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Emma Price Jul 2019
I isolated myself entirely
because people never did want me
~much love
2.0k · Oct 2019
You and Me
Emma Price Oct 2019
We were meant to be,
even if not romantically
sometimes people just click, and that can mean friendship, too
~much love
1.3k · Apr 2020
Postage of the Mind
Emma Price Apr 2020
I wrote a million letters I'll never send
to release a billion thoughts in my head
but still here are a trillion voices that never end
~much love
1.1k · Oct 2018
Emma Price Oct 2018
remind yourself today
1.1k · Oct 2019
Emma Price Oct 2019
Oh, my dear
please calm my fear
by staying near
as the demons jeer
and the ghosts leer
whisper in my ear
when the coast is clear
~much love
1.1k · Sep 2018
Let it Flow
Emma Price Sep 2018
Love is like a helium balloon;
The only thing keeping it from floating up forever is you holding it down
~much love
1.1k · Oct 2020
Who’s it gonna be?
Emma Price Oct 2020
I don’t wanna be her when I could be me
But I do wanna be the one you see
~much love~
938 · Aug 2019
Emma Price Aug 2019
There’s nothing to worry about
and that’s what makes me doubt
~much love
902 · Oct 2020
Emma Price Oct 2020
There's so much that I can't say
that saying anything at all leaves me in dismay
~much love
888 · Sep 2020
Piece You Together
Emma Price Sep 2020
the pieces of me
that you kept understanding
the pieces of you
that I keep finding
~much love
840 · Jul 2019
Emma Price Jul 2019
Maybe I’m so drawn to the dead and dying
because, by that point, they’ve stopped lying
~much love
830 · Aug 2020
Emma Price Aug 2020
Words can be pretty
when my body cannot be
I just realized why I talk so much..
~much love
828 · Jul 2019
Inferiority complex
Emma Price Jul 2019
Does it make you feel better
thinking you're better
than everyone in the room

Does it make you feel warmer
making me colder
leaving me alone in a tomb

Does it make you feel smarter
dating the smarter
of the corpses you exhume

Does it make you feel better
taking out everyone better
who you perceive in the room
~much love
734 · Nov 2018
Is it too much to ask?
Emma Price Nov 2018
I want someone
to joke with
laugh with
learn with
talk with
live with
~much love
694 · Dec 2017
A Thing Called Friendship
Emma Price Dec 2017
"Do you guys have a thing?"
at least not what you mean by that
but yes
we do
have a thing
called friendship

"Did you guys have a thing?"
did you think
now that I moved away
my answer would change
niether of us
ever wanted anymore
than our thing
called friendship

"Don't you miss your thing?"
I do
miss our thing
called friendship
much love
593 · Feb 2019
The Race
Emma Price Feb 2019
here to win
or here to run?
~much love
586 · Oct 2018
Have you ever noticed?
Emma Price Oct 2018
Friendships take about as long to fall apart
as they do to form
Friendships that develop over a lifetime
slowly fade away
And those with whom you seem to immediately click
hate you in an instant
~much love
581 · Mar 2019
What I’ll Never Tell You
Emma Price Mar 2019
Means a lot more
than everything I ever will
~much love
560 · Dec 2017
One Decision
Emma Price Dec 2017
One decision
can lead to many others

One decision
can change a life

One decision
and we knew about the cancer

One decision
and we lived somwhere new

One decision
And I got to meet you
It's crazy to think aout the fact that little decisions have made so many huge things happen in my life...
much love
557 · Jul 14
Over the Fire
Emma Price Jul 14
I treaded so lightly
so as not to break
the eggshells
that I broke
myself instead
550 · Dec 2018
Nowhere Fast
Emma Price Dec 2018
Going nowhere fast,
no idea where I'm going; all I know is I can't be last.
Time seems to have come and gone in a blast,
when I look back at the past,
my lack of productivity leaves me aghast.
~much love
536 · Sep 2019
Just Enough
Emma Price Sep 2019
You give me
just enough
to make me think you're not just taking

You love me
just enough
to make me think you don't hate me

You hug me
just enough
to make me think you care about me

You forget about me
just enough
to make me think you do not
~much love
521 · Oct 2018
I forgot about that...
Emma Price Oct 2018
Just like watching a movie,
looking back at old poems,
so filled with dramatic irony,
that you think I wish I could just show em
~ much love
513 · Apr 16
Emma Price Apr 16
Words trail around
in my head
with no semblance
of organization
no rhythm no rhyme
certainly no sense of time
and I long for
the perfection that used to be
where now I see only me
~much love
506 · Jun 2019
Emma Price Jun 2019
Never forget that you are incredibly loved,
for you might then forget to love incredibly.
~much love
488 · Jan 2020
Emma Price Jan 2020
You find yourself
when you stop chasing someone else
~much love
454 · Apr 2019
Surprisingly Adequate
Emma Price Apr 2019
Yes, I am adequate
But that shouldn’t shock you a bit
Put on a dress, and they tell you that you look surprisingly adequate. My adequacy has nothing to do with my attire, and you shouldn’t be surprised.
~much love
452 · Oct 2018
Emma Price Oct 2018
What is it about silence
that makes you want to scream louder?
What is it about exhaustion
that make you want to run harder?
What is it about a multitude of people
that makes you feel more alone?
What is it about me
that is so impossible to love?
~much love
Emma Price Aug 2019
I struggle with the fact
that this scene isn't just another act
This time it's real
and I have to decide how I feel
~much love
444 · Jul 2019
Emma Price Jul 2019
I got exactly what I wanted
but I can't avoid being haunted
by the notion that I don't deserve
all the kindness and caring I observe
cause so many great people wanted you
that you wanting me is too good to be true
~much love
430 · Jun 2019
Inversely Proportional
Emma Price Jun 2019
Mouths of the closed-minded open wide
while those of the open-minded remain closed
~much love
Emma Price May 2018
It's not difficult to go against the crowd
if you have a precedence for doing so

Pushing back on bandwagoning
is often a bandwagon activity

Making all decisions as the exact opposite of the crowd
is still allowing the crowd to decide what you do

It isn't very hard to beat the status quo
but it is to beat your personal precedence

Always going against the crowd
isn't any better than always going with it

The real challenge comes in
making every decision for yourself based on truth

Not going against the crowd
but ignoring it entirely
~much love
389 · Dec 2017
Emma Price Dec 2017
It's that time of year
yet another season of joy
so dont shed a tear
it's a time to enjoy

but the day it comes it's gone
so much hype
just to move on
it's not my type

we don't need thousands of dollars
worth of "Christmas Stuff"
When we could be giving a holler
all year round of his love
much love
389 · May 2019
Emma Price May 2019
Here to make
or here to break?
~much love
381 · May 2019
Yeah, They’re Talented
Emma Price May 2019
But you and I... we’re going places.
Will we go together?
~much love
367 · Mar 2019
I am a Daughter
Emma Price Mar 2019
Everything that I do
can be traced back to you.
I’m so proud, so proud,
to be a part of this crowd!
~much love
362 · Oct 2018
Looking for Shade
Emma Price Oct 2018
If living in someone’s shadow my whole life means I’ll never be blinded by the sun
I’ll take it
~much love
345 · Mar 2019
There is no Us
Emma Price Mar 2019
Are the only thing saving
From all the crap they’re saying about
~much love
342 · May 2020
Risk and Reward
Emma Price May 2020
a promise, a plea
drowning in the sea
life, far from me
no roots to this tree

a promise, a plea
I've finally broken free
but that comes with a fee
the universe would agree

a promise, a plea
henceforward, simply
no connections to be
no happiness to see
~much love
336 · Sep 2019
Emma Price Sep 2019
Your voice drifted over me like a long awaited hug
enveloping my ears as hands do a well worn mug
Your words did not explain much more than science
but I understood everything from your silence
~much love
333 · Jul 2019
Based On A True Story
Emma Price Jul 2019
I'm writing a novel, and, yeah, it's about you
but it's about a ton of other people, too
I took my favorite parts of each guy friend I love
to craft a main character no one could come above
I've been told I'm the female version of each one of you
and, somehow, that seems to be true
Y'all are nothing like each other
but every one could be my twin brother...
If pieces of all of you is what this character will be,
does that mean that I'm really just writing me?
I feel like I don't know who I am, but I know you all so well...
~much love
321 · Dec 2017
Lost In The Moment
Emma Price Dec 2017
This may be the last sunset I see
so I'll take it in, I'll take it in

This may be the last breath that I breathe
so I'll breathe it in, I'll breathe it in
much love
312 · Nov 2018
Emma Price Nov 2018
You are absolutely gorgeous
and you must believe there is more out there for us

You know you have all these wonderful people here for you
but you want to be someone's one and only, too
I understand, I do
But you do not need anyone in this world to know you are beautiful, it's true

You are absolutely gorgeous
and spending love, time, and thought on you is not frivolous
you'll know this is for you
I know I'm a hypocrite <3
~much love
307 · Nov 2018
Emma Price Nov 2018
Forget the electrons;
be positive
life lessons learned from quantum physics
~much love
305 · Jan 2019
Where Did the Me I Know Go?
Emma Price Jan 2019
They said to keep being sweet,
but I guess I hit delete.
Inspired by notes from my middle school leadership class.
~much love
298 · Jul 2019
Save Me
Emma Price Jul 2019
I don’t know what I’m looking for
but it’s most certainly more
Maybe I just wanna little effort or devotion
from the one who set this insane narrative in motion
~much love
Emma Price Dec 2017
missed it so much
it's a huge crutch

working out
feeling great, and then stepping under that shower spout

missed it a ton
though sometimes it's not all fun

everythings sore
but you just run, swim, crunch more

missed it abundantly
both amazing and excruciating uncomprendably

when it's time to quit
you just feel plain fit
much love
290 · Nov 2018
Just Wondering
Emma Price Nov 2018
If lonely is a state of mind,
where is the interstate?
~much love
287 · Jan 2018
Emma Price Jan 2018
Some say wisdom is                                                  You truly do find
                             Hard to find                                                       Wisdom
But I believe that is because                                       As soon as you
                             They are saying anything at all                          Search for it
And wisdom comes
                              In the silence
"If you can't hear the music, you're talking too loud"
much love
Emma Price Sep 2019
With lots of pride
But no love in your eyes
What do I need to do
To be worthy of all of you
~much love
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