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Emma Price May 2019
Wouldn’t say I’m sad,
but I’m certainly not glad...
Is that truly bad?
After writing, I realized this sounded like a haiku... so I counted and it was. This makes me happier than it should:)
~much love
Emma Price May 2020
the typical me
isn't the one you typically see
~much love
Emma Price Nov 2018
It's easy to tell where agape
becomes philia
but how can one tell when they cross from philia
to eros
~much love
Emma Price Oct 2018
oil, burning
ideas, turning
work, churning
yet nothing, earning
for everything, yearning
~much love
Emma Price May 2019
You may not be worth his time,
but you are certainly worth mine.
~much love
Emma Price Dec 2018
Did all these people know they’re making history,
As they unraveled this mystery,
Setting the precedence
We now use as evidence?
For hindsight in the present, I’d pay a lot of money,
Because it’s always 20/20
~much love
Emma Price Nov 2018
Living in the moment is hard
When you are always on guard

But living thankful is especially meritorious
When everything doesn’t seem so glorious
~much love
Emma Price Dec 2017
missed it so much
it's a huge crutch

working out
feeling great, and then stepping under that shower spout

missed it a ton
though sometimes it's not all fun

everythings sore
but you just run, swim, crunch more

missed it abundantly
both amazing and excruciating uncomprendably

when it's time to quit
you just feel plain fit
much love
Emma Price Dec 2017
"Do you guys have a thing?"
at least not what you mean by that
but yes
we do
have a thing
called friendship

"Did you guys have a thing?"
did you think
now that I moved away
my answer would change
niether of us
ever wanted anymore
than our thing
called friendship

"Don't you miss your thing?"
I do
miss our thing
called friendship
much love
Emma Price Aug 2019
Grief is so traumatic
because you expect the change to be dramatic
But the world keeps spinning
and the mundane keeps winning
~much love
Emma Price Jul 2019
I'm writing a novel, and, yeah, it's about you
but it's about a ton of other people, too
I took my favorite parts of each guy friend I love
to craft a main character no one could come above
I've been told I'm the female version of each one of you
and, somehow, that seems to be true
Y'all are nothing like each other
but every one could be my twin brother...
If pieces of all of you is what this character will be,
does that mean that I'm really just writing me?
I feel like I don't know who I am, but I know you all so well...
~much love
Emma Price Aug 2020
Words can be pretty
when my body cannot be
I just realized why I talk so much..
~much love
Emma Price May 2019
Here to make
or here to break?
~much love
Emma Price Nov 2019
You’re no good for me
But thoughts of you won’t let me be
Oh, please, set me free
~much love
Emma Price Jan 2020
live every day as if it is your last
for the now will soon be the past
and you don't want to regret
these days you can't forget
for when it has become "back then"
you won't be able to change them
but in the moment, you know how
and you can change the now
~much love
Emma Price May 2019
There’s nothing I’d rather do
Than sit and speak with you
~much love
Emma Price Dec 2019
You may be perfect on paper,
but you had no problem kissing her
~much love
Emma Price Dec 2017
It's that time of year
yet another season of joy
so dont shed a tear
it's a time to enjoy

but the day it comes it's gone
so much hype
just to move on
it's not my type

we don't need thousands of dollars
worth of "Christmas Stuff"
When we could be giving a holler
all year round of his love
much love
Emma Price May 2019
Living in the moment makes the days pass quicker;
Pining for the end of the day makes you miss the moments.
~much love
Emma Price Aug 2019
For months I’ve prayed that you might
realize you’re not alone in the fight
and wake up to see the light
but no matter how bright
it can’t seem to catch your sight
and you’re still living in darkened fright
~much love
Emma Price Apr 2019
Might be a little bombastic
And somewhat sporadic,
But he’s not made of plastic,
And he’s pretty fantastic
~much love
Emma Price Jan 2020
You find yourself
when you stop chasing someone else
~much love
Emma Price Dec 2017
I don't mean to make you feel stupid
I don't think you're stupid
I don't set a higher standard for myself than you
Because I think I'm worth more than what you do
I have a double standard for everyone else versus me
because I think I need to do more to prove myself you see
and you're worth more than my accomplishments will ever be
much love
Emma Price Aug 2019
Reaching the light
may be an uphill fight
But once you make it you’ll take flight
so keep pushing with all your might
~much love
Emma Price Aug 2019
As hard as I try
I can not justify
this intense need to cry
~much love
Emma Price Dec 2019
The things that happened to me before you
weren't yours
but they weren't mine either
The things that happened to me because of you
were all yours
and those weren't mine either
~much love
Emma Price Jan 2019
tied to you
every day of my life
your face has changed
but your spirit hasn't
fake friend after
fake friend
its time for this to end
I'm done
get out
and don't come back
~much love
Emma Price Sep 2019
Your lips enveloped mine
and the world began to shine
~much love
Emma Price Nov 2018
You are absolutely gorgeous
and you must believe there is more out there for us

You know you have all these wonderful people here for you
but you want to be someone's one and only, too
I understand, I do
But you do not need anyone in this world to know you are beautiful, it's true

You are absolutely gorgeous
and spending love, time, and thought on you is not frivolous
you'll know this is for you
I know I'm a hypocrite <3
~much love
Emma Price Oct 2019
You didn’t want to take from me what I didn’t want to give
But all I want in this moment is to let go and live
~much love
Emma Price Oct 2018
Friendships take about as long to fall apart
as they do to form
Friendships that develop over a lifetime
slowly fade away
And those with whom you seem to immediately click
hate you in an instant
~much love
Emma Price May 2019
You were someone I should never have even known,
But since I have, our friendship has grown...
And now my feelings for you have flown,
And my despair over you leaving is overblown.
Just playing around with a novel idea.
~much love
Emma Price Mar 2019
If you’re always answering,
they’ll never ask.

If you’re always explaining,
they’ll never wonder.
~much love
Emma Price Mar 2019
Everything that I do
can be traced back to you.
I’m so proud, so proud,
to be a part of this crowd!
~much love
Emma Price May 2019
When an idea comes to plea,
And won’t stop pestering me,
Until I write it down and set if free,
Whether it be something imaginary,
Or a sight to see,
When an idea comes to plea,
I just have to set it free,
So you can better understand me.
Apparently I was a fairly deep nine year old...
~much love
Emma Price Oct 2018
Just like watching a movie,
looking back at old poems,
so filled with dramatic irony,
that you think I wish I could just show em
~ much love
Emma Price Oct 2019
memories gone and skills lost
we can be cured at what cost
~much love
Emma Price May 2018
It's not difficult to go against the crowd
if you have a precedence for doing so

Pushing back on bandwagoning
is often a bandwagon activity

Making all decisions as the exact opposite of the crowd
is still allowing the crowd to decide what you do

It isn't very hard to beat the status quo
but it is to beat your personal precedence

Always going against the crowd
isn't any better than always going with it

The real challenge comes in
making every decision for yourself based on truth

Not going against the crowd
but ignoring it entirely
~much love
Emma Price Jul 2019
Does it make you feel better
thinking you're better
than everyone in the room

Does it make you feel warmer
making me colder
leaving me alone in a tomb

Does it make you feel smarter
dating the smarter
of the corpses you exhume

Does it make you feel better
taking out everyone better
who you perceive in the room
~much love
Emma Price Aug 2019
You make me want to write
letting my heart take flight
fluttering toward the light
leaving behind my fright
'til it's out of mind and sight
because you and I just feels right
~much love
Emma Price Jun 2019
Mouths of the closed-minded open wide
while those of the open-minded remain closed
~much love
Emma Price Nov 2018
I want someone
to joke with
laugh with
learn with
talk with
live with
~much love
Emma Price Nov 2019
3 sisters
3 people
3 years
& 3 hours round trip
Between us
~much love
Emma Price Nov 2020
I wanna be strong,
a rock when things go wrong

I wanna be well read,
a full library in my head

I wanna be happy,
unashamed of the way I'm sappy

I wanna be a musician,
an artist on a mission

I wanna be pretty,
speaking a language of witty

I wanna be vocal,
sharing what makes me hopeful

I wanna be all the beautiful things I see
without ceasing to be me
~much love
Emma Price Feb 2019
is just a provocation
of exasperation

but you can live in elevation
looking for a graduation
from the tight relation
to sadness and elation

it's time for a vacation
~much love
Emma Price Sep 2019
You give me
just enough
to make me think you're not just taking

You love me
just enough
to make me think you don't hate me

You hug me
just enough
to make me think you care about me

You forget about me
just enough
to make me think you do not
~much love
Emma Price Nov 2018
If lonely is a state of mind,
where is the interstate?
~much love
Emma Price Feb 18
what if we lived today
like there would be no tomorrow
no fear of the future in our way
even in the wake of great sorrow
~much love
Emma Price Sep 2018
Love is like a helium balloon;
The only thing keeping it from floating up forever is you holding it down
~much love
Emma Price Nov 2019
I forgot
about plenty
but there's a lot
you won't let me
~much love
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