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404 Nov 2016
I see you in the distance, happily hoisting up a ****

"Hey, this one looks like your mother!"
I love you
404 Nov 2016
I think he conned us
404 Nov 2016
My biggest fan
Is like a breath of fresh air,
Circulates the same conversation and
Knows when to cool down, but
Likes to talk in circles

It's a ******* fan.
I turn her on.
  Nov 2016 404
Breanna Stockham
Police killings,
Guns in classrooms,
Black lives matter,
Gendered bathrooms.
Terrorism, marriage law,
Protests, riots,
Presidential election,
American crisis.

Red, white and blue
We’re kneeling, burning.
Children watching,
Hearing, learning.

Moving backward
But seeking change,
Demanding love
But spreading hate.
Tearing down,
Demanding growth,
To have both.

We scream so we’re heard
But do we seek change,
Or do we seek volume?
Is it passion or rage?

There's quite a difference
Between taking a stand
And demanding peace
With knives in our hands.

We are the power,
And we are the knowledge.

But we are the battle,
And we are the challenge.
404 Nov 2016
But I just ended up back where I started.
You know you always start from the finish.
404 Nov 2016
that's when you end up trying to nail jello to a tree
and maybe voting Drumpf for president.
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