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Apr 2022 · 78
Problematic jester!
Anna-Marie Rose Apr 2022
My dying heart was never important  to you,
My careless words
Never sunk in.
My guilty thoughts almost busted at the seams,
How can I hide my face if you were never looking in the first place.

You can never move the pieces,
If you do not  understand the object of the game.
Nervous you clutch the wheel unable to drive
Sinking I am unable to stay afloat.

Breathless and broken down,
I give in
No longer afraid to disappoint you.

For you were never the one whom
I was suppose to show my art work to,
Just the fool in disguise.
Lessons are there for us to learn  in due tike
Aug 2021 · 344
Anna-Marie Rose Aug 2021
So alone  in a world  
When the only thing that matters is
What other people want,
Drugs are  always considered  the top priority
And  having feelings
Will make you wind up
As crazy as they come.
When looking for
A friend is  too much of a  risk
And falling in  love
Is the biggest mistake of your lifetime.
Never trust anyone whom tells you  
To trust them and always  have a look out
Because you might get  caught
If you need a point of Black  
You call them back
And if you need a fix of white
Slip into the abyss
Your never  be free
If you decide
You need more than ****.
May 2021 · 204
The Possibilities and such
Anna-Marie Rose May 2021
☆ Smooth and shiny round marbles seem to roll around in my brain .
Each one of them happen to be a piece to the puzzle.
Like  a million excuses for why
Not to deal with my situation,
Letting this  so -called Can of worms
Unleash it's self
Into the world.☆
just a quick reminder to let your creativity inspire
Feb 2021 · 83
These Goosebumps
Anna-Marie Rose Feb 2021
Goosebumps appear right before
The sharp needle pierces my ivory skin.
This elixir that I crave to inject into my veins is arousing.

Happens to be nothing more electrifying or exciting to feel as a euphoria begins rushing thru my entire body.
Pumping the intoxicating elixir to my *** and down into my wet *****
This pleasure is so  complex it's extraordinary.

I crave Daddy's thickness deep in  my *****.

I need to feel him deep inside me penetrating my core
I can't help but explode as my cummies overflow all over the bed.
****** ecstasy, remastered reflections
Anna-Marie Rose Feb 2021
Currently,  there has been so much craziness going on, that I don't have a clue what is really happening in my life.
Dec 2020 · 113
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2020
The way he holds me in his arms
The smile on his handsome face,
The look in his blue eyes
The way in which he smells,
The sound of his  gentle voice.

The sound of his laughter
His sweet kisses
Being wrapped in his love
Feeling the warmth of his skin
The way he always spoils me
he always calls me "Annie"
Dec 2020 · 82
Echoes from my mind
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2020
Her fair porcelain skin was exceptiona soft and radiant
Her face a rare beauty
Those eyes a spectacular dark  green
Never mind the scars deep into her core
Because she remained the same every day.
So easy to trick her sanity
She chooses the  make-believe world

The manner in which they move around the room
His arms stretch out to he pulls her in
The dances that last all night
The pair seems to be a beautiful sight
The audience cheers
Applause all around
The clock ticks on by
In the enchanted  realm
It could survive the hardest  part
Growing old and forgetting the moments that keep her alive

Soon the world goes dark
As she sits alone in the empty room
Though she tries as she closes her eyes
She remembers it all
Twirling around
The star of the ball

Tears began in
to fall, Once again
Its all past
Reliving the continuous life that
She wishes would have

She opens her eyes
Touching her face and looking in the mirror
She once again notices the wrinkles on her old skin
And thoughts of him so near
Loving him so much
When he died so young
The only world she lives in is the one in her head
Where they are 25
having the time of their lives
And early morning hours
Around swinging here and there
Tripping and falling
And giggling and having a wonderful time
To be in love so young
Only nothing last forever time does move on
Her heart begins to break
This is more then she can take
She comes to the dance floor every evening after 4 pm
To pick up her granddaughter who practices every day
She promises her lover
To continue with her dreams
But she can't so she live thru her granddaughter.
Nov 2020 · 72
We fear the beast
Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2020
Often there seems to be a chill that does run down my spine,
I look to my Daddy to reassure me that
There is in fact nothing to be worried about,
But lately it just isn't that way ,
I know in my soul that something wicked this way comes and I fear that in this here land of the free,
It isn't going to be such Great place to be much longer.
As I linger in the moment and Think of this how the bizzare Election went down, I doubt my Daddy can stop the winds that have come change.
This doomed land of ours has almost slipped from grasp,
Will we be able to overcome this rage or will we fall defeat to the other side duality of this follies pride and watch as the beasts collide
Nov 2020 · 59
You dont know
Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2020
To the people who Don't know me
I hope that you realize that I am a princess with a problem
Feeling a loaf is issue
Upsetting it is so
I am under the impression that
Frogs are not princes and people are not
Beautiful beasts
But under these stars
I feel the doom light up the sky
And the government make way
So as little as I may be in this world
Notice the flowers will still bloom and the
Cats will still meow,
And I will still feel scared without
My daddy beside me.
Nov 2020 · 66
Too many
Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2020
Many things
I have too many things in my life
Too many reasons why
I have too many excuses
Too many thoughts
To many issues
Too many tissues
I have too sad things in life
Too many friends that
Come unglued
Too many nights
I stewed
Too many mistakes
Too many ******* things that
******* *****
But for **** sake
I'm glad that
You were all I needed
You were all I wanted and you were just right,
Not too much of you.
Too many
Sep 2020 · 52
Anna-Marie Rose Sep 2020
Under the surface

  Of the deep blue rapids

My arms spread out and my head disappears underneath

Soaking my whole world

And its in those few moments

that all my troubles dissolves

I become light as a feather.
Stress free
Aug 2020 · 48
brayal on your tongue
Anna-Marie Rose Aug 2020
Solely afflicted by my own mind.
Your perfect Little girl is left wondering how to survive
This broken arrow that now penetrates my heart.
My delicate emotions are ludicrous.
I sit back and peek over to you several times,
Memorizing lengths of time and recollections of everything I have come to cherish.
My cheeks stained with newly fallen tears.
All the explosion of loud noise that burst from my lips 💋
(Confusion and fog in my head!* Hazard Signsand Caution red lights 💡 only in my brain!). Oh, what to do?
I just want you!
[all the time I showed my fondness for you and return
You show me, you are not to be trusted with my heart ❤️
Anna-Marie Rose Jul 2020
Where I go to be happy
Exists inside your heart and
Yes indeed it's a place I love, your love brings out all the extraordinary strengths we have together.
Your hands in mine 💋 my lips on yours
Our friendship has been through great struggles,
Even in a storm
My love for you grows with every moment of the day.
Everytime we snuggle up to go to sleep,
Your smiles will always be a way to my happiness as it grows.
Confiding in one another under the stars
You are here to help me be okay.

No matter how nerdy your jokes are, they still make me giggle until I almost *** myself. I cramp from laughing so hard I can't breathe!
Jun 2020 · 61
Anna-Marie Rose Jun 2020
Love being a ****** it makes me unique, I do not care if they call me a freak.
I enjoy conquering these struggles under my feet.
Demonstrating to one another that we are smart enough to speak on matters of the mind and our ability to think.
Stand up for whatever you believe because that's our rights as Americans,
We are allowed to walk different syncs
Jun 2020 · 72
My Love
Anna-Marie Rose Jun 2020
Unsure of what is to come in our future. All I do know is how profound my love for you has become.

I do recognize we are only human, I have to allow you make any *****-ups needed so as to learn and grow.
My sweet friend as well as lover, I honestly believe that my inclination for you will only grow as time goes on.

The good and mighty Lord has a plan. So I pray with my heart and soul that he sows the path that we will be astonished with.
For Dougie
Jun 2020 · 73
Self discovery
Anna-Marie Rose Jun 2020
There are only so many things a person can ask themselves before,
Coming to the conclusions of self-awareness and arriving into the car the called adulthood.

And honestly, the only thing I felt was a need
In dire of change.
Im in need of self-evaluation.

6yrs is not a long time. but to me, it was a century too long.
I was like why did it take so long to realize this.
To start the process of following through with the steps in the right direction to begin the new path towards becoming the person I wanted to be.

I am exactly who I should have been.
Exactly what I thought I should be!
IF I hadn't gone through all these Terrible struggles
I would never have gotten to the point of self-awareness and the nagging need to change who I had become.

I am extremely proud to say Im happy to be me and be alive to acknowledge the I not happy continuing down the same road, I have been traveling the past 6 years.
One mistake does not mean I have stayed an addict, Im gonna stand up and gave myself a hand
Truly thankful to my lord and savior!  If not for him who has molded me, shape me into the woman I am today. I've gone through some horrible things that no  woman should have to deal with but if it wasn't for those experiences;
I tell you now I probably would not be the woman I am today but the strength I have now and the heart I have and the morals and values have I would not be who I am if it wasn't for all that ******* I had to go through.

Have discovered who I want to be and I have started a path 2 make sure that I get to where I need to be so that I can be so secure and be happy in my own skin living my own independent life and no one can be expected to do this without self-awareness and the ability to want to change the life Experiences in the dramatic drastic. obstacles I have faced.
I went down a self- destructive path, my downward spiral doesn't have to be the end of my story nope.
Cuz that is just the end of that chapter and Im closing one door and looking for the options of what other desirable doors
Are in front of me.

That's an inspiring story,
Hope you're ready to watch because Im going in head first
Jun 2020 · 65
Goodbye, my friend
Anna-Marie Rose Jun 2020
The heartbreaking hours before our sweet undeserving pooch took his last breath.  June 6th, 2020 at 2:30 am.
My significant grief isn't exactly going to go away that quickly. My tears are unavoidable.
Now everything feels bizarre and empty.
My bobo passed away
Apr 2020 · 68
Really tho
Anna-Marie Rose Apr 2020
Your warmth is delightful just  being your arms.
This world seem less stressful when your around.
  Now huge shocker my life has become shattered  beginning to rip into the fabric of my so called life.
How I miss all your affection that you gave me and cuddles soak up like a sponge.
I need you in my life more than you know to be my partner in crime,
The Rock in my life.
The only home I truly know
I cant lose you tho.
Apr 2020 · 65
Anna-Marie Rose Apr 2020
I feel like a side burner ..
My heart was just instantly frozen and it has to stay in the deep cold freezer so not to shatter..
Feb 2020 · 51
Anna-Marie Rose Feb 2020
All I Remember Is Empty Promises
How Can I Pretend
That I See Everything Clearly
I Can't Even See It Through My Eyes
I've Reaped All Of The Pain
And Even After Loving You
I Could Never Be The Same
It Was Never About What I Believed
It Was About What You've Already Given Me
When You Look Me Through Your Eyes

I Could Never Cry The Same
Can You See My Soul?
Can You Recognize My Heart?
I've Been Caught With The Promises
Lost In The Forgotten Memories
That I Don't Know Of
I Can't Think Of
Because I've Left Them Behind
How Can I Say I'm Thankful
When I Don't Even Remember Any Of It

I Could Never Feel All Your Pain
What I've Felt
I Don't Remember
I Try Not To Remember
But Already, I've Forgotten Myself
I Lost Count Of The Tears
I Can't Seem To Remember The Good
Because All I Remember Is
Is Not What Was Meant To Be

It Wasn't By Fate
It Was More Wishful Thinking
It Was My Sword Drawn To My Neck
How Can I Recognize The Cure
When I All I See Is My Blood
All Of This Pain Flowing Inside

I Can't Remember
I Don't Know
Because I Think I Don't Care
I Don't Want To Not Care
But I Forgot About The Importance Of Love
It Felt Like I've Lost Myself In The River

Incinerated I Can't Feel My Skin
I Can't Ignore My Soul
Even Though I'm Far From Pure
Sentimental I Don't Know What I Feel
Because Every Nudge I Stab
It Leaves A Mark
And When I Try To Erase It
It Replaces The Mark
With A Scar
A Scar I Cannot Remove

But I Can Tell You
That The Scar You Are Seeing
Is What Made Me Stronger
It's What Reminds Me
Of What I've Experienced
The Pain I've Felt
The Struggles I've Endured
And Even Though I Can't Say
I'm Learning From My Mistakes
I Have Better Insight Of Mistakes
Then I Once Had
Prior To My Scars
Jan 2020 · 55
My lover
Anna-Marie Rose Jan 2020
I'm always thinking of you,
This makes my head fill with passion and ***.
It's that beautiful kind of love
God, how our *** life is intense!

You're a sweet inspiration,
I believe your beyond handsome.
With that intelligent mind of yours,
it keeps me intrigued day after day.
Just remember you're stuck with me.

This feeling you give
Is something I seek.
It's relieving anytime you speak,
Oh how I love when you sing.
And the way you kiss my lips
kissing you is my favorite way to pass time,
its utterly bliss.

How I love the way we can talk about anything..
I can always be myself!  I never leave
Anything out, whether it maddens or soothes us.

Your soul is intoxicating and radiates a feeling  that calms me.
It is such a wonderful feeling to have you.

I thank God,  every day  for you,
Because you are the only place in this world that I belong.

Our chemistry works without much effort
I think it's because you make me so happy
  As always 3 kisses,  we have made a requirement.
Whenever we make love don't forget those *** sandwiches.
Maybe we should stock up before because by the
end of the sessions, we're always hungry and thirsty.

As I lay in your arms nothing else matters.
Next there is your voice, soft and gentle
It make all the difference.
I don't want anyone else because you are one for me.
It's truly my happily ever after.
Daddy little girl,
Dec 2019 · 73
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2019
Always thinking of you,
It fills my Head with passion  and ***
This beautiful love
I need you in bed.
You are my inspiration my sweet Daddy your so handsome and your intelligent mind
This feeling you give,
is something I seek.
It's just so relieving,
anytime you speak.
I love how you sing,
And kiss my lips,
Kissing you is my favorite way to pass the time.
Oh how I love our talk
Where I can always be myself.
Leaving nothing out,
whether it maddens or soothes us.
Your soul just emits,
an intoxicant that calms me.
And when we touch,
this mood just emgulfs me.
It binds me tight,
locked in your sweet release.
Then time slows down,
til the silence has ceased.
But during that moment,
I've begun to beleive.
That your voice,
is really,
the only one I need.
Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2019
Scares Harry was a troll
He liked scares the kids.
When the lights went out at night
Scares Harry smiled in delight
Cuz he had so much fun
Wreeking havoc
Through the night.

He was overly skilled at the tasks of hand,
Running back into the village
Doing pranks as fast as he can
like **** in a bag 
Or starting fires
In the streets but most importantly he enjoyed yelling and screaming to wake the Little boys and girls just to hear them cry.
Cause scary harry had a dream to be a big bad beast.
But scary harry couldn't fathom why his dreams never come to be.
If They knew he was only 2 foot 3  as the terrible troll he would be no good at the things that troll we're known for
so he would quickly slip into the darkness before the light of day
So when the kids got to play they wouldn't laugh at him or be able to say
Pointing, staring and poking fun of him for being  2 foot 3 so scary Harry would stay in hidden in the darkness.

until  The kids went  go to bed.

Then scary Harry would come out play because
   waking the kids up just to  make them cry was his favorite game.
And that was the name of the game when you want to be big scary dreadful beast .
This is a Limerick
of sorts, and I new to this type of poem would really be interested in hearing some feedback
Nov 2019 · 94
Better days
Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2019
My sweet love
You hold my heart
in your hands.
A fierce wind blows up
Of our lives
Knowing that you
Are the reason why
I want to be alive
Better than the alternative
Loathing my life
Has been a long saddened pain
Hopefully I can see
Thru the rain, to a better day.
As you hold my hand along the way
Thru and thru
You been there to
Help me up when I fall
I glad you have been there thru it all
It's the same reason that
I know things will be alright
Being able to someday sing
Will be a delight
Jun 2019 · 81
Thru my eyes
Anna-Marie Rose Jun 2019
I just wrote another poem
And thought I would share

Well here it is

---------------Looking out the window out Into the cold dark world.
Seeing all the damage
That people have been thrown.
Walkig past one another
Each and every day
Not even looking at each other as they pass their ways.
Sadness fills their own heads
Makes them blind and mute
Never even smile
Blank looks or dismay
So caught off guard
They don't even bother to say ''hey''
How are you to day
And even then if they do
The other people say,''good or fine''
Most likely That Not even close to the actions and feelings that
Are just below the surface
Taunting their brains
Suffocating their realities
Creating havoc and chaos every turn
Alone in a world with people all around
Somehow its true but you
Can't forget the your Own views.
You don't have a clue
What others think. Or do

Melting into the oblivous
Having the courage to be different
To strive to lend a hand
To go out of your way to connect to others
And she the gain.
Know that all of us have struggles and all of us Feel pain
But being kind and doing your best to fill their voids.
Show people that are almost ready to give up that their is another way
Share your voice. Share your hearts
Change a view or a soul
Make them all feel better
Even if its just a smile and to say .
I hope you have a nice day
At least you tried to make. Someone
Happy just one more day.

By Anna Marie rose Howard
12- 17-2017
Anna-Marie Rose Jun 2019
My heart is broken down
My mind is gone
My body is numb
These moments of sadness
Are killing me ... Been thinking too much and
My tears aren't falling anymore
Just red swollen N puffy eyes
I can't .. LIE sometimes I want to die
To end it so much
Going to sleep in the freezin cold ...
Seems like.. Life isn't important anymore
May 2019 · 136
July 2018
Anna-Marie Rose May 2019
Somewhere in this world is the
Reason ..
I get mind ****** If I had no skills
He wouldn't still be with me
I'm sure of it ..
Selfish to think
I was really that important

Actualy quite the opposite
My tongue is just the Reason to
Pretends he cares

I'm just a waste if time
He says he doesn't deserve me

Maybe I am just a battle ship
Waiting to sink
Over speak and over. Think
Pitiful to think I was better then
Her .. He whorshiped the ground she walked on .. I will never stand a chance
She will always rule the shadows of my relationship
Taunting hiim

He could have her but got stuck with. Me
Im so bitter to say things
lashing out of anger
But I feel as if I'm just tge second choice cuz he couldn't have her
He dumped me for her December 22 2018
May 2019 · 70
November 2018
Anna-Marie Rose May 2019
I am such a compulsive disaster, my foolish behavior is outrageous  considering my unstable rollercoaster ride I have allowed myself to endure.

My  lover and my partner in life as much as I'm undoubtedly love him with every bone in my body..we are a prime illustration on how we enable each other. As well as procrastinate or another way of saying it would be  
drag your feet
on extremely important decisions that shouldn't be put off .
Feb 2019 · 96
The little things
Anna-Marie Rose Feb 2019
Seems the little things are what I want to the most, but you're too busy chasing that **** bag .

Here we go again with the intent to get higher than last time.

Each day you are frantically trying to find a bowl of dope to fill that Little
Jan 2019 · 114
Anna-Marie Rose Jan 2019
Never mind that I'm not good enough.

Never been alive for real.

Thoughts in my head
Get twisted up.

Oh her she isn't here
A forgotten waste
Of flesh.

Never get to see
The joy in life.

Never to walk this Earth again,
Ghosts from her  past
Haunt each breath

Violence is all to common
Snakes can't resist the taste.

Such a evil place
She does go in her head
Good bye for now

I love you
  This soul is gone too far.

Always a day late or a dollar short

This rope is strong enough
For this death
Near me.

Tomorrow don't forget to wave, when you wake up and see my face.
Cuz the answers are never carved in stone

And my death
Is a art work for
The saddest part

Never being enough
I gave away my heart
Dec 2018 · 91
Hear me roar 2019
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2018
So I am a beautiful, intelligent, creative and strong woman.
Anyone that gets to be a part of my life is privileged and should be honored to be there,
so I'm going into 2019 with a simple but honest truth.
I will overcome, I will better myself and I have no fear because I will raise above all these troubles!!
I'm a warrior woman (HEAR ME ROAR)
Dec 2018 · 123
Lessons of life!
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2018
Sometimes the world wants to watch as you fall,  
but you got to get up and pull your big girl ******* up try again and again.

dont hesitate
Dec 2018 · 151
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2018
Uneven ground, I stumble around trying to catch my footing

My head is foggy and everything seems unreal
Not sure if I am just dreaming or if it's real

My hands shake as if I'm
Nervous but my
Mind can't grasp reality

Not on anything
But this constant
Dizzy feeling
Dares me to stray
Dec 2018 · 250
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2018
People change
Lessons get learnt
Dodging bullets
Come second nature
Our the Top of my head
Dec 2018 · 121
Sweet love
Anna-Marie Rose Dec 2018
Sweet love
How I need
Your love

Sweet love
how I crave
make you ***

Our sweet love
It makes
Me blush

Sweet love
I have so much fun

Sweet Love
Thank you for loving me

Sweet love
Your my everything

Sweet love
Is what we have
And no one can take it from us

Sweet love
Thats us
Douglas black I love you
Nov 2018 · 123
New journey
Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2018
Joy is so good
To be whole again
No mistakes
Left not learned
As I look towards
The future
It looks good!
Nov 2018 · 102
Just my brain
Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2018
This disarray in my head
is a unhinged reality.

Everything's unstable  
The plans become void
As always enabling each other, a destructive cyclone of dysfunctional
Nov 2018 · 252
Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2018
This disarray in my head
is a unhinged reality.

Everything's unstable  
The plans become void
As always enabling each other, a destructive cyclone of dysfunctional
Homeless life
Anna-Marie Rose Oct 2018
Shiny bright sparkling thoughts come BURsting my head.

      A reason to be strange!!!

Loud ..

          Little BRAT ..
OH of a MATTer of FACT.......!!

That's my bipolar personality
You either fall madly in love with me or maybe hate me cuz I'm crazy!!!
I just want to say that this is something different quite different from what I usually right and I just wanted to see how it would turn out I think you did pretty well in my recent turn of events be homeless and trying to deal with life within itself as itself without me obsessing over something that's not needed as well as going crazy in my head
Oct 2018 · 67
My life
Anna-Marie Rose Oct 2018
I live on the streets
Cuz I have no home
Cold nights
Can be rough

Coughing and stuffy nose
Freezing nightz
Hot dayz
So tired
Cops ticket you
No trespassing
No place of my own

No one seems to care
This life
Is ****
Suffocating air
Oct 2018 · 731
Talented tongue
Anna-Marie Rose Oct 2018
Show the skills
Precisely to your likely
******* as though
Its my only
True indulgent

Wicked lashes
Sinful lips
My mission

I Kneel
On drinking
Beautiful load

Swallowing my Daddy's
I look up and smile
My goal
Such a talented tongue!
Dougie,DADDY, Little, Babygirl
Jul 2018 · 170
Anna-Marie Rose Jul 2018
Feeling so lost
Unable to get by
Trapped in all the reasons why

Im feel like  the pain is so deep
Its just grows and grows
Been through so much
Pain I  maybe going insane
just when I thought there was hope
not even a joke
What is this life
When all I try for get torn apart .
Made a mockery of this chaos
A dangerous place
You wont see
nothing left but empty seas
a good thing that is now bend
A lovers grief is strained
Not more passion to gain
a broke promise to  hold on
Why do I feel so wrong
A door now Shut in my face a downhill path with a fresh dig grave
A metal cage for ones who need
To be gone
Now Its fond memories of us never last so long
and all that was there was a very truthful stare.
All the I loves yous and words of phrase
Alk thw Im sorrys
And now we must part ways

Not really sorry .
Not really truth
Just a lie or two because
hamging out with me was fun
Amd now its not fun
and you really dont even care you just shame me and derail
I will take this knife in hand and cut out my heart
Will you please hold it for me
Cuz I can look at it no more
Its so much trouble
Jul 2018 · 157
Anna-Marie Rose Jul 2018
Dougie, you are the man of my dreams
You are my only true king
I will give you my all
N show you only the truthfulness I'm living
I promise you Baby, as you Look in my eyes and until the end of time. You will always be mine
Jul 2018 · 140
Stale smoke
Anna-Marie Rose Jul 2018
A spiral of smoke
       Satin rose petals
         Delicate tears
From your Deepest thoughts
Jul 2018 · 156
My thougnts
Anna-Marie Rose Jul 2018
My ludicrous thoughts
Similar to past
Memories catch me off guard,
Pain causing me to break into a million microscopic pieces
Releasing my build up tears
Flooding all the time
I'm not sure if I'm
Another day
Missing my daughters
Jun 2018 · 218
Do as the mocking bird
Anna-Marie Rose Jun 2018
A warrior stuck in a maze,
A sick or troubled obstacle lays in her wake.
A metal fence replaces the walls that before held all those pains.
A  coarse  burden  her flesh does withstand.
A burial seem close at hand,
So do as the mocking bird
And play along
And fake reality
Will embrace your
Like a false hope
A calm before a big storm
Jun 2018 · 156
Messed it up again
Anna-Marie Rose Jun 2018
Ya right
You did it again
Messed it all up
I don't know where to begin
Jun 2018 · 147
Hard lessons
Anna-Marie Rose Jun 2018
Lesson learnt the hard way
Seems to be the only way that I can get it through my head
This is true
Its said
Tough love
I've been fed!
Change was only found
When I
Decide to change
That is how it always rains
I let My chains come off
Now Im free
Jun 2018 · 155
Anna-Marie Rose Jun 2018
Smiling on the outside
Crying on the inside
Everyday I smile
Pretend to be okay

All hurt I feel
All the tears I've spilled
Smiling to hide how I feel
Forget all mistakes
Much more then I can take
Inside my head I scream
I'm busting at the seams
Pushed to the extremes

Need to gain some self esteem
So I don't feel obscene
Jun 2018 · 128
My oldest daughter (Sadie)
Anna-Marie Rose Jun 2018
A sorry thought
A dried up tear
A broken promise
A never here
A why did you go
An I don't have a home
A empty life
A messed up strife
A broken bone
A person that's going to cry
This damaged mind
A terrible lie
Never belonged cry
A reality that hurts
That makes me know
I have hurt you the most
I wish it want so
I let you down and let you go
And you don't really know
If I love you like I said
Im really sorry.
That I caused this sadness AnD dread
You need to know I honestly really loved you so .
Its was me that was weak
Broken and alone
My Selfish thoughts
Broke up your home
Its not that I wanted to just give you away
It was what I thought was right where the darkest days would become your light .. These people Rochelle And Jesse were the miracles that shined
And would make you happy once again
But I hope you know I love you so
More then you will ever know
I love you forever
And always
My beautiful first born
My sweet precious gift.

Mersadie your the light
Where it all begins again
Someday we will meet again
I love your Mersadie Lynn Black
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