Merrimae Oct 4
Hello honey, hello darling.
Hello future, hello love.
Hello to the life
I’ve always dreamed of.

Hello handsome, hello sweetie.
Hello confidence, hello trust.
Hello to my one and only
We’ll last until all else is dust.

It’s incomprehensible,
The way I feel, when I think of you.
Happiness flutters through my being,
Whenever you do the things you do.

Hello smile, hello eyes,
Hello laughs, hello hugs,
Hello to my amazing guardian angel
Sent from above.

Hello kisses, hello voice,
Hello gentle caresses and sweet love.
You are my favorite hello,
And I wish to never say goodbye, Love.
Merrimae Oct 4
Some are ungrateful for life.
Some are unappreciative for love.
Some attempt to run from the joys, seeking more.
Receiving less.
Merrimae Jul 5
What is a soulmate?
A friend of your soul?
A sentience to grab some coffee with?

It seems everyone has this preconceived notion that a soulmate is the one you must be in love with.
I beg to differ.

They can be a person you've only ever talked to once.
But in that conversation you felt complete.
You found and acknowledged pieces of yourself you could only taste.

You sort of know this person by just a few exchanges.
They are the essence of you.
And by getting to know and love someone like this,

Maybe you can learn to love yourself.
Merrimae Jun 28
Footsteps follow closely to a steep edge
The sound of a shuttering camera echoes
Unbeknownst them a fall will pursue
Plunging her into an endless abyss

She laughs and carelessly trots along her handmade trail
Animated eyes flip through scenery
The footsteps lead to a ledge over the river
She slips.

Her body and her heart plummets
Desperate arms fling onto a tree, bruising an already bruised wrist.
Her heart continues to fall.

Once upon a time, she was afraid.
Thought that she may never get back up on her own.
Yet now, a gentle yet fierce feeling fills her
Frees her.

She is no longer trapped in the prison of herself
Like a phoenix, a once crumbled heart rises from the ashes of a devastating fire, and leaps into the hands of a new keeper.
Merrimae Jun 14
A fire, raging inside the weathered skin of the world
People begging to come through,
Crawling and digging their way to the surface.
Pleading for a voice, yet being picked through and left behind,
For the next one is allowed to shine.

The loveliest concoction of gunpowder and flame,
Just below the surface of a temperate land.
Perplexing and contradicting tornadoes savage the mind,
Leave only emeralds and a shaky smile.
However life must push through all the while.

She is the most beautiful bomb.'
Unpredictible and clever,
Though she is haunted by many a thought,
She stands tall and fiercely.
Merrimae Apr 16
I wish I were a tree.
I wish I could brace the wind and be brave.
I wish I could stand tall and sway in the breeze.
Unappreciated unless useful.
maybe i am a tree

I wish I were a Bomb.
I wish I could coerce people into submission.
I wish I could have a definitive plan.
Destructive and chaotic.
maybe i am a bomb

I wish I were a bird.
I wish I could fly above the clouds freely.
I wish I could travel about carelessly.
Perpetually running and escaping their problems.
maybe i am a bird.

maybe i am all of these things,
but for the reason i do not wish.
seasons come and go, and all things too,
maybe i should just wait til Spring.
Merrimae Apr 16
This cold cold institution is wearing me down.
Like rushes of winter water eroding the bank.
Green leaves and bright flowers beg to remain,
but nature denies.

Nature is society.
Like a gazelle being hunted by a gazelle,
in a dry savanna, unknowing of its imminent death,
and then is mauled by the reality and cruelty that is natural order.

Torture, it is.
For me to wake up at seven in the morning to a ¨safe haven¨
Maybe it is a gate to heaven, because Lord knows im scared of dying there.
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