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The more you share,
The more they care.
The louder you cry,
The greater they try.
The faster you run,
The quicker they follow.
And once you are done,
You’ll lose faith in tomorrow.
 Aug 2019 Bummer
stage dive
 Aug 2019 Bummer
you did not smash a guitar to
splinterings: That Night,
there weren’t enough iiiiii


six cigarettes later,
all packed,
tossed back, meandered off...
a long pause...


I too patiently waited out the fight
I too patiently weighed out the fight
I too patiently way out did the fight

weighted, I, too,
way out,

Everyone dies,
But if I never met you,
I never would have lived.
If I die tomorrow, I want the world to know I had a name.
If I die tomorrow, I want to know that you won’t do the same.
If I die tomorrow, I want to end it all on a high.
If I die tomorrow, I want to at least have told my friends goodbye.
 Aug 2019 Bummer
my little sister is hurting herself to feel better
and my mom never stops crying anymore.
my older sister tells me she doesn’t like me.
and my best friends have decided they’re content with not seeing me.
the grace has died in my life with my grandmother not around anymore.
and i’m stuck watching my grandfather lose his mind day by day.
But I guess with a fake smile I can fool people into truly believing I’m happy.
you’re the only one keeping me sane, thank you
 Aug 2019 Bummer
 Aug 2019 Bummer
I don’t know what I did
Or how it happened
I just wish it could stop
I’m sorry
These things seem to have been happening a lot more lately
I’m sorry
 Aug 2019 Bummer
I look up to see you smiling at me and I feel a sense of comfort i haven’t found with anyone else
A smile shines from my face as I catch myself staring at your perfect one
You have this bright smile that makes your eyes squint up
and to see you look so happy is all I could ever ask for
 Aug 2019 Bummer
Fun is what we pride ourselves in
From silly string fights to dance parties
It’s never a dull moment
We may have silly fights and sometimes have fears and doubts but my love
There is no other person I’d rather waste time and money with by drawing with chalk and molding silly puddy
You dress yourself in black as I pour the rainbow on myself
You speak words of realism as I sit in a daydream
But honestly I’d say no one could ever fit me better than you do
You're my forever dance partner and my favorite comedian
And I’m your little ball of sunshine
Never stop writing me sweet songs and I’ll never stop making you little dumb ceramic pieces
You looked so handsome with the summer sun shining down on us
And you’ll look even better with the autumn leaves falling down behind us
We’ll stand together through all,
We’ll dance together through all and try our best to make it through
I love you i
 Aug 2019 Bummer
midnight sighs
 Aug 2019 Bummer
He tells me to live more care-free
But I thought I was the one doing so all along
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