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Tread lightly on shards of comfort
Outstretched blades of rust stab at welcomeness
Place your blade in your scabbard sword dancer
Swivel and point, smile and wave, and slice and suffer
Your hole pours red. Life gleefully leaves its husk.
 Jun 2020 Austin Reed
Gemini pen
Sweet Scent On The Breeze

An Haiku poem (Wind)

Propel the birds up
Flowers dance at a mere touch
Also tree's soulmate

Unseen,  yet so real
Comfort giver,  in the heat
All corners of world

It flows,  even roars
Lethal,  if it is a storm
Still, serve as relief

Friend of a sailor
The voyager's ship power
Gift of the nature

Sweet scent on the breeze
The wind carries aromas
Pleasing the schnozzle

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
A stoic writer
 Jun 2020 Austin Reed
Gemini pen
She came late Last night

A Romance poem

The strong wind blew
With its airy Hand,  
carries my hair to the cloud
Like a lone wolf,  sitting alone
I await her arrival

Even when the rain started
Drenching my sticky skin
Taped to the window with faraway look
Longing to see her sunlight smile
One that fights sadness and sorrow

Sat upon the window side
The wooden bench start to complain
Of my sitting all day,  
I've got all day to wait
For the key to my happiness

Watching the rain beget cat and dog
And the thunder clap
Eyes closing on its own accord
With my bed longing for friction
While the bench won the fight

She came late last night
That I am sure of
Deep in my subconscious
Am getting rid of the thought
With her not beside me in bed

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
A free verse poetry
 Jun 2020 Austin Reed
Gemini pen
With Rested Gaze...

A Limerick poem (aabba,  9-9-7-7-9)

Peter stones ***** up his poking ear
To the pitter-patter he could hear
From the faded local beat
To the sandwich he can eat
Boss peter has got nothing to fear

Cat-son and mouse-well were once a friend
In the clubhouse,  they'd drink to no end
Till the cat grew cruel and cold
And mouse stay in his household
Thenceforth,  the crazy hunt never end

©Pen Of A True Gemini™
The far away I go
I look back and miss my home
Not just the four walls I lived in
But those wrong letters I drew.
Where the pictures of my childhood hung
And the place where I first stepped

Home is where attachment lies
And the memories reunite.
Good or bad , the days we spent there
Crawling on the ground to be sitting in a wheelchair
The home saw so much

I used to fall down and rose
Those floors knew my step
Those roof knew my aim

I once built a dollhouse and called it a home
Now that I'm old I know what makes a house a home.
My home ♡
I think of small
just a taste

a drip of honey

a whiff of
a pleasing

odor a

that lingers
but does not

it leaves a


to follow

it is sweet
but it could

be more but
if it was more

it wouldn’t
be sweet
 May 2020 Austin Reed
I've been running so fast, and I need to slow down
Before my whole word comes crashing down!

I've already hit the ground, but I got back up
And I'm ready to go another round!

Found out today it's a miracle I'm here
Now everthing that was blurry, seems so clear!

I couldn't have asked for better family and friends,
And I can't believe I wanted to call it the END!

suicide attempt
The worst part about being lonely is the yearning
The fire in my heart remains burning
I don’t worry about it too much; it’s not concerning
As the dials on the clock continue turning

Most days it doesn’t bother me
Some days it’s overwhelming
To be with another
Just might keep my heart from swelling

It might be worth getting torn apart
Then again, maybe it wouldn’t
It’s hard to say what would come of it
But it seems to be a deterrent

It’s the notion that keeps me going
When the feeling shows it’s face
Loneliness consumes my thoughts
But I know it’s not a race

Only a moment in the scheme of things
A flicker in the night
That has me thinking of my loneliness
That doesn’t feel quite right
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