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 Nov 2017 Bunhead17
Mr Zeal
 Nov 2017 Bunhead17
Mr Zeal
I need closure I need this
I need that and I need a kiss
Haven’t been home man it feels like I’m tossed like the sea as the foam is so white so is my lips I tell the truth and I’m finding out it’s not enough you. Man this...this this *****
 Nov 2017 Bunhead17
Mr Zeal
His skin is as sand
And his mind is a ocean the winds of life comes and he’s over flowing with laughter his smile is the only thing that keeps me believing.
But I... am a man with blood on my hands a handsome vampire that waits in the moon light with those light brown eyes gleaming and piercing threw anything that moves what a beautiful sight he is and what a fearful moment to be in the presence of me how does it feel to feel when you can’t even see your self in a mirror..
 Jun 2017 Bunhead17
Mr Zeal
 Jun 2017 Bunhead17
Mr Zeal
your my obsession
Your My obsession
Your skin is golden
I left my taste on your body
I left my eyes on your body
***** my life with your probably
I'm drenched in love hope you like me
I'm drenched in love hope you ride me
Unlock yourself until tried me
You lock yourself until you saw me
You can't stop smiling hope you like me
Open hearts we locked our bodies
Naked love exotic bodies
I want your hand You sniff my "try me"
 Jun 2017 Bunhead17
Mr Zeal
Lips like autumn
Mind of envy
Call from momma
Kiss so empty
I don't know
What to say
In here alone
But you're with me ?
Money problems
Talk is cheap
F the car
Be home with me
F your feelings  
Who's texting me?
Lost a heart
Kept a seed
Pour the liquor
Pour my honey
Drink the whitest
Do you love me?
F the  milk
Where's my  honey
Where are you ?!
(Milk) material things (Honey) my lover. There metaphors
 Jun 2017 Bunhead17
Mr Zeal
Could it be you calling me down
Dressed in wax when I heard the sound
Zeal! The wax of my ears jumped and my heart pound..
Like a dog in the dog pound looking at a old master that familiar word of mouth
I'm asking for too much now
What is up must come down
And your voice that old familiar sound
Like raised eyebrows
Excited for the moment
For the moment
The moment..
Our moment is gone as I scrolled down your picture was old news But I love the moment
Such a familarface gone wrong
*scrolls down
 Jun 2017 Bunhead17
Mr Zeal
Really hope that I can be honest umm I got a problem yaa never really knew that thoughts could alter your sleep, lately I've been missing my breakfast umm uncaring but zealous yaa .Was that us or am I alone?

Living under what has been spoken tripping over what I didn't  yaa what if I win it what will I lose
 Jun 2017 Bunhead17
Mr Zeal
They say you depart in 7 ways
Crucifying your rights
And regenerating every thing God says "don't practice"... for I believe you take many shapes still can't fit in his will like a bad tire with the right tools and I'm sitting here thinking like
I'm born in a danger state ...state of mind where I'm so far from the place that I sit across from earth like a dog on his chain watching the cars pass and chew my bone whichever is my understate.
 Jun 2017 Bunhead17
Mr Zeal
 Jun 2017 Bunhead17
Mr Zeal
play in sky
 Jun 2017 Bunhead17
Mr Zeal
Do like this
do like that
running like i'm usain bolt
no bring that back
somebody gotta...

take me home
i drunk all night
**** your wife
im kidding but my loves not right
i feel it...

cold and mold
these ****** wanna take my soul
the ones that get it they really wanna let you know
hoes are hoes there blinded third eye closed
angels diss dont switch cause you never know...

forgive and get
repent and sip
i sink the ship
and kiss the man
they wonder why i'm missing dame
cause his blood all over the street
they don't know its me
they don't know hes a king
and god don't talk but the devil does
which i never did wish he never was
 Jun 2017 Bunhead17
Mr Zeal
she  gotta taste
for  praada,
(you look so good in everythaaanng..)

out her way
she a model
(all she wants is diamonds raaaang)

baby you the bomb like a hand grenade,
( i just wanna taste)

i can give really give u what u wanna say
(say my name)

Say My name, Say My Name!
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