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Ashley Aug 2021
What’s wrong? That’s everyone’s favorite question. Do they really wanna know or do they just wanna session up your ******* life, your ******* struggles, your ******* nightmares, your ******* troubles so they can feel a little better about themselves.
Ashley Jun 2019
I say I be doing fine but **** sometimes I miss those good old times
I’m selfish I’m mean I just need methamphetamine
But I’m fine
I’m fine I’m really trying to be fine
I just need a line
8ball and I’ll be fine
4 yrs sober and I’m fine
It’s just a thought of not being fine
But im fine
Ashley Jun 2018
I don’t know how to cope with you
I don’t understand you
I’ve been living with you for almost all my life
And yet I can’t get use to you!
I gave you a place to stay cuz no one wants you
I fed you my problems and you made them worst
I damaged my body the one you call home
I made it look ugly hoping you’ll go
I filled my body with poison hoping I’d **** you
But I just can’t get rid of you
Ashley Jun 2018
I’m always sad
And I hate being sad
I don’t sleep
I don’t eat
I wish I wasn’t sad
It’s starting to feel overwhelming
And now I’m getting nightmares?
I don’t think I can’t be more sad
And sadly that’s sad
Ashley Jun 2015
It is what it is
Im just tired of all the ******* and the diss
Believe me i get upset when i miss
The only eacape to my bliss
The **** that makes my money swim like fish
I've always felt this way
Just never knew what to say
Im just to scared to get put away
7 days of the week all hrs of the day
They just creep on me
Speaking sweetly
Or makeing me insane
Cant speak for myself
Its that *****
She needs to be tamed
And im done shes almost home
Dope sweet dope
Ashley May 2015
Haven't eaten in two days
Put it on blast
Im fasting on keys
This white girl keeps harrasing me
Lowkey i hate what its turned poor Ashley
Didnt mean to become what i said i wouldn't
Made fun of the ones who couldn't
Now i tell myself i shouldn't
But beg her to please shoot it
Highkey i love the ride it provides
Indulge my soul let it slip inside
No pain to when i puncture but i lie
Remind myself why
Then who
To where did i met and looked into her eyes
I sit there and conversate with the love of my life i guess im not straight lesbian crush on Crissy shes always on my mind and ill **** with her till the day i stop dreaming
Till the day i stop puffing and heaving
Basically stop breathing
My holy trinity
Ashley May 2015
Im falling down and i cant stop slipping
Mirror flips the frown as the coke starts dripping
Got me trippen on the memories of all the chopped lines
And i always run back to it every ******* time
Lost my mind in the state of the Californi-A
Got my mind state stating that i can not stay away
Cuz we play where we shouldn't commit crimes that you wouldn't
Even if i gave you the opportunity i bet you couldn't
Gotta gut it till its dry watch the dollars multiply
And all it really provides is the dope to get you high
Don't rely on the folks who relax- they'll set you back
Gotta keep your palms open keep em choking till the sacks
Are distributed, contributed to feed the addiction
Prohibited from living i proceed to enlist em
Running up
Then coming out
Then coming up
Then running out
Song by Reverie - No sleep, No nightmares
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