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  Mar 2019 Aurelia
I'm much more complex
Then your perception of me
I once was a sailor
In a corrupt Navy
I once was a drunker
I once was a thief
I once had to run
From the local police
I fell in love
Well maybe twice
My heart is missing
More then one slice
I wish I had
More love in my life
Yet I've been assured
Everything is alright
Traveler Tim
  Mar 2019 Aurelia
With such longings
With much strife
My heart mutters lies,

Take my belongings
Take my life
My soul flutters... flies!
I've been gone a long time... life's been distracting me from HP. I still think of my friends here, and wish I could be more a part of this community...

This poem is just an observation upon how we can be distracted from what REALLY matters. Our eternal destiny.
Aurelia Mar 2019
Cant wait for  
a new horizon  towards my side
If i could, I would see it rise with my sight

I .
Felt like any other
That tomorrow would come
And I could see the rise again

But the next day.
It never appeared
So, you and me
Feel the breeze just for tonight
Wait by my side
Be patient...things will workout soon
Missed this place..missed writing things for myself
  Jun 2018 Aurelia
Golden Scarf
Is it over yet ?
Because I cant take it no more
Has everyone given up ?
Because I cant keep up no more
Is it just me ?
Or everyone alone together
Fighting the war of loneliness
Only to survive another day
But to hope for a better future
For I must have the strength to see another day
So I ask again
Is it over yet ?
Because I cant wait for it to be over soon
waiting In hope
  May 2018 Aurelia
Despite efforts to try to erase you from my mind
i still catch myself wondering how your day is going
who you talked to, whatever drama it is you have now
is this what love is? if so i have it for the wrong soul
if i can convince myself you never had a second thought about me
maybe i can get over this mountain of memories
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