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 Mar 16 Emma Price
a beautiful and harrowing crisis
is that of an existentialist
facing the imminent reality
or lack thereof
that our chaotic universe has to offer

both uncomfortable and dully excruciating
to subscribe to the belief
that there is no belief
an order to see the disorder
and continue on nonetheless

rousing the heart and mind
to the harsh reality
to bear each decision and action
as their own
not inevitability
shaped by an omnipotent figure
but of their hands

accepting the absurd
and employing a fallible mind
to make subjectively rational decisions
in an objectively irrational existence
post existential crisis
han 4/4/20
 Mar 16 Emma Price
It’s a dangerous and absolutely terrifying  thing to love and be loved
 Feb 18 Emma Price
Ash Young
I have spent so long loving recklessly.

I hope - some day - to direct every ounce of my ruthless adoration inwards,

- to lay my bones down in the burning rays of my own unyielding mercy.
I'm not the girl in my poems
I speak the mind of a dream

You can't resonate with a girl who doesn't exist
 Nov 2020 Emma Price
 Nov 2020 Emma Price
In life she will almost suffer
Each and every day.
Yet she will show she’s a warrior
In every single way.

With hurt in her heart
She’ll get things done.
Because thats what it means
To be a woman.
I Am Enough
I am enough to make it
Through the night. I am enough
To make it through the day.
No matter my struggles
And I have many struggles
I know I’ll be OK.
I don’t give in, I believe and have faith.
I am enough.

You are enough to make it
Through anything. You are enough
To live through anything.
You don’t have to be perfect
And it doesn’t matter if you are smart
Just open your eyes and open your heart.
Find the strength and peace
That we have inside our chests.
Believe that it will stay there
Until your very last breath.
You are enough.

We are enough to make it
Through the highs and make it
Through the lows. We are enough
To make it through the dark sky
And the nights when tears fly.
Don’t give up I promise you
It gets better
and our dreams come true.
We are enough.

I am enough to make it
Through drugs, heartbreak and pain.
I am enough to make it
Through the cold and pouring rain.
I am enough to make it
Through anything with you my friend.
I am enough to make it
Because this is only the beginning it isn’t the end.
 Oct 2020 Emma Price
Kafka Joint
That's not difficult,
That's impossible,
Which is much easier.
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