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Hello poets, Thank you for taking the time to look at my page. It helps a lot to know you like, comment, or re-post my ...
Jesse Sutherland
24/M/The Void    Thoughts and feelings of an overdramatic 20-something who is always learning something new.
She Writes
30/F/Lincoln, NE    My first collection is available now in both paperback and ebook format! “She Writes” by Niya Grey. I will drop the link below. I appreciate ...
Traci Eklund
Northern Mitten, USA    A women bursting with wanderlust and a passion for catching the words within her head and harnessing it upon the page.
Pauline Morris
51/F/Southern Illinois    My poetry mainly deals with the darker side of feelings and issues of today's world All poems are copywrite protected
James Jarrett
I am a compulsive writer who will write about anything on any scrap of paper I can find
Murder capital of the US    I grew up worshiping Charles Bukowski. I'm also a lover of life and I love to laugh at my own ridiculousness. I'm yer basic old ...
JA Perkins
34/M/Right here    Fragments of a broken man.
25/F/CO    тнєяє ιѕ ησ ѕυ¢н тнιηg αѕ тσσ мυ¢н ℓσνє, єνєη тσσ мυ¢н ιѕ ησт єησυgн. ●▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬●
Student at Rutgers University. Recently began writing poetry in my spare time just because I felt I had messages to get out and it was ...
18/F/Sydney    Hello my loves! Poetry has always been so incredibly therapeutic for me, and I just wanted to share the endless, deep well that is my ...
Kay Rocha
24/F/FL    I’m just like any poet- someone who wants their story to be heard so we try our hardest to find just the right words, put ...
Joe fucking Taylor
20/M/SL, UTah    Holy fuck I just wanted to write songs to make girls love me but oops now im half gay and depressed
Ben bryant
23/F/los Angeles    iHit That Shit & Nodd iT 🖤
Kris Fireheart
29/M/Texas    I'm just a drifting soul, with a passion for writing, and partying. I am a gay recovering heroin addict. (it never ends.) I love Jim ...
45/F/Kentucky    Do what u want and say what u feel... those that matter won't mind ans those that mind won't matter ~dr. Suess ~
Luna D
23/F/houston, tx    poet, writer, and just living life trying to put my emotions and life into words that might make sense
Christi Michaels MoonFlower
I hope that my writings touch others as Poetry and Timeless Prosodies have touched me. aka: MoonFlower "Fluer de Luna" Currently recovering from a traumatic ...
25/F/Grey areas    "A region of chaos and moonlight, she liked it there"
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