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Freddie Rogers
Dornish Bastard
Just a nobody with a limited vocabulary. I write to express, and not very often. If other people don't like my stuff, it's alright; I ...
25/Canada    i write sins not tragedies?
life's jump
M/From the road    ©
Blurbs of nonsense. Obvious grammar errors.
Savannah Charlish
20/F/Portland, OR    Give me a pen, and I'll write you the world. || ||
Realeboga M
Can I even say I am here?    Where's my soul?
Writer's straight-jacket
Nagpur, India    To survive in the Fiery pits of passion, Other things will burn.
54/M/Cleveland, Ohio    Creator of the "Quantum Loop" poem. I study English, science, and mankind. Shemale and he-she. Asian/black/arab/white/americaN.
Autece Soul
A Beautiful Desert    Love is something I never let go of, once my Love embraces you, you are sealed within my heart. I fight for peace only to ...
Nompumelelo Nondumiso Radebe
Mmabatho    Drowning in my thoughts everyday. I lust more than the average girl yet deserve to treated like a sacred treasure. Unicorn that is caged in ...
Danielle Favorite
I'm a daydreamer with a poetic soul, a freshwater mermaid, a wildflower who believes in wishing on shooting stars and a hopeless romantic. I have ...
Ontario, Canada   
Julie Roland Spets
Oslo    I´m a walking cliche of an adolescent midlife crisis. Sue me.
"Cut my shadow from me. Free me from the torment[...] Why was I born among mirrors? The daylight revolves around me. And the night herself ...
South Africa    ForeverIsATadOverrated.
sanch kay
Hogwarts    here's to those firefly dreams that turn to ashes in the sunrise.
19/Cisgender/find me at a cemetery.    does growing up count as childhood trauma
America    I am from Mars. Yes, there is life.
Violet Blue
• 16 year old confused soul looking for her place in the world •
All Together by Yourself
Bay Area (N.California)    My words emerge from deepest thought, experience, discovery, and human involvement . If you observe closely you can see the hidden spaces that beg me, ...
Katie Kelly
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