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His hands..
They feel so strong yet gentle on skin...
It's confusing but wonderful.
His eyes
They  penetrate straight into my soul
Reveal my secrets to the air and light.
His smile
Infuse my hormones and get me tswisted like thin dreadlocks.
His walk
Next to me feels like the king and the soldier of my feelings. I feel so safe.  
His voice
Stimulates me into fantasies of exotic lust and refreshing and moan full cries





Like Christians Hiding in Gods shadow
#ThankYou #HelloPoetry
My baby. My beautiful baby.
I feel you growing young one.
I feel the fertilized egg transforming into a human being.
I love you my young one and always will.
Your mine and that's makes me love you even more.
But your filled with genetics.
Your my mistake and my regret.
I'm sorry my young one.
You must not see the earth.
You must not know how the earth looks.
I'm sorry for my mistakes
I love him.
I like him. I want him.
Heart , body and mind has their own brain I see.
He!  Is the perpendicular bisector of my heart, the negative hyperbole in my smile.
But He!  Arms so strong and so big oooooo.
Makes me think of the positions that Were imagined In my mind while exploring 50 Shades of Grey.
When I feel his ego, his manhood, his family bearer my legs shake and make me vow **** in front of him.
Yet He!  Never liked him much. Just didn't see my tomorrow's sunrise in his eyes No!  
But one day he took me and turned me and beat me and ..... I never thought he would.
The sun kissing our skin and I closed my eyes most of the time to feel what's inside of me and it was satisfying.
It was a surprise that we'd go that far. Still didn't like him much.
Caught up between Him, Him, and Him.
At the end I chose what the heart wants.
The occurance of the thoughts in my Mornings
my poem is about 3 people mostly boys that are in my life two of them I don't know what happened. One of them is my boyfriend another is my friend. lastly one of them is a guy who managed to get into my pants
Is anybody out there?
You said you would be there
You said you would catch me
If I fell
Well I'm starting to think you lied
Because now I'm calling for help
And no one is answering my cries

Is anybody out there?
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