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Eliza May 2019
She stares into the shards lying upon the floor,

Blood slowly drips from the cuts on her hands.

Then comes a knock at the door,

Unmoving, she watches the blood leave her body and only then she understands.

She knows the happiness death can bring, soon she will not feel any more.

Her mom opens the door,

She finds her precious daughter on the floor,

******, with a broken mirror and a **** across her throat,

With no trace of sorrow or pain, her mom thought "could there have been an antidote?"

Tears continue to poor

More and more.

She lay, limp within her mother's arms

Unmoving, she slowly fades from the warmth of life,

She hears ringing as if there were alarms,

Her mother gets up and leaves, returning with a knife

She lay, her daughter wrapped in caring arms,

She cries just before taking her own life.

— The End —