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  Mar 1 benedictpiper
my eyes are cups:
i raise them up
so tears don't spill
Ik mis je, ik hou van je, ik wil je, maar verlies je.
Jou loslaten is het moeilijkste dat ik ooit doen moest,  
want mijn naïviteit dacht dat voor eeuwig
geen sprookje was.
Ik heb je vervloekt, ik heb je bemint, ik heb je gehaat en ik heb je geliefd, ik wou je zien groeien, zien openbloeien.
Maar mijn grootste fout,
was dat ik je nooit kon laten zijn wie je was.
En ik wou dat het anders ging.
benedictpiper Oct 2019
To you

please, let me love you

I know your struggles I know your pain
don't put them away for none to see
in needing help there is no shame
remember in love lies empathy

you are not inhumane
for searching silence
you don't need to explain
only to remember love is an alliance

you deserve someone to hold you tight
to wipe your tears when sadness is near
to fight monsters in the night
remember love will persevere

you will be kept safe
never to be alone
take a leap of faith
remember love lies in the unknown

So to you I say
with all my heart
please, let me love you
for the world is a little more ugly
with us apart

from me
  Jan 2019 benedictpiper
Artists are often
broken people
using the fragments of themselves
to create something new
and although
being healed
feels so complete
sometimes i want to be broken again
sometimes i want open wounds
so i can use the blood
to paint sunsets
so i can use the torn off pieces of skin as a canvas
so i can carve
masterpieces with the jagged bones left behind
but I can't bring myself to break my own heart in the name of Art
you are
totally right.
I'm as dry as
a desert, I'm a dead
empty land. I used to be
a  jungle  when  the  clouds
where by my side, and now that
they are gone, my trees, my dreams
they dried and died. Because of this,
nothing grows inside of me, there is
only silence and despair. I can't feel
what  I  write,  I  barely  feel alive
I want to feel human again
Oh god, I really miss
the rain
Es frustrante tener  las palabras pero no el tiempo y luego tener el tiempo y no recordar las palabras
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