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Chloe Hunt Dec 2019
Watch out!
this ground is sharp
my heart has turned into glass
you will cut yourself and never sleep
Stay clear from me
Because once you choose to walk this path
I cannot save you anymore

Watch out!
I am broken
and I cannot pick up the pieces anymore
but if you look at the glass you can still see the memories
the love that I once gave
you can feel the passionate kisses
hear the music to the exotic dances
melt to the butterfly’s that laughed inside my stomach

Once in a while i’ll step on the pieces of glass
and remember
trying to take it all in
but I can’t
so i’ll break it again
and again
and again
until there are no memories at all
Chloe Hunt Jul 2019
Like a bee
You were my wings
The thing in my life that made me fly
Made me laugh
Made me trust
Made us one

Flying with nothing holding us back
Breathing in the love that makes us feel free
But you made the decision to sting
Listened to the other bees and cut off my wings
You made me love
Revived my trust
Just enough till you made me bleed

You ripped off my beautiful stinger
Framed it in a glass for everyone to see
laughed with all your friends and humiliated me

What I thought once was destiny
Was the thing that ended up killing me
Chloe Hunt Apr 2019
I’m lost in the dark
And nobody is trying to find me
I’m alone
All alone
I’m trying to help myself but I can’t

But I can’t remember how
I’ve been here before
But now
It’s permanent
I have been here
Not able to get up
But I can’t..
Why can’t I run ?
Nobody seems to understand. I’m all alone.
Chloe Hunt Apr 2019
You left me in the desert
It was dry
I felt dead
You were the water that had vanished
I longed for you
I needed you
And you left me behind

So how can I go back to that desert?
Knowing how much it traumatized me
Remembering the pain I went through
Feeling my organs shut down
Drinking my own tears

What if..
What if the water disappears again?
Decides I’m too dried up for its use
What if..
What if you leave me again ?
  Mar 2019 Chloe Hunt
Alex Nicholas
I am broken
I've finally snapped
the glue holding me together
Is almost gone
Though I thought it may stick forever
I am broken
I feel the pain
My past thoughts have become vain
The way I feel, is considered
The way I act, is that of a broken man
This was not my plan
to be in agony
I don't want to deal with it angrily
I feel trapped by the gravity
In this hell ridden galaxy
I start to see the vanity
of this reality
My anger and insanity
my depression and my humanity
It's all been revealed
I may never be healed
I am broken
My words are now outspoken.
Chloe Hunt Mar 2019
Don’t talk to me
Don’t say hi
Follow everyone else’s example
without saying goodbye
Chloe Hunt Dec 2018
At this moment I am happy
I never want you to leave
I know we are different
But thats just another ****
It’s been 6 months
That you’ve been away
The people of this country needs you right?
Or at least that’s what they say

I don’t know if I can handle this but for you I always will
I’m sad but I’ll be strong for you
These are just tears
I wonder how many people cry for you
or if they ever will
I mean YOU ARE fighting for them
Wouldn’t they care?
“Baby don’t leave me”
I don’t know if I can bare
“Baby don’t worry, I only have 6 more years”
I wrote this a little while back
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