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life's jump May 25
Somewhere next
His field seems amiss
  (he lights a cigarette)
And all his loved ones are best kept
In his heart
On a journey
In a vest

Somewhere out there
Maybe around a bend
A tree will capture a kaleidescape
   triangles togetherness gems

It keeps changing
pools just above the water
A flood he's been
for too long

Currents of him
pours waters depth
His heart is many pieces

to wed
    to chest
        to collect
life's jump May 9
sill filled with mothers day cards
the birds
happy in song
the light
opening the sky
a morning
with just
enough love
our arms around
each mother
blessing them
as for my day
i sit here
with a smile
remembrance of
life's jump May 6
R- I- P-
rest in peace
for those that don't read
this street long from home
its on top of me
a half century has past
my *** still clasped
ftom surviving the last half  
stroll stops away
the mere existence remains tucked
its framed
this habit day to day
miracles tame
firmly in place
to take the next bite of me
that last piece is cream
and everything you loved
you set free
caged your thoughts
moments you wanted to recapture
a daunting task of has beens
side ways faces with half grins
just words in the diary by then
craving more nights
with Anaïs Nin
the next binge
you light your last singe
pretend your not him
when back home hits
it's best not dressed
in clothes that don't fit
there's no meaning in six
the sighs in the quest
moving you to do things
you have not dreamt
better yet resent
all those days you gave away to merly live
under a blanket of faces you call friends
but where you been?
why you lost?
make sense of half thoughts
and garbage bins that sit
in the ally you live
pile up like the bottle you've hid
recyclable bins
empty tins with pop lids
pop hits
years of the same song
with no meaning
no lift
want in one hand
the other one ****
One smells like you
the other one stiff

So you feel like being a **** with a gun
For ******* yourself
The man you've become
Angels avoidance
the dark is upon
The blood is a boil
The past is gone
Reiterate stories
Foam for the fire
Lamb on the bone
Skin in its teeth
Breaking the bond
Searching for guidance
Voices grow long
On your back
Floating this pond
Mornings you yawn
Checking the mirror
Begging for more

Spit on my tatt
The heart tap taps
Look at me now
Get through this
Another day grips
Manic and Fits
Wind up the clock- Tic Tic Tic
Passions have left
Burnings in me
See through my soul

Oceans scream
Dolphins laugh
What I want from me
Must pass

A gift
A smile
A wave
A dream
All encompassed
Accosting me

And this was just a test
A word proof vest
Complications of someone
Dreaming of a place
Better left

/lifesjump poetry © 3-3-23
life's jump May 5
a stranger in passing
I recognized his voice
crumbled pencil lead
crush beneath my head
let the day escape from me

Conversation can't keep
Fifty years of memories
So I begin with hi
Wait for his reply
It's a task I've yet to complete

Another ******* song
With a rope just as long
But I turn up the volume instead
Let the tears find my teeth
**** that salt from me
And find you wrapped in

Faces are just that
Notice how we stand
Alone but together
So lonely

I thought I knew you when
We were making pretend
We found in us a place to land
It turned to tacks and glass
Because we are just our past
And missing you is better
Than giving in
life's jump May 3



Erased down to 16 words..
life's jump Apr 22
What have I done now?
Do i remember
my pen
sitting there
Waiting for
my hand
When you gave me
time enough to
You gave me air

The precious ways of endless
The time webbing in us
Syncing to the seconds
As the Restless
Loved ones leave us

The devotion of spring
The mercury of summer
life's jump Apr 16
This day
Pregnant with hearsay
and most of us
with out reason
to that which inside
we debate
Conclude in truth
Or perceive
That facts somehow
can deceive
Wait in the wisdom
Walls the room of new terms
Let them crumble
rebuild to learn
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