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Bunhead17 Feb 2017
Dreams shattered on the floor
she dances on the broken glass
trying to restore her reflection.
She looks in the mirror and sees nothing more
...but a broken girl
Dreams shattered on the floor
He laughs when he sees his reflection.
...he sees a joke of life and nothing more

A girl who lost herself
due to the world...
The world that she loved
and thought loved her
But now when she looks in the mirror
she sees a a lost little girl
with broken dreams...
And wonders will she ever be found
Reflection EP
Bunhead17 Feb 2017
She dances on the sand
trying to become one
with the earth again....*
She has pain in heart
Sadness in her eyes
And a broken spirit
But she still smiles through the pain
Bunhead17 Feb 2017
Out of place
You'll never be enough
**I am enough
Bunhead17 Feb 2017
I feel like im all alone
In a corner by myself
I got everyone telling me what i can't do
But no one is telling me what i can do
I need support
I cant be there for myself all the time
I hate being alone
I try to stay strong
And smile through the pain
But i just can't
I can't do it anymore by myself
I need someone to be there for me
When i need them ......
I'm always there for everyone else
Why can't someone just support me
And be there when i need them?
:( This is it. The last poem for awhile
Bunhead17 Feb 2017
It was just a memory
....a very good but bad one*

Me and him
....strangers with memories

Was it £○v€°°°¿ Or was it love...?

Just memories with an ex. :(
*Strangers with memories* ♡
Bunhead17 Feb 2017
Im still here
Waiting to catch you if you fall
I don't know why I care so much
When I shouldn't care at all
But yet im still here.. waiting
To help you up when you fall
Everybody keeps telling me
To leave you in the past
Because I deserve better than you
But I still care for you
I still.... I still love you
Why am I still here waiting
When I know I should leave
.......But I still care
I still love you

But that... doesn't mean we should be together
Decidation to friend/exboyfriend/friend/exboyfriend know who you are
Bunhead17 Dec 2016
I'm a stranger to society
an intruder
Strictly words
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