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Everything I say is a lie
I have never see the sky
I don't have a million questions why
I give up after only a one little try
I have always loved to say goodbye
I was completely neutral when I caught your eye
That night I didn't dream that I could fly
My heart is not caught up in a tie
And you can believe every word of my,
Soliloquy, because everything I say is a lie.
Lying is bad kids.
Imanuel Baca Dec 2018
Oh you hallow feet walking here.
These thoughts, These words
But shadow images,  the trees
Each branch, each scar, a history
A snapshot of the intermixed mystery
We pass through, a leaf trassioning  
Like the ear of one shadow listening
To every other paper cover,
Like the blind man lover
With but handy impressions
Of these more than meets the eye transgressions
Imanuel Baca Nov 2018
Are you tired child
Well I am tired beyond imagining
My next break is just beyond the end of all-time compounded by enos multiplied by infinity
And yet still I work on
I am hungry but I have no mouth
I'm thirsty but I have no stomach
And why why do I do all of these dreadful things?
I am the end of all beginnings
I am what lies behind every ocean and every sunset
I give birth to worlds and I consume stars
I am what lies behind every ocean
I am the doubt and every lovers heart
I am the stage upon which reality takes place
I am the shadow behind every grain of sand
I am the blackness in the middle of the night but somehow darker than that
I am the madness and every great artists minds
But somehow more incomprehensible than that
What am I?
I am chernobog. Lord of darkness defender of light.
A strange conversation I had with a character in one of my dreams.
Imanuel Baca Nov 2018
We built a beautiful sand castle together for years.
Then in a moment it melted away in the ocean tides in-between our fingers.
Where are you these days?
Imanuel Baca Nov 2018
A damaged broken flag is fluttering in the wind
It clings lichen like to wood melted by time
You can not not see it tear and rip
As entropy begins to take its pleasures
And rain soaks and mold consumes
Still the flag bravely flutters flapping
The flag has long been sun bleached white
As though to say it has surrendered
But you can see it's tenacity
A white dove soars above tenderly
The flag fights on against the wind
It's mighty reaching as though to say:
I long to soar above this sorry world
And through will and destiny ever so rarely align
A great Storm rolls down the mountain
The flag cries out in full mast, full form
It's wooden anchor holding fast
But the the wood gives a gentle sigh and groan
“Old friend I can fight no more. Let me rest and you have you day of flight.”
And with a cracking moan, the old wood bid the flag goodnight
And then that single white flag did fly
As the Storm broke upon the sky
And sunlight rays pierced through
Turning, up world ravaged lands so blue
And then the birds all took flight.
And the flag flew proud
Though rip battered rotten and torn
The flag was see by all with the message to which it was born
“We can all be free if we really fight and endure, However briefly that is.”
What do you think the metaphorical symbolism of flags is?
Imanuel Baca Nov 2018
I take a drink of the deep
Dark pouring think molasses through my teeth
I grow from gruel filling poison in my holes
My eyes turn wooden twisted cruel
Dragging weights a thousand fold through mud
I drive below the surface exploded by it's cold embrace
Loves lipstick sticks from death's cold kiss
I paint black over that canvas of my pain
Tossing out old teeth there is not much I'll miss
Burning lava flows through my veins
To power factories in labyrinths forgotten
I pull out my heart filled with running things
Demons and night mares that have almost escaped my dreams
I let logic take a rest. Drinking only smoke on my death breath.
Then I plant a kiss upon the petals of black lotus
And smile for enlighten. But at what cost?
Imanuel Baca Nov 2018
First you say I love you without knowing what is meant
As though love is some money that is bought sold and spent
Then you say I love you as a sin you can repent
love hits forever it has already made it's sliver dent

Latter you will say I love you with greater caution
Knowing love is not something free or easy gotten
All the pains of love and sleepless nights that you’re caught in.
At the end you will say it's what you've been so lost in.

But it's only when you have lost that sweet bitter taste of love
And angels play their teardrop, heart string, harps from down above
Then looking back you see the push, pull, and lovely shove,
And from sweet bitter pain, it's only in hindsight that you love.
You know it's kind strange how you never realize what you have until you have lost it. You would think we'd learn to vaule our loved ones a little more if we could.
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