess?”

Indolent, Oh! so petulant!...
But still I digress
Saying I didn’t have time
To sort out the cluttering hefty mess

Jesting around with the things that avert my gaze,
Such a child I was,
I paid no mind to it all day

Night came too soon,
and instantly I say...
“When will I ever sort out this mess?”

Perhaps never, but still I say
“Someday, okay?”
Hip Hip Hooray!
FC Azaele May 4
Tonight I can make myself cry
with the words I can write
or simply from my thoughts that lays below the lines

I’ll ask myself why
I let myself feel these things
and ponder on my fears
that stick onto me like a glove

I won’t say my heart is shattered
nor say my mind is numb
But I’ll let myself feel
the light the moon shines from above...

Perhaps she is crying too,
or maybe she is not
Guess I’ll never know,
and just take my guesses as I write lines
that embraces me like a dove
And when the sun rises,
perhaps I’ll let myself smile.
Found this one buried with some of the more older drafts <3
FC Azaele May 4
Time isn’t our friend,
It never was;
It never bends.

Time isn’t our friend
It feels no pain;
It has no length —
With no beginnings
nor an end.

Time isn’t our friend,
but we must make do
of the nature that we live
given our lengths.
for our story does end
May 4 · 187
Give me All
FC Azaele May 4
Give me light
that the poppy receives

Give me Rain
to quench my thirst

As I hunger and thirst
for you
I sit here and ask when you’ll return

My skin cracks and my heart aches
As my bones protrude,
I’ve begun to wither into a corpse
of ruin and sallow skin

I want you;
Your rays, Your light.
Burn me until my skin detests —
for all you give

Give me all
I hope to receive
Written on the 3rd of February 2021
Found in an old journal.
May 3 · 335
Embers apart
FC Azaele May 3
Our fires clash, the sources worlds apart.
My mind is still, my heart beats fleeting.
And I ask myself why, or how strangers of two ends up finding themselves reaping
for the air the other breathes, and the other one’s heart.

But soon our worlds meet, and I feel myself clashing.
I think of you as bright as the embers that burn hot like the sun,
or how it feels to have your first taste of ***;
A slow-burn that inks the back of your throat, that leaves you asking for more, as the mind begins cracking.

We went out for coffee —
Funny enough, we both liked it plain.
We talked about our lives, and soon, I thought us insane.
For we laughed all day, until the sun went away.
“Until another day,” You say.
But we were inpatient, it had barely been 3 days
Before you asked me out for coffee in another café.

No longer did it take for me to be your captive,
And If you ask me to love,
I say, “I will.”
For I’ll give you all my love, my soul, my heart.
Only if you ask, my dear.
May 3 · 290
Mother don’t cry
FC Azaele May 3
Mother don't cry,
Have I disappointed you?
I know I have.
I know when I have, it ***** that I do.
And I’m sorry
that despite my best efforts,
I am not the child that will check what expectations fill your list,
But rather, am the one that will make you create new ones.
May 3 · 250
To the art...
FC Azaele May 3
To the art that no longer could be seen
Shadowed away like a hermit,
left in cold air
“Where was the light I once received?”

To the pieces that came from precise
brush strokes
and left unfinished
As the artist turned an eye to another work on their easel

To the art that tells itself
that the worth you once held
has withered away as the gold shines no more.

Whatever abandonment,
Whatever shadows hides you,
Whatever flaw, mark, or unfinished points haunts you

All doesn’t degrade you
from the true nature
That is hidden in yourself
you are what is meant to be

May 2 · 264
Once, no more
FC Azaele May 2
I read your lips,
stained red from the wine you tasted and drank in one go,
The words you say
So captivating and smooth like water flow

Your eyes scan the crowd
My heart fleeting as it meets mine
It glimmers like a lighthouse amongst the loud noise;
Scintillating, I wouldn’t dare forget that shine
Heated, It guides my presence to be closer to yours —  Restraint.
I could barely keep my poise

O’ How I long to be the center of your gaze
as it captures another,
I long yearn, yet knowing I cannot, to be your lover
I, aloof as I am, shutter away
No longer having a reason to stay
“... Perhaps, I’ll be given another day.”

— The End —