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Jul 2020 · 131
Prabesh Jul 2020
The story of a beautiful beam balance
That decided to balance two weights
Me and my pal were the unknown participants
Clash of the possibility of two different fates

We both were of equal pounds
Yet, every day was a race to outweigh each other
If only the beam would come down to my favor
Hence continued a fight with no angry sounds
A love for the balance that crossed all bounds

Days and months of relentless grinding
The beam still holds strong, but the weights are getting rusty
Masochists with a  false thread and a weak binding
A journey to quench the beam's needs is getting the weights thirsty

Enough of this, I forfeit this war that only hurts the core
Weird mathematics where the addition of purity divides me more
She claims that she was the victim who had to carry two weights
She says"I hurled my fishing rod with no intention of fishing. It is you guys that took the bait."
Ouch, you were a unique beam balance with multiple needles!!
Jul 2020 · 124
Prabesh Jul 2020
I see you facing down the window with your eyes all wet again
The rain that should have drenched you somehow fills my gut with pain
Will you close the curtains darling I can see you rub them red
You know I'm helpless to my core with that man beside your bed

It cuts me like a knife now that you've found your place to mend
This pain might be the only cure for a heart that keeps it chained
So why do you stare at me with eyes that search the past?
I already ran the race with you and dragged you to the last

Could you free me from this jagged chains?
Your hands are the key to this lock
I can't quite describe the turmoil or get rid of
The sands that have accumulated at my dock
May 2020 · 97
Permanent Marker
Prabesh May 2020
I have torn countless pages off of my copy
These hands do not dare rub the words
Every orphan paper a cup of sugarless coffee
Pencil morphs to shield, eraser be my sword

The room resembles a scrambled puzzle
However insignificant they all have a role
Silent yet powerful like guns with muzzle
Broken to the naked eye but contribute to a whole
Never regret your choices
May 2020 · 149
Again and Again
Prabesh May 2020
Yes, we often come across one another at that old library
All these years and you clueless of my intention
Have you noticed I am always in your periphery
I always pick the same book but never will I ever mention
I remember the day you inquired about my favorite book
A simple question, our first conversation, and your curious look
I wish I could have said it was you
The only book I read among the very few
Again and Again
You don't have to do anything. Just his or her presence can change your daily seasons.
May 2020 · 4.0k
Prabesh May 2020
You will never know, I will never tell the speed
My heart raced when we finally kissed that day
That instant liberation from every other need
Felt like we were the ones for Shakespeare's next play

Your perfume and shampoo smelled like a garden
My conscious self flash backed to my last shower
You finally tamed this creature out of the barred den
The thirst is quenched, this lion king has found his lost power
You make me free
May 2020 · 166
Prabesh May 2020
A writer I am, I play with the words
Pain is the language, Pen is my sword
Use my phrases as a universal tool
A **** load of praises to filter out the fool

Bend these words you will find a hook
Pierce these hands I will write with my blood
Mend these chords they will bind you a book
Fierce are my sands, I will ride through the flood
May 2020 · 418
Prabesh May 2020
The clock ticks are getting louder
Silence disturbs me more than anything
Almost six and I only think about her
And that lullaby only she could sing

How can I sleep on these wet pillows?
Memories were supposed to heal the aches
The never ending fire from your innocent bellows
PAIN is the only term for the sound it makes
Pain will leave you once it has finished teachings its lesson
Apr 2020 · 436
Prabesh Apr 2020
They say it hurts more and more
As you slowly crawl along the razors edge
That Beaming face has a rotten core
Your thick book of love has an empty last page

Conceal is your art, deception is your truth
Playing with this heart, shaking up its roots
The rainbow I loved always had an extra shade
The pain blow I absorbed morphed me into a living dead
Apr 2020 · 129
Sunken Deep
Prabesh Apr 2020
The sky cries again in agony
Flashing the lights to conceal its pain
Hammered against the innocent dirt
Losings its fight to get clean again

Let this body soak up its share
For darkness has a way to repair
These wounds that run deeper than seas
The mind says sorry, the heart says please!

So, let the lights slowly dim out
As pain has reached its maximum charts
Can't help but embrace this inner shout
The needle almost seems like poison darts
Just playing with what comes to mind.
Apr 2020 · 154
Dark Embrace
Prabesh Apr 2020
Drowning in the pool of judgement syndrome
The cold water soothes my festering burn
Tangled between hours like a ****** palindrome
Air escapes my lungs like the westering sun

So pull me against the gravity if you can
These legs refuse to wake from their sleep
face my tales of depravity a man
Who begs for the ache but runs from the weeps

The fading warmth welcomes this surging numbness
Eyelids now decide to double their weights
Intelligent ones breeding an incessant dumb race
Thy deeds do not outweigh their widening plates

Is it strange that i like my wounds fresh?
Sort of like a hangover that never ends
I hide my intentions behind this skin dress
Reveal one day I must, infliction my only mend
Just poured out my inner thoughts on paper. Its midnight and I just let my pen do my work.

— The End —