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18/F/U.S.    get drunk on words
Ronnie James Corbin
Dayton, Ohio    Lost soul swimmin' in a fish bowl, year after year
jeremy maxwell
my mother is a fish.
27/M/Kalamazoo, MI    rapper? recovering addict hopeless romantic deep thinker hippy agnostic a student of Buddhism and Taoism inspired revolutionary savage paintballer ♫ i love crunchy grooves! ♫
Niki Elizabeth
F/wonderland    Happy girl, sad poems.
Anguilla    Son of slave and master, I walk the fence of perception, and obscured reality. Also, they don't have my nationality listed. I am Anguillian.
SG Rose
San Diego   
newbury    From Liverpool, I am a recovering addict, 4 yrs clean
Darryl M
Instagram: Wattpad: Darryl_M
F/California    How The Road Goes Into The Sky
Justin S Wampler
30/M    Pens were designed with wordful purposes, our hands and minds serve only as catalysts.
Mysidian Bard
32/M/Mysidia    Tell me is something eluding you, sunshine? Is this not what you expected to see? If you want to find out what's behind these cold ...
Abi Cash
17/F/Missouri    Crazy in love with him<3
Colten Sorrells
27/M/West Virginia    Bipolar Mixed II, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,, all these diagnoses have been ascribed to my behavior, but I do not allow any of them to ...
21    twitter: @aliziafinola
taylor styles
21/F/NC    mediocre poetry from a mediocre girl
Nebulous the Poet
Would you rather re-paint the rainbow or find the pot of gold?
Lachrymose and Lies
In a tormented mind    Green Eyes ... And an addiction to love and cigarettes ... I am the biggest hypocrite you won't ever meet ... I tell everything like ...
Vale Luna
20/F/Michigan (USA)    Poetry is my Life. I found it. Darkness is my Love. It found me. (All copyright: Marissa DollyRose Smith)
17/M/United States    I write often when I have inspiration, I wish to inspire others. All my poems are experiences of mine or relating to them Please follow ...
Seline Mui
San Antonio, TX    Be the alien you are and let go!
Joshua Michael
22/M/South Africa/Bangkok    Express Release Feel Share Admire Learn
Jack Torrance
35/M/Oklahoma    Just looking to share my work and get some feedback, hope you enjoy!
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